Working class men and women
This kind of government rules by terror
The American foreign policy created to counter soviet geopolitical spread during the Cold War
Truman Doctrine
American statesman and soldier. Chief of staff of the US Army under Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman
George Marshall
Plan for the nations of Europe to draw up a program for economic recovery from war
Marshall Plan
Moving supplies into West Berlin by plane
Berlin Aircraft
Acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Chinese communist revolutionary and founding father of Peoples Republic of China
Mao Zedong
National Security Council's American policy in a document called ________
Countries controlled politically and economically by the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe
Satellite Nations
The latitude line that runs through Korea at 38 degrees N
38th parallel
The mainland of Southeast Asia, previously known as _________
The leader of the Indochina Communist party
Ho Chi Minh
Name of the theory that if one country would go to communism, other countries would soon follow
domino theory
Latitude line that runs through Asia at 17 degrees N
17th parallel
Revolutionary leader who overthrew a long-standing dictatorial regime in Cuba
Fidel Castro
High ranking State Department official before he left government service
Alger Hiss
Husband and wife who held radical views, accused of passing atomic secrets to the Soviets during war.
Julius and Ethal
Republican Senator from Wisconsin who took the anticommunist crusade even further.
Joseph McCarthy

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