a study of and teaching about the "last things"
our final communion with the Blessed Trinity, Mary, the angels, and all the saints
the unity of Jesus Christ with a;; those he has redeemed
Communion of Saints
the ___________ makes God's work present help us celebrate the gift of Redemption
the masterpiece of God's creation is ____________ __________
human beings
Jesus calls us to forgive others including our _____________
the ____________ of hope helps us look forward to the glorious day of Christ's Second Coming
We also believe that God with______________________all material creation in Christ
We will receive the reward of____________ _____________in heaven
Eternal life
The second coming of Christ when the lord will judge the living and the dead
_________is defined as a eternal separation from God
It is through the events of the ________________ _______________ that our redemption is ultimately won
Paschal mystery
We believe in the "___________ of the flesh," that is, that our souls will be reunited with the body after the final judgement
___________________is the name for the place that those who died in God's grace and friendship but needs purification or cleansing go before entering Heaven
A serious violation of God's law of love that results in the loss of God's life
Mortal sin
_________________________________are the blessed in Heaven
Church triumphant
Seeing God "face to face" in heaven;it is a source of our eternal happiness and final union with the Triune God for all eternity
Beatific Vision
One day, all of us will face death, defined as the __________________of the eternal soul from the body
The seven sacraments helps us celebrate the ________________________
The ______________ of this love is membership in the church in which we live as brother and sister under a loving God whom Jesus said we could address as "our Father."

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