how rates are expressed
name a GSE
Fannie mae
what kind of credit report do we pull
what report is used to determine value
what IRS form is used to compare income stated to filed
what type of insurance is required to be paid 12 months in advance
what is an EMD
earnest money deposit
if a porperty is in zone x what is required
flood insurance
what type of insurance is required for a condo
if a second perso is applying for a loan, they are a
what type of income document does a salaried borrower recieve
what do borrowers provide to prove assets
bank statements
what type of account is established to pay taxes and insurances
what type of title insurance is optional
owners title insurance
fees associated with a purchase or refinance are called
closing costs
what is the minimum payment calculation for a student loan in income repayment
one percent
if a borrower is using alimony to qualify what document is required
divorce decree
a loan product that the rate can change is an
a loan product where the rate does not change is considered
what length of residency is shown on the application
name another younger GSE
what is Chaila's favorite color
what registry must a loan officer be registered with
name of a legal document that gets recorded on the land records
name of the legal document that contains the terms of the mortgage
sfr stands for

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