You know, you set an example of what it means to truly love, flaws and all. To hold on through the bad times and to still go for what you want.
You're good for Jason. You’re good for Sonny too, and I'm sorry that I've never given you the credit. 'Cause I really love them both a lot
As much as I would like to thank you for not killing me, I'm pretty sure the only reason you're doing that is because of Carly.
Killing Franco isn't just about Michael, Sonny. It's about clearing the way to Carly so you can have her all to yourself.
so she's banned from our house. Sonny: No she's not banned.
I don't see why, when this person's gonna be my stepfather. If you have to get married, just remarry daddy.Stephen King, Victor Cassadine. I'd even take Uncle Sonny.
Okay, if Franco's in the ground, and the wedding never happens, you'd be free to pursue Carly.
Look not only do you and Sonny love each other but your relationship works
Sonny's not over Carly he never will be and anybody that gets in the way of that is going to lose big time
Why are you looking for trouble? You do not want to get in the middle of Carly and Sonny. Trust me.
My parents have been getting their way with each other since I was, uh, well, a toddler. My mom brought me to live with my dad before they got married the first
Come on, Carly! Just admit it. You're hot for sonny again.
I'd crawl on broken glass to be with you
Because Carly was the only one you ever really trusted and she was the only one strong enough to stay by your side.
doesn't seem to matter who Carly and Sonny are married to they always turn to each other
I know I'll always be second to Carly
It's not like they need to be married to get their way with each other
No look here's the thing when all the chips fall you're really the only one that I can count on
Your actions speak louder Sonny when your back's against the wall you turn to Carly
if I say something he won't listen if u say something he will because you're the only person that has influence over him
Sonny and Carly may hate each other now but inevitably they will find their way back to one another they always do
You need to just accept the truth because deep down where it counts Sonny is all about Carly