They are petitions and exorcisms
Sign used in the anointing that shows a newly baptized person has received the Holy Spirit and shares in the priest hood of Christ
The father can present the Creed or the Lord's Prayer
Sigh of being strengthened and healed
A person who assists someone for preparation for baptism and confirmation
Show that the baptized person is clean of sin, dies with Christ, and is raised up with him to eternal life
Celebrates the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist
Prays against the evil spirit
After it the elects go to the baptismal font for a profession of faith
bishop declared that the church called them to the Sacraments
Symbol of the light of faith and the call to walk as children of light
The sigh made on the forehead of a baptized person as a reminder of the saving power of Christ's death and reserection

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