the fluid portion of the blood
red blood cells
the oxygen-transporting pigment of erythrocytes
white blood cell
a white blood cell with secretory granules in its cytoplasm (ex. eosinophil/basophil)
the most abundant of the white blood cells
granular white blood cells whose granules readily take up a stain called eosin
white blood cells whose granules stain deep blue with basic dye; have a relatively pale nucleus and granular-appearing cytoplasm
white blood cells with a one-lobed nucleus. no granules in cytoplasm
agranular white blood cells formed in the bone marrow that mature in the lymphoid tissue
large single-nucleus white blood cell; agranular leukocyte
one of the irregular cell fragments of blood; involved in clotting
formation of blood cells
stem cells that give rise to all the formed elements of the blood
the stopping of a flow of blood
the stout wall separating the lower chambers of the heart from one another
interventricular septum
begins at the base of the right ventricle, branches into two pulmonary arteries which deliver deoxygenated blood to the corresponding lung
pulmonary trunk
bicuspid and tricuspid
atrioventricular valves
cord-like tendons that connect the papillary muscles to the tricuspid valve and the mitral valve in the heart (heart strings)
chordae tendineae
lub dub, lub dub
heart sounds
a condition in which the heart produces or is apt to produce a recurring sound indicative of disease or damage
abnormally high blood pressure
a disease of the arteries characterized by the deposition of plaques of fatty material on their inner walls
the membranous sac enveloping the heart
a chamber of the heart receiving blood from the veins; superior heart chambers
discharging chambers of the heart
system of blood vessels that carry blood to and from the lungs for gas exchange
pulmonary circulation
major systemic artery; arises from the left ventricle of the heart
systems of blood vessels that carries nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to all the body organs
systemic circulation
valves that prevent blood return to the ventricles after contraction
semilunar valves
the contraction phase of heart activity
a period (between contractions) of relaxation of the heart during which it fills with blood
a volume of blood ejected by a ventricle during systole
stroke volume
sequence of events encompassing one complete contraction and relaxation of the atria and ventricles of the heart
cardiac cycle

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