Parklike landscape of grasslands with scattered trees that can survive dry spells, found in tropical areas with dry seasons
Land that can be used for farming
Arable land
The change when arable land dries out and becomes desert.
The loss of forest cover in a region that results from the trees in a forest being destroyed faster than they can grow back.
Life-threatening disease spread by mosquitoes and caused by parasites.
Exchange between West Africans selling gold and Arab traders selling salt, beginning around A.D. 750
Salt Trade
Process by which Europeans brought enslaved Africans to the Americas.
Atlantic Slave Trade
Voyage across the Atlantic from Africa to the Americas that formed the middle leg of the triangular trade among Europe, American colonies and Africa.
Middle Passage
Policy by which one country seeks to rule other areas.
Process of creating an empire by taking over other areas.
Political and social movement that sought to unite black Africans across the globe.
Body of public works, such as roads, bridges, and hospitals, that a country needs to support a modern economy.
Use of power for personal gain.
African musician-storyteller who uses music to track heritage and record history as well as entertain.
Organization formed in 2002 to promote unity among African states and to foster development and end poverty.
African Union
Small loan

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