Spanish word for heart
Scientific name for red roses
Rosa Macdub
Will you be my ______?
Popularized song in the early 2000s that consisted movements left to right and kicking is known as the ____ Shuffle.
This confectionery company is the most popular when considering getting a box of chocolates for your special someone.
Over 150 million of these are exchanged between friends and loved ones on Valentine's day
The best kind of gifts are the kind that are personal and ____ because they have more meaning being made with a special person in mind.
Valentine’s day is a day full of love gestures and ______
is a Roman holiday Valentine’s day has origins to .
the month of February is that one month of the year that synonymous to ____ Awareness Month
Christian songs created by African Slaves in the United States.
First name of civil right’s activist that replaced his last name with an, X Vanessa Williams - Was the first Black Miss America before her crown was taken back in a scandal.(It’s okay, now she’s super famous anyway.)
Was the first Black Miss America before her crown was taken back in a scandal.(It’s okay, now she’s super famous anyway.)
Vanessa Williams
Famous recording company founded in Detroit that gave many famous black artists their big break.
Martin was the King, and she was his Queen.
Famous mini-series that focuses on the life of American slaves.
Famous Drag Queen and Supermodel of the world.
The ironic last name of the couple’s whose case lead to the Supreme Court decision that lifted the ban on interracial marriage.
Rich and influential producer, journalist, Talk show host, actress and more. Guess right and she might give you a car.
Acronym for the organization founded in 1909 to protect the rights and ensure equality for all people.

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