a building offering basic sleeping accommodations for workers, visitors, or campers.
bunk house
a laborer, especially one employed as a general assistant to a riverboat captain
a person who skins animals or prepares skins
the action of cultivating land, or the state of being cultivated.
eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight
a person or thing that is lightly built or constructed
conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way
go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner.
settling an issue; producing a definite result.
random place in newjersey where gay people grow up at
in a manner intended to defend or protect.
the adverb form of complacent, which means "with pleasure or satisfaction
a solution of lime and water or of whiting, size, and water, used for painting walls white.
a prefix meaning “away,” “off,” “to the uttermost,” “extremely,” “wrongly,” or imparting a
great enjoyment.
a bundle of paper, hay, cotton, etc., tightly wrapped and bound with cords or hoops.
in a careful or cautious manner.
consisting of disorganized, untidy, or incomplete parts.
showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.
is an adjective for describing someone or something with a pleading, sorrowful, desperate tone
twist or bend out of its normal shape
are curt, short, and gruff. Brusque (pronounced "brusk")
separate or release (someone or something) from something to which they are attached or connected.
be absorbed in thought.
a strong, durable material, typically striped, used to cover mattresses and pillows. Origin
Marked by or given to doubt; questioning: skeptical of political promises. 2. Relating to or characteristic of skeptics or skepticism.
(of a person) broad and sturdily buil
appease the anger or anxiety of (someone
having eyelashes of a specified kind.
in a way that suggests that something bad is going to happen. "thunderclouds loomed ominously overhead"
any of various card games played by one person, the object of which is to use up all one's cards by forming particular arrangements and sequences.
feel or show deep sorrow or regret for (someone or their death), typically by following conventions such as the wearing of black clothes. "Isabel mourned her husband"
the offspring of a donkey and a horse (strictly, a male donkey and a female horse), typically sterile and used as a beast of burden.
You might archly dismiss a teacher's criticism of your work or smile archly as you tease a friend. The adverb comes from the 1500s adjective arch, which originally meant "chief," but was so often used to describe a "knave" or "rogue" that by the 17th century it came to mean "mischievous" or "saucy."
impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty. "experience the majesty of the Rockies"
a plane figure with three straight sides and three angles. "an equilateral triangle"
a small container, typically cylindrical and made of glass, used especially for holding liquid medicines.
a liquid or lotion, especially one made with oil, for rubbing on the body to relieve pain.
Stetson is a brand of hat manufactured by the John B. Stetson Company. Founded in 1865, John B. Stetson Company began when the founder headed west and created the original hat of the West [clarification needed], the “Boss of the Plains”.
stetson hat
acting in a scheming and ruthlessly determined way. "he was a coolly calculating, ruthless man"
Adverb. (comparative more levelly, superlative most levelly) In a level or even manner.
a swamp.
A jerkline is/was a method of driving large hitches of mules/horses by means of a rein or line attached to the bridal of the lead animal which was trained to go to the left or to the right depending whether it receive one or two jerks on the jerkline.

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