Hatchet Puzzle Crossword

main character; protagonist
tool main character has with him on his belt
the pilot dies from a
type of plane Brian crashes in
Brian gets attacked my a swarm of
what word keeps coming into Brain's mind over and over again
What is the first thing Brian eats after his crash?
to fall asleep
to eat in excess
What animal does Brian run into while collecting berries?
Major conflict in the story is man vs.
to shine brightly
to shake
something that is valued and favored
What does Brian find that changes his situation significantly?
What animal almost drowns Brian in the lake?
a sudden stop
twisted or tortured
sad or disheartened
necessary for life

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HATCHET Word Search
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Hatchet cross word puzzle

Hatchet cross word puzzle

pilots this vehicle
another word for wood
when you go fast into something and the thing your inside of breaks
you do this in a airplane
a animal that swims in water
similar to a elk and deer
similar to a axe but smaller
there is no place like . . . (the wizerd of Oz, dorthy said this )
something that you eat
something that is part milk and ice cream ( something in the book that ben wants )
the conditions to survive without any help ( also a adjective )
a female parent
a male parent
something that makes things run
a liquid you need to survive
the pliot had this when he was flying the plane
a young human
you need to make one of these so the ran does not get you wet and protects you from other animals
little bugs that drink blood from a host body
first thing that ben eats

HATCHET Crossword

HATCHET Crossword

Name of the author
The gift that Brian's mother gives him as a present
Brian's parents are getting a _____
Attacked by a swarm of ______
The location where the plane crashed
Where does Brian live with his mother
Where does Brian's father live
The ______ tells us the height the airplane is flying
Father's occupation
A tool used for navigation
How old is Brian
Brian's name for the red berries that made him sick
What animal Brian saw the first time he picked raspberries
The food item that Brian takes from the turtle to eat for himself
The first tool he made to catch fish
The most important survival skill that Brian learnt to create
Name of the bushplane
The natural disaster that Brian experienced
The item that helped in the rescue of Brian
The line or circle that forms the apparent boundary between earth and sky

Brian's Winter Crossword

Brian's Winter Crossword

What is another word for the wild animals that Brian hunted?
What is a word for 'to slowly move away'?
What is a word for 'physical or mental suffering'?
What is a word for 'to relight'?
What is a word for 'to develop'?
What was Brian's latest war bow was called?
To abruptly move
Fill in the blank "But in reality, the bear was not his primary ___"
Brian was " absolutely ___ to see it fly in a clean line".
Fill in the blank. "He would eat moose, of course, but he had found that the __ meat was the best"
What did Brian decide to make after seeing that the rabbits increase the feet by going hair?
Fill in the blank. "He prepared for hunting by putting his hatchet and knife on his belt and one of his ___ lighters in his pocket."
Fill in the blank. "Pulling what-a ____ of some kind?
Fill in the blank. "David ____ the dogs and they set off in snowshoes."
Brian soon found out that the popping sound was ____ Smallhorn shooting a moose.
Brain heard popping on some nights. Trees froze outside, then sap was ___, but exploding the trees due to the pressure.
Fill in the blank. "He had ___ camp and spend all the next day cleaning the shelter, bringing more wood, retaining his snowshoes, checking a bowstring, and sharpening his hatchet and knife.
A small hill or mountain
Fill in the blank. What gun did Brian find on the plane? a survival .22 ___
What was Brian trying to do until he left?
What was the last weapon Brian used before blacking out from attacking the moose?
What noise did Brian's bow make?
The untanned hide of animals.
What sound did owls make at night?
What sounds did the bear make when it attacked Brian?
What what is the name of a dog that is powerful and heavy coated?
What is the word used for a device used for catching game?
A fixed portion

HATCHET Crossword

HATCHET Crossword

Who is the main character?
Who was Brian flying to go see?
Who was Brian living with Before he got on the plane?
Who was on the plane with Brian?
Who was was the person that said the quote to Brian?
Brian was stranded in the Canadian ___________
What crashed in the "L" shaped lake?
Why do Brian's parents not live together?
Brian could not tell his father "The ______" he knew.
What was the tool Brian used to make the fire?
Before finding food Brian found _______?
What did Brian have to keep getting to feed the fire?
What was Brian's first source of food?
What did Brian make to catch the fish?
What kept the mosquitoes away From Brian?
What animal attacked Brian and pushed him down in the water?
What did the plane crash in?
The ______ sarted to get to Brian so much that he ate turtle eggs
In the last couple chapters Brian tried to salvage something in the plane
What was one of Brian's biggest problems almost everyday? that caused him to go and find _____?

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Crossword

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Crossword

Brian made this with wood and a spark.
This animal attacked Brian.
Brian made a trap to catch this.
This had very stong winds
Brian's Mom gave this to him
How was Brian travelling to his Dads?
Who flies a plane?
What did Brian find in the plane to help him?
Name of large animal that loves berries?
Brian caught this bird.

Hatchet Crossword

Hatchet Crossword

Who is the main character in this book?
What type of plane did Brian fly in?
What word does Brian keep thinking about on the plane?
What happens to the pilot?
Where does Brian think about landing the plane?
What made Brian wake up in the middle of the night and throw up?
How old is Brian?
Where was Brian going?
Who was Brian's friend?
What does brian come across by the berry bushes?
What animal attacked Brian in the shelter?
What did Brian make to get the survival kit?
How many days was Brian in the wilderness?
What made the plane show up out of the water?
What did Brian's mother give him?
Where did Brian think the plane crashed?
What does Brian's father do for living?
What did Brian take to contact someone before the plane landed?
What was Brian's last name?

Hatchet Crossword

Hatchet Crossword

The main character in the novel
The main woman in Brian's life
The animal that provided Brian with food
The main male in Brian's life
What Brian had to keep from his father
What Brian's parents were going through
What Brian called the bird that he caught
What Brian called the first berries he found
The animal that was near when he was at the berry bush
The mode of transportation Brian was using
The food that he found that was disgusting
Brian's main tool
The animal that threw Brian around
One of the animals that harmed Brian
Who was flying the plane
What happened to the pilot
Brian used this piece of clothing to help him survive
What weather pattern went through his camp
An aquatic animal that Brian used as a source of food
A tool that Brian made to help him hunt
What Brian built to get out to the plane
Brian let this go out a few times
What his mother was having
The place that Brian lived in
What Brian was trying to do after that crash

Hatchet Chapters 1-10 Crossword

Hatchet Chapters 1-10 Crossword

First type of food Brian finds
What the pilot dies from
Where Brian is flying to
This animal attacks in the middle of the night
Brian's last name
Gift from Mom that is also a weapon
Type of bill in his pocket when he crashes
Birch bark Brian uses to create his first fire
What Brian knows but Dad doesn't
Brian drinks this then throws up
Brian eats 6 of them raw
What the hatcket makes when it's thrown against a wall
Book Author
The season when Brian visits Dad
Animal that Brian runs from
Where Brian see Mom

Hatchet Ch.5-6 Crossword

Hatchet Ch.5-6 Crossword

To move by a sudden motion.
Who gave Brian the hatchet
Brian was stranded in the north wood of where?
What is the height in which a airplane flies?
Brian had an English teacher that would always be positive. What was his name?
Name of the book.
What did the main character horde when he found food?
Who wrote the book "Hatchet"?
What holiday did Brian think of when he was hungry?
I felt a lot of __________ in the plane. It shook everyone in the plane.
To demolish or crush completely.
Dark, gloomy and cheerless.
Where did he set up camp next to?
Why did Brian have to put back on his windbreaker when it got dark?
What kind of crash was Brian in?
Main characters name.
Who was Brian going to visit?
What did Brian throw up after drinking so much?
What was the jacket Brian wore called?
What did Brain see in the water?
What is the plane called in the book "Hatchet."
When you gather a lot of something.
What did Brian have to build to keep himself safe?
What did Brian think of to make him so hungry?