Increase of voting rights by lowering property requirements.
Jacksonian Democracy
The supporters of Jackson were called ___________________?
Democratic Party
Vice President after the election of 1824.
John C. Calhoun
Practice of giving government jobs to political backers.
Spoils System
An informal group of trusted advisors who sometimes met in the White House kitchen.
Kitchen Cabinet
What was the tariff that made the southerners angry?
Tariff of Abominations
This crisis was a conflict between the supporters and opponents of the nullification.
Nullification Crisis
What man from Massachusetts argued that the United States is one nation?
Daniel Webster
This party favored the idea of a weak president and a strong Congress.
Whig Party
This was known as a severe economic depression.
Panic of 1837
Authorized removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River to lands in the west.
Indian Removal Act
U.S land in what is now Oklahoma where Native Americans were moved to.
Indian Territory
This helped manage Indian removal to western land; Congress created a new government agency.
Bureau of Indian Affairs
This Cherokee man used 86 characters to represent Cherokee syllables.
The Cherokee's 800-mile forced march.
Trail of Tears
This Chief was the leader of the Fox and Sauk Indians, decided to fight instead of move.
Black Hawk
A leader that called upon his followers to resist with force.
An army general, not Jackson or Washington
William Henry Harrison
Jackson's strongest ally in his official cabinet.
Martin Van Buren
A convention in which party members choose party's candidates.
Nominating Conventions

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