Elizabeth's crossword

Type: Crossword

My fiancé's name Tyler
Our highschool Laney
My middle name Nicole
Do you want deli or ______? Yellow
I hate to run, I'd rather ____ walk
Personaface kitty
Another name for hell, hint: red, blue and yellow Trollystop
A girl I danced with that now works with us savanna
My college UNCW
City we live in Wilmington
Your college averett
My fav game night game catchphrase
The big hill El cerro
My soon to be last name Coulter
Our state Northcarolina
Where was Ty for 4 months? Parrisisland
We go on lots of __________ Adventures
What brand is my car? Subaru
You'll be my ______ when I'm a Coulter cousin
My nickname Dory
My christmas present from you sourpatchkids
My christmas present to you hotdogpillow
What will me and T have that you'll be in? wedding
We can't sell to red line ID's madvapes
Cheese and japan Nuclear
Ty's middle name Alexander
My fav jellybelly flavor (testing your memory from MB) hint, green fruit with weird shape pear
Book with every english word dictionary
What's my car called? Crosstrek
Two days of rest weekend
Who makes our phone? apple
Yellow fruit with sharp skin Pineapple
What's my degree in? business
What month is my birthday in? March
My full first name Madison
My fav animal, hint: black and white Orca
Don't sell fries, only _____ chips
My least fav creature on the whole planet spider
Queen's brand Saturn
My cat's name Milo
Tattoo on my wrist anchor
My Dad and Brother's name Edward
Turkey Dog fatfree
Nemo's Dad Marlin
Stupid movie we saw with Sav Sausageparty
Color of Ty's car/our future son's name Grey
My sister's name Katie
Ty's fav team browns
My friend from Ohio Olivia
Spanish for life vida
Tone's GF Anna
Drinks at Trolly Pepsi
Your sister's name Peyton
Soda that sounds alcoholic Rootbeer
My mother in law Karen


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A crossword on Cars


The most renowned electric car company Tesla
Fastest selling car (brand) Toyota
Jujiro Matsuda is the founder of what car company? Mazda
The full name of the company known as 'VW' Volkswagen
What company was founded in Munich ,Germany BMW
What company is the model - - - - Doblo from? Fiat
An Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury supercars and sports cars Lamborghini
A global automobile manufacturer, headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Mercedes
A member of the Volkswagen Group Audi
Second largest family owned company in the world Ford
Japan's largest-selling make of premium cars. Lexus
What car brand has a model called - - - - - - - - veyron Bugatti

All about me Crossword


How many tats do I have Four
What’s my middle name Inocencia
How many babies do I want to have Three
Where do I want to travel with you Kosovo
What’s our song Unforgettable
First place we kissed Honeybees
Where do I love your kisses da most Belly
What’s my favorite movie Goodfellas
Where in Brooklyn did I grow up Williamsburg
Who do I love the most Daddy
My favorite perfume Chanel
Place we’ve had sex On other than the bed Sink
What’s my fav season Fall
Where was our first road trip to New York

Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle


If a student fails to repay a student loan on time, the student is in ____________. Default
The acronym for the amount of money a student and his/her family are expected to pay toward college expenses as determined by the FAFSA, also known as the Expected Family Contribution. EFC
One of the standardized tests that students generally take junior year of high school that is used by colleges to evaluate an applicant’s academic skills and abilities. ACT
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education does NOT pay the interest while you are in college. Unsubsidized
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while you are in college. Subsidized
The name of Federal low-interest loans for eligible students to help cover the cost of college or career school (HINT: it starts with the letter "s"). Stafford
Federal loans that parents of undergraduate students can sometimes use to help pay for their child's college or career school. PLUS
Your primary area of study chosen for college. Major
The name of the campus office that makes the decision about your acceptance to their school. Admissions
An area of interest studied at the same time as a major; however, fewer courses are required. Minor
Federal grant program providing need-based grants to low-income students. PELL
Type of college degree given if you complete four years of full-time study. Bachelor
Type of college degree earned if you complete two years of full-time study. Associate
The acronym for the application that you will fill out your senior year to apply for financial aid. FAFSA
The person at a college who helps students decide what classes to take, what major to pursue, and that makes sure student have fulfilled all graduation requirements. Advisor
The acronym for the report that a student receives after their FAFSA is processed. It is the report that is sent to your college, also known as a Student Aid Report. SAR
The legal document a student loan borrower must sign when he/she receives a loan. This document lists the terms for repayment of the loan, including interest. Promissory Note
This type of college or university is NOT run by the state and is generally smaller and more expensive. Private
The office at a college that is in charge of your financial aid, bills, and payments (HINT: It starts with the letter “b”). Bursar
The total cost to attend college before financial aid, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and other living expenses (Hint: Acronym is “COA”). Cost of Attendance
A program that allows students to take a part-time campus job as part of their financial aid package. Work Study
Colleges/universities that are ran and regulated by the state or federal government. Public
The general term for money you borrow from the government, a bank or another source that need to be paid back, usually over an agreed period of time. Loan
Generally, a student that is taking more than 12 credit hours of classes is considered to be a _______ student versus part time student. Fulltime
The period of time following graduation when a student is NOT expected to start paying his/her loans back yet is known as a “______ period.” Grace
What we wish grew on trees!! Money
A kind of "gift aid" — financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back and that is usually awarded based on financial need. Grant
The name of the official document that your high school guidance counselor will send to your colleges that lists the classes that you have taken and your grades. Transcript

Weight loss Crossword


Coming to TOPS helps to do this each week? Motivate
By doing this you can eat more each day Exercise
having healthy food in your house, helps you make good....What? Choices
If you deprive yourself from unhealthy food you may go on a...What? Binge
Be careful of food labels that claim to be what? Fat free
You may lose inches before you lose....What? Weight
Tops means, Take of what sensibly? Pounds
When dieting, we have to watch our bread intake or our....What? Carbohydrates
it is nice to lose pounds but It is more important to get ....What? Healthy
When dieting, it is helpful to have a daily food...What? Plan
This type of food is low in calories and fulls you up due to fiber content Vegetables
When dieting you have to watch how many...What? you eat each day Snacks
This food is good for you but could be high in Sugar fruit
Be careful with this substance as it can cause water retention Sodium
This breakfast food is high in protein and low in calories eggs



What is my first name? Renzo
How old am I? nineteen
What month is my birthday? March
What's my favorite color? black
What's my shoe size? eight and a half
What's my favorite shoe brand? Vans
What show did you get me hooked onto? Homeland
Where was I born? Philippines
What year did I graduate high school? twentysixteen
What resturant did we eat at when I spent the night in March? Yardhouse
What is my dream car? subaru
Who is my favorite superhero? The Flash
How tall am I? fivefour
What celebrity is my idol? GrantGustin

Lab Safety Crossword


we wear this so we can protect our eyes Goggles
we have to keep our eyes open for 10-15 seconds on this, so we can drain the chemicals out Eye Wash
Wear this so you don't get chemicals on your clothes Apron
Use this when a test tube gets really hot Tongs
the position we light a Bunsen burner from Under
When we want to smell something we don't put our nose in it, instead we _________ Waft
Never pick up _______ with your hands glass
Don't wear __________ during lab or you'll fall Sandals
always work with a ____ while doing a lab. partner
never wear this "fashionable" product jewelry
always has to be tied back hair
pull, aim, squeeze, sweep fire extinguisher
what we use when a person is on fire fire blanket
what we do to CALL the teacher when there is an emergency Shout
when there are chemicals on our body we us a shower

My girlfriend Crossword


Who is my favorite person? Crystal
What do you and a flower have in common? Beautiful
What will your last name be very soon? Rivera
What word describes your appearance? Flawless
Where did we first spot one another? Gymnasium
What month did we make it official? February
How long will be together? Forever
What are you to me? Princess
One word to describe our relationship? Perfect
What's one thing I'll do for you? Anything
What's one thing I like the most about you ? Everything
What's the best gift you've ever given me? Happiness
If I could share one thing with you it would be? Children

Car Parts and Car Models Crossword


Car logo that has a lion holding a ball on it? Holden
Car with horse galloping along? Mustang
Big car brand with horse on its back legs? Ferrari
Part of the car that keeps the engine cool? Radiator
Part of the car that gives it a boost and a makes a whistling sound? Turbo
Part of the car that holds the fuel? Fuel tank
The name of the window cleaners? Windscreen Wipers
what is the space in the back of a car called? Boot
What is the are in the front of the car called? Trunk
The gauge that tells you your speed? Speedometer
What do you use to turn on your car? Key
What do you use to see behind you inside of the car? Mirrors
what do you use do do a good entry into a drift? E brake
What do you to put your car into park? Handbrake
What do you use to change gears? Gear shifter
What do you turn on when driving at night? headlights

High School Graduation Crossword


What you say to all of your freinds as you leave goodbye
throw it in the air at the end of the ceremony graduationcap
you recieve this upon graduating diploma
choosing which one to go to after graduating can be difficult college
Don't for get to sign all of your freinds __________! yearbooks
Make sure you smile in all of your _________________! photos
The smartest one at graduation valedictorian
When you recieve your diploma you move your ______________ from right to left. tassel
Listen to the validictorian give his _______________. speech
These invite all friends and family to the ceremony invitations
Pomp & _________________________ Circumstance
Hopefully you get one of these so you don't have to pay too much for college Scholarship
Another word for graduation commencement
BFF Bestfriendsforever
The students as a whole. class
Don't forget to thank them for getting you this far. parents
instructors and coaches teachers
Celebrate till early morning party
The robe you wear gown
They'll be there in the audience cheering you on. Family
You'll look back at these and smile. moments
Don't forget to send these out when all is said and done. Thankyous
General ___________________ Developement Education
Prom, Dance or __________. cotillion

Laboratory Professionals Week Crossword


Chocolate, Yellow or Black? LAB
You get the point NEEDLE
Stop the germ spread HANDWASHING
All the better to see you MICROSCOPE
Round and round it goes CENTRIFUGE
Not a 'Vampire' PHLEBOTOMIST
Can't live without it BLOOD
When you need it, we make sure it's right for you TRANSFUSION
Not your average Q-tip! SWAB
Right now! STAT
Lab person in the know TECHNOLOGIST
Not a type of TV PLASMA
Phlebotomists love to find them! VEIN
Component of blood SERUM
A little 'buggy' department MICROBIOLOGY
The department that likes both red and white HEMATOLOGY
Pocket purse of hemoglobin RED BLOOD CELL
Some Lab garbage BIOHAZARD
Point of one end, plunger on the other SYRINGE
A little Lab gift SPECIMEN
Yes, we can read wht the Doctor wrote on it...usually! REQUISITION
We have parts without the person PATHOLOGY
The pee patch URINALYSIS
Our color is blue! COAGULATION
What we don't do, someone else will REFERRALS