The age at which a person can be moraly responsible. This is generally regarded to be the age of seven.
Age of Reason
The three Sacraments--Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist--through which we enter into full membership in the Church.
Sacraments of Initiation
The teachings of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount in which he describes the actions and attitudes that should cahracterize Chrisitnas and by which one can discover genuine meaning and happiness.
Comes from a Greek word meaning "a learner." A disciple of Jesus is one who has made the decision to learn from Him.
The gifts proper to each of the Seven Sacraments.
sacramental graces
The grace that heals our human nature wounded by sin and restores us to friendship with God by giving us a share in the divine life of the Trinity.
Sanctifying grace
Unconditional love. A Greek word used in Scripture and by the early Christians to discribe a self-giving love that puts aside one's own immediate self-interest for the interest of another.
God's interventions and support for us in the everyday moments of our lives. Actual graces are important for conversion and for continuing growth in holiness.
actual graces
A special gift or grace of the Holy Spirit given to an individual Christian or community, commonly for the benefit and building up of the entire Church.
Perfumed olive oil that has been consecrated. It is used for anointing in the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders.
Sacred Chrism
The grace that heals our human nature wounded by sin and restores us to friendship with God by giving us a share in the divine life of the Trinity. It is a supernatural gift of God that works to make us holy.
sanctifying grace
The work of salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ mainly through his Passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension.
Paschal Mystery
The term -------------has three inseparable meanings: People of God, diocese, assembly of believers--one, holy, Catholic, apostolic

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