The ___________ ______. An unforgivable curse that inflicts torture
cruciatus curse
A spell that creates magical light from a wand
Harry Potter lives on Private ______ with the Dursleys
The term used to describe a person with non-magical parents
The cry of the __________ plant is fatal to anyone who hears it
A popular beverage that can be bought at the Three Broomsticks
___________ ____ is a place in London that holds money and is run by goblins
gringotts bank
The man who runs a shop selling wands
A rare bird that bursts into flames and rises from its ashes. Their tears can heal wounds
Oculus _______ is the spell Hermione uses to fix Harry’s glasses
A wizard who can talk to snakes
Cornish _______ are little fairies that create havoc
A _____ _____ is a witch or wizard who is loyal to Lord Voldemort
death eater
A positive force that protects against Dementors
The __________ Shack is alleged to be the most haunted building in Britain located in Hogsmeath
A snake like creature whoes gaze will turn you to stone
Drinking its blood will keep you alive even when you are close to death
. A ______ is an unknown creature that Luna Lovegood believes often infest mistletoe
He was freed with a sock
___________ map is used to show secret passages and everyone's whereabouts in Hogwarts
Who's father will hear about this
draco malfoy
'Your'e a _____ Lily'- Petunia Dursley
A water demon, green with horns and long fingers
The girl who was killed in the bathroom by the sink
moaning myrtle
died during the tri-wizard tournament
You are a ______
used the spell piertotum locomotor
Large trees in the grounds of Hogwarts that hits anything that comes too close to it
whomping willow
Borgin and Burkes are down _________ Alley
feeds on the happy emotions of people

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