What is the trace or organism that lived in the past?
What is liquid magma that reaches the surface?
What is the molten mixture of rock?
What was the land mass that broke 200 million years ago?
What is a section of litosphere that slowly moves over the asthenosphere carrying pieces of continental drift and oceanic crust called ?
What is the theory that pieces of earths litosphere are in constant motion driven by convection currents in the mantle called?
Plate Tectonics
What is the process by which the shaking is perpendicular to the direction to the wave called?
Seafloor spreading
What are vibrations that travel through earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake called?
What causes the rock to change its shape or volume?
What is rocks surface, size, and shape?
What is a slab of volcanic rock formed when magma is forced up and flows out as lava called?
What is an opening on earths surface where magma is forced up and flows out as lava called?
What is a violent shaking of the ground?
What is very dense, has a solid center,mostly iron, and has small amount of oxygen?
What is the largest layer inside the earths?
What forms when the top of the volcano collapse?
What fossil when sediments fill in a mold and harden into a rock?
What is a liquid core that surrounds earths solid inner core and that's is mostly made of iron?
What is bits of rocks or solified lava dropped from the air?
What is the location in the mantle that is hotter than other areas?

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