A decrease in the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood
An excessive or abnormal increase in the number of the Ruth recites
When bone marrow becomes cancerous and a huge number of wbc's are turned out rapidly
A client that develops and persists in and on broken blood vessel
When I thrombus breaks away from the vessel wall and flows freely in the bloodstream
An insufficientNumber of circulating platelets
A bleeding disorder that results from a lack of any factor needed for clotting
Inflammation of the pericardium
The valve flaps of the heart becomes stiff
Valvular stenosis
A heart attack
Myocardial infarction
When the ventricles begin to pump at their own rate
Heart block
Lack of an adequate blood supply to the heart muscle
A rapid heart rate
Hey heart rate that is substantially slower than normal
Abnormal or unusual heart sounds
When the pumping efficiency of the heart is depressed so that circulation is in adequate to meet tissue needs
A serious complication of varicose veins
Temporary low blood pressure and dizziness when standing up suddenly
Orthostatic hypotension
A condition in which the blood vessels are inadequately filled and blood cannot circulate normally
Circulatory shock
The insidious filling of the blood vessels with fatty, calcified deposit lead to what
coronary artery disease

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