what appeals to the public most
mass culture
goods that people can buy as distinct from the factories and machines that are necessary to make consumer goods
consumer goods
people would hire him to make things more efficient
frederick taylor
most of the credit for the assembly line went to him
henry ford
makes factory work more efficient
assembly line
henry ford's car
model t ford
more people lived in cities than in small rural towns/areas
morality depends on who you are, relative to who you are
moral relativism
the idea of having things is more important than your duty
almost every american home owned one of these
people went to these as an activity
when people lost their sense of individual accomplishment, this made it better
spectator sports
first guy to fly across the ocean, he symbolized the best of old traditional America and new modern America
Charles lindbergh
the name of the group of writers that talked about disillusionment
lost generation
first time that african americans were living together in groups, pride in being an african american
harlem renaissance
the idea that whatever the Bible says is true
first being of the growth of women's rights and women's liberation
sexual revolution
they made and distributed alcohol when the Prohibition was put into act
the trial that hoped would show that the law banning evolution is ridiculous
scopes trial
they hated the Jews and Catholics
second ku klux klan
it ends open immigration, wants to keep foreigners out and bring more white protestants in
national origins act
the stock market crash of 1929
black tuesday
when people lost their homes, people built shacks for themselves
he reassured people that things are going to get better
hoover's response
he could understand the pain that the people were going through during the depression
using the federal government to end the depression and improve the economy
new deal
immediate help to people who need it
getting the economy going again
fixing the government so that the depression doesn't happen again
all banks are closed and stay closed until FDR allows them to be open
bank holiday
a government promise that if a bank loses your money, the government will give you your money back
created a security exchange commission to help the stock market + includes bookkeeping
attempt to help factory workers + price controls on their businesses
designed to solve the problem of the unemployed young men
created dams across the rivers + brought cheap electricity and jobs
pays the farmers to grow less
they lead a lot more strikes
CIO unions
the workers refuse to work, the workers sit down and don't leave the factory
sit-down strikes
he helped the poor
huey long
they hired artists and writers to give them jobs
it says that unions have to negotiate with unions
wagner act
designed to give the elderly retirement money, direct relationship to every citizen
social security act
roosevelt communicated with people through radio broadcasts, made people feel like he cared about them
fireside chats
roosevelt wants to add 6 more justices to the court so that he can get his way
court-packing scheme
creates the first minimum wage and sets work hours
fair labor and standards act
we should pay as much money as we can when we have a bad economy, more working people means more tax
Keynesian economics
the idea that different groups in society need different things
broker state
african-americans were being added into government positions for the first time
black cabinet
a committed advocate for women's rights
eleanor roosevelt
the first female cabinet member
frances perkins
the government is responsible for your well being
welfare state

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