The big met in potsdom germany to talk about terms for end of world war 2
Potsdom conference
Magic box that plays warnings about atom bombs
Practice persuing dangerous policy to the limits of saftey before stopping
U.S policy announced by pres. Truman providing economics and miliary aid free to nations threated by opponents
Truman doctrine
Required communists to register could detain aliens
McCarran Act
War between communist and nationalist
Fall of china
A promise to aid military/economic in middle east in need of help
Eisenhower doctrine
U.S. plane shot down pilot taken captive in soviet union
U-2 incident
Political party of conservative whites supporting segregation
Truman's ambitious proposes
Fair deal
Man controlled by his orginization
Organization man
Compliance with standards, rules/laws
Transportation in our daily lives
Interstate highway system
Popular heavy beat and simple melodies
Rock n roll
Regulates interstate media communications
Outlying district of a city
Former chairman in communist party in china
Mao Zedong
U.S. senator
Senator Joseph Macarthy
Former U.S. senator against communism
John Foster Dulles

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