Andrew Jackson's nickname
Old Hickory
putting political backers in power
spoils system
to ingore or cancel out
a member of the southeastern Indian tribe
a member of the political party formed to opppose the Jacksonian Democrats
National Republicans
one of two political parties, tends to support a strong central government
Democratic Party
a political convention in which the presidential candidates from each party are nominated
nominating conventions
time period of Jackson presidency in which the strength of the presidency was promoted
Jacksonian Democracy
the right to vote in political elections
a person authorized to represent others
a protective tariff passed in 1828 designed to protect industry
Tariff of Abominations
second attempt of the US to create a National Bank
Second Bank of the US
set aside land for the Indians
Indian Territory
Chief Justice from Virginia, father of the American system of constitutional law
John Marshall
Case that decided the dispersion of federal government and state power
McCullough v. Maryland
state banks selected by the treasury to receive government funds
pet banks
large financial crisis in the US
Panic of 1837
presidential action viewed as corrupt
corrupt bargain
a harsh journey indians were forced to take
The Trail of Tears
law passed that allowed President Jackson to relocate various indian tribes
Indian Removal Act

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