A mountain was _______ out so trains can go through
some houses suffered ________ from a flood.
when two teachers are talking it might be to _______ to ask a question at that moment.
many houses were turned into a _______ from all the rain.
my group and i thought we reached our ______ but we still finished our project on time>
The gardener had to _______ a little more soil so the plant would fit into the hole.
since she was an _______ and said the store should not do something she got fired.
The milk was very _______ because it was a week old.
He had to ______ his identity so he can get into the party.
When he fell and broke his leg he knew that was a _______ to stop playing football.
His wife made an _______ statement when she signed him up for a gym membership.
It was taken as a _______ agreement when she was silent at the meeting.
She had a ______ in her arm when she fell off her bike
He was very _______ when he got accepted into the college he wanted.
He finds it very _______ when he goes to a party because he is shy.
I went to a new restaurant i heard from a friend and it was very ________.
she was very _________ at the softball game.
He is very _______.
He was very _______ when his friend asked him to lie to the police.

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