Theory earth, has been broken into plates and are motion due to convention currents in upper mantle
Plate Tectonics
Term for the super continent which contained all plates together
Thin, outer most layer of the earth above the mantle
The solid outer layer of the earth that consists of the crust and rigid upper part of mantle
The soft layer of the mantle on which the Tectonics plates move
When two plates slide past each other horizontally
Transform boundary
Continents once formed a single landmass broke up and drifted to their present locations
Continental drift
The process by which new oceanic crust forms as magma rises towards the surface and solidifies at divergency boundaries
Sea floor spreading
The boundary formed by the collision of two plates
Convergent boundary
Two plates are moving away fromeach other
Long narrow depression formed at divergent boundaries
Rift Valley
Two plates collide and the more dense ocean plate descends below the other plate
A current caused by the rising of heated fluid and sinking of cooled fluid to drive plate movement into the mantle of earth
Convection current
Extremely deep areas in the ocean that are created by subducting plate
An area in the mantle that is super heated and melts through the crust
Hot spot
An underwater mountain range made out at divergent plate boundaries
Mid - Ocean ridge
Measures and records earthquakes magnitude based on the energy released in an earthquake
Location right above the focus
Portion of earth crust that primarily contains granite, is less dense than oceanic crust
Continental crust
Thinner more dense younger crust making ocean floor
Oceanic crust

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