Fashionable young woman going against conventional standards of behavior.
Left people in debt. Banks failed, businesses closed, and wages fell because of this.
stock market crash
Reduced Germany's annual reparations.
Dawes plan
Issued a one year moratorium on all debt.
Created the Young Plan to reduce total over all amount of Germany's reparations.
Economic crisis and period of low business activity after the Stock Market Crash.
Great Depression
October 29th,1929- the day prices took a steep drop in the stock market.
Black Tuesday
Person who made and smuggled alcohol.
Illegal bar that served liquor during prohibition.
Irrational fear of communism spreading in the United States.
red scare
Used the assembly line to mass produce automobiles.
henry ford
Law forbidding the sale of alcohol.
Belief that a certain group/persons were superior to others.
Famous baseball player who helped develope a rise in popularity for professional sports.
Babe Ruth
Jazz composer, piano player, and band leader during harlem Renaissance.
Duke Ellington
Literary, artistic, and intellectual movement that kindled a new black cultural indenty in America.
Harlem Renaissance
In favor of immigration restriction. Laissez Faire ideology.
Calvin coolidge
Made worlds first solo trans-atlantic flight.
charles lindburgh
Mob king who controlled a large network of speakeasies with enormous profits.
Al Capone
Style of dance music very popular in the 1920s.
Paying for goods at regular inervals, usually with interest added to the balance, associated with consumption in the 1920s.
installment plans
Slogan for President Harding. Idea of peace, prosperity, and isolation for the US.
Return to normalcy