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The 'UK Truck & Plant Group' Crossword


A person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures.
The standing of 'MOT'.
A mechanism for connecting and disconnecting an engine and the transmission system in a vehicle, or the working parts of any machine.
A set of gears with its casing, especially in a motor vehicle; the transmission.
An unpowered vehicle towed by another.
The system of springs and shock absorbers by which a vehicle is supported on its wheels.
A device used to measure the oil pressure on an engine.
Part of the engine of which protects the timing gear and the valve control gear.
A dynamo that generates an alternating current.
The location of which our workshop is based at.
Company dog name.
A recess with a flap in the dashboard of a motor vehicle, used for storing small items.

Elsie's Puzzle Crossword

Elsie's Puzzle  Crossword

Device used to talk to people far way
What does Elsie use to walk
What body part on your face do you use to SEE objects
What does Elsie use to brush her teeth
How many legs do you have
What does Elsie eat every night. Lunch or Dinner.
How many fingers are on one hand
Skill of putting on and taking off clothes
What is the colour of the sky
What is the colour of the sun
What should people save every month when they get paid at work
Personal care activity for keeping body clean
Skill of taking food from the plate and in your mouth
How many days are in a week
Need to drink everyday
Skill of making food in the kitchen
Which country does Elsie live in
Using a car to move from one place to another place
What animal swims in water

Sparky's Crossword Puzzle

Sparky's Crossword Puzzle

It stores electricity
Power from a wall outlet
Liquid used to make gasoline
Fossil fuel for cars
Power from the sun
This damages the environment
A cute, magical hamster
This uses blowing air to make clean power
Burning fuel releases this into the air
A long tube to transport oil
A truck or boat to transport oil
A sphere orbiting the sun
______ dioxide
Ancient reptile



Where are policies located
How many injections do you get in a Hep B series
Who provides cleaning chemicals for the departments to use
If you are out for three days or more what do you need to have to return to work
If we have a disaster and we lose natural gas supply what will we use
who approves personal appliance use in HMH
Do we allow service animals in HMH
How often does a head lice egg hatch
What do we do with a patients clothes that has head lice
What is the surgeon's last name that starts with F
What is the minimum amount of seconds to wash your hands
What is a common food borne illness
How many visitors can a PCU patient have s day
What does Code Gray mean
What protects patient information

Force, Motion and Simple Machines Crossword


a push or a pull on an object
causes and object to move away
causes an object to move closer
where an object is located
how an object is moving
a force that pulls on an object
force that can push OR pull and object
force that slows down or stops the motion of an object
a tool that makes work easier
a ramp
two inclined planes put together and is used to split apart an object
inclined plane wrapped around a small rod
a long bar or board that is supported by a fulcrum
a wheel with a rope or chain wrapped around it used to lift heavy objects

States of Matter Crossword


What do you need to do to a solid to make it a liquid?
what happens when water becomes a gas?
what happens when rain, snow, sleet, or hail falls to the ground?
what is a solid that is most likely used as an example?
what is a liquid that is most likely used as an example?
what is a gas that is most likely used as an example?
what is a solid that we use every day for school?
what is a solid that can hold a liquid inside of it?
What item can trap gas inside of it?

Christmas Day 2021 Crossword


What type of pie is typically left out for Santa on Christmas eve?
How many doors would you open on an advent calendar before Christmas Day arrives?
What is the day after Christmas Day called?
How does Santa get into people's houses?
what do we decorate with lights, baubles and tinsel at Christmas?
What colour is Rudolph's nose
Where does Santa live?
When building a snowman which vegetable is often used for the nose?
What transport does Santa use to deliver presents?
Unscrabble this word to reveal a type of Christmas tree decoration : INSETL
Who are Santa's little helpers?
On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five….?
Traditionally pulled at Christmas

Winter Crossword

Winter Crossword

What falls in winter?
What happens during Winter?
What can you use for driving in the snow?
Where is the best place to go sledding?
What do you make for Santa?
What does Santa give you under the tree?
What keeps you warm during the winter?
What do you have to wear to go outside during the winter?
What could you make out of snow?
What do you skate on?
What would you do when you have a snow fort?

The Feast of Dedication Crossword


This temple artifact is also called the Arc of God.
This important artifact is inside the Arc, it is called bread from heaven.
Also housed in the arc is an artifact that belonged to Aaron.
What is written on the two tablets in the arc?
What was the golden censor used for?
How many branches did the menorah have?
What does Hanukkah mean?
Who was the family who led the battles to get the temple back?
What is Torah?
Why did the freedom fighters fight to keep the law?
What is the Hebrew Word for Faith?
What is the Hebrew word for love?
How many years before Christ did the freedom fighters battle to take the temple back?
In the book of John 10:22-23, who entered the temple for The Feast of Dedication?
Who built the temple the freedom fighters fought for?

the positive approach Crossword


the five-fold model of life satisfaction
the methodology used in the Who is Happy study
what does SWB stand for?
what does mindful breathing focus on?
how many desirable lives are there according to Seligman?
the positive approach believes that humans have ...
there are four traits of happy people according to Myers and Diener. name the trait that consists of being outgoing and happy around others
what is the concept of becoming involved in an activity that makes other things matter less
what subjective meta-analysis method did Maslow create to measure happiness?
according to Seligman, happiness is NOT a result of good...