Injections Crossword

Drawing back on the syringe plunger, to demonstrate that the needle tip is not located within a blood vessel.
Refers to the diameter of a needle
Angle of IM injection
The insulin syringe is divided into ____ rather than millimeters for measurement.
Preferred injection site for adults.
Container of medication that must have air added to withdrawal the medication.
Is a method used to prevent leakage of meds & prevent pain.
After giving an injection the nurse applies gently pressure to the site. Do not _______ as this can cause damage to the underlying tissue.
Glass container that has a prescored neck that is snapped off to allow access to the medication

Routes Crossword

Routes Crossword

What may force feeding an animal cause?
Food aversion is caused by leaving food in a kennel for a ___________ period of time.
It is easiest to give a dog medications via which route?
To turn liquid into a fine mist.
One mililiter is the same as...
What can you give after medicated an animal with a solid pill?
Into the digestive system.
You can place a pill into an animal's _____________ and then hold the mouth closed.
Most common route of administration, in clinic.
Term for desired effect.
What are the numbers on a syringe?
What is the term for the acronym IP.
What is a better technique than leaving the food in the kennel?
The administration that means to apply medication topically to the skin.
Preferred sire or most subcutaneous injections.
What gauge needle should be used for intramuscular injections?

Bloodborne Pathogens Crossword

Bloodborne Pathogens Crossword

They are transmitted through blood or body fluid
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
PPE required for performing any first aid
The thickening of blood
Vampire food
A serious liver disease that can be prevented with a vaccine
Causes AIDS
An infection that attacks the liver but may have no symptoms
Another word for needles
Sharp metal objects that can transport disease
Blood, saliva, etc.
Waste that poses an environmental danger due to its biological risk
The action of stopping something from happening
An approach to infection control to treat all human blodd and body fluids as if they were known to be infectious
Help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available
Equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection
Instruments used to administer medication into veins
The state of being exposed to contact with something
AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis C, etc.
The action or state of making or being made impure by polluting or poisoning

Laboratory Professionals Week Crossword

Laboratory Professionals Week Crossword

Chocolate, Yellow or Black?
You get the point
Stop the germ spread
All the better to see you
Round and round it goes
Not a 'Vampire'
Can't live without it
When you need it, we make sure it's right for you
Not your average Q-tip!
Right now!
Lab person in the know
Has wings
Not a type of TV
Phlebotomists love to find them!
Component of blood
A little 'buggy' department
The department that likes both red and white
Pocket purse of hemoglobin
Some Lab garbage
Point of one end, plunger on the other
A little Lab gift
Yes, we can read wht the Doctor wrote on it...usually!
We have parts without the person
The pee patch
Our color is blue!
What we don't do, someone else will

Nursing Lingo Crossword

Nursing Lingo Crossword

superficial open wound
to stand up for patients best interest
large lightweight flannel cloth used during bath
having less frequent, hard formed stools
swelling that occurs from fluid leaving the vascular system and remaining in the interstitial spaces
type of medication that contains sweeteners or flavorings
increased heart rate
difficulty talking
method of giving an intramuscular injection to prevent leaking of med, staining and or discomfort of medication

Pharmacology week 2 blank questions Crossword

Pharmacology week 2 blank questions Crossword

A tablet may be given a(n) __________ coating so that the medicine is absorbed in the small intestine.
Subcutaneous injections are administered just under the dermal layers into fatty, or __________, tissue.
At the dorsogluteal intramuscular site, a primary concern is to avoid injecting the medication into the __________ nerve.
Intramuscular injections for infants should be given below the greater trochanter of the femur but within the upper __________ of the vastus lateralis muscle.
At the dorsogluteal intramuscular site, the injection is administered into the __________ muscle.
A(n) __________ is a bottle of medication with a rubber stopper that contains enough medication for more than one injection.
The __________ of a medication is its thickness and its ability to move easily from a vial to an injection unit.
A tablet can be cut in half only if the manufacturer has prepackaged it as a(n) __________ tablet.
Antibiotics typically are prescribed initially in a(n) __________ dose to reach therapeutic blood levels as quickly as possible.
Repeated injections of minute amounts of allergens to desensitize a patient to allergic reactions is called __________.
A medication to open the airways is prescribed because the patient has __________.
__________ is an enlarged, hardened reaction produced by the Mantoux test.
__________ are administered to patients with peripheral edema to help absorb extra fluid from cells.
If an IV cannula becomes dislodged from a blood vessel, __________ of tissues at the site can occur.
In an infant, the safest site for an intramuscular injection is the __________.

Injections Technique Crossword

Injections Technique Crossword

glass container of medication that can be sealed.
to remove by suction.
muscle of the upper arm.
standard of measurement.
major muscle of the buttocks.
upper margin of the ilium.
hormone - sacrated by the beta cells.
within the substance of the skin.
within or into a vein.
within a muscle.
injection of substances into the body through any route other than via alimentary - canal.
beneath or introduced beneath the skin.
instrument for injecting fluids into cavities or vessels.
pertaining to, resembling or caused by poison.
a small glass bottle for medicines or chemicals.
outer thigh muscle.
extreme allergic reaction to a medicine.
sticky - gummy or gelatinous.
largest nerve in the body running from pubis through greater sciatic foramen, down back of thigh.

Administration of Medication Bingo Cards

Administration of Medication  Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

vastus lateralis
scored tablet
enteric coated
15 minutes


Give Me My Medicine!!! Crossword

Give Me My Medicine!!! Crossword

One of the 6 rights
Refers to how a medication is given
Abbreviation for medication given by mouth
Should be reviewed prior to administering medication
Refers to medication admin. into pinched fold of skin
Don't do this prior to withdrawing needle from SQ admin.
Should always be worn when administering medications
Should always be checked prior to administering medications
Used to clean vial stopper
should be changed between aspiration and administration of medication
How to clean injection site
How skin should be held for intramuscular injection
Position of needle for intramuscular injection
Observe for this after administering injection
Observe for this after administering any medication
First thing done upon entering patient room
How to recap needle prior to switching needles

oral medications and parenteral dosages Crossword

oral medications and parenteral dosages Crossword

medication administered into a muscle by injection
medication administered under the skin by injection
medication administered between the layers of the skin
medication delivered directly to the blood stream through a vein
a solid disk that contains a drug
oval-shaped pills that have a coating for easy swallowing
oval-shaped shells that consist of two pieces that fit together
gelatin shells that are not designed to be opened
tablets that have a coating that is meant to dissolve in the small intestines
contain granules of medication
a type of syringe that is less than 1 mL
a type of syringe that is greater than 1 mL
when the amount to administer is greater than 1 mL always round to the nearest ____ place
when the amount to administer is less than 1 mL always round to the nearest ____ place
inhaled medications
medications that are administered through the skin
medication applied to the skin
medications used for the eyes
medications used for the ears

Medication Administration Worksheet

Medication Administration Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

amount of drug administered, usually measured in milligrams
factors that prevent the use of a drug or treatment
Drugs are to be prescribed in 'what' name?
IM means?
NG means?
PRN means?
Nocte means?
State means?
They are sensory neurones and travel back towards the CNS
They are motor neurons that travel outwards from the CNS
What blocks target receptor sites?
What stimulates their target receptor sites?
Route by which a drug is administered into the ear
The administration route for a drug injected just beneath the top layer of skin is called:
IV stands for:
Medication that comes in a glass container with a narrow neck is called a:
An unexpected effect of a drug is know as:
Sublingual administration means:
QID stands for?
A durg to be given in the morning would be prescribed as what?