includes a person's language, art, games, music, clothing, food, and religion.
a group of people from the same country, people of the same race, or people with a common way of life.
ethnic group
somebody who has a right to live in this country because they are born here or have legally been told they can live here.
capable of being passed on from one person to another.
shows a comparison or relationship in some way.
words used to express a particular emotion or sentiment on the part of the speaker.
when one event brings about another
ways of using words for the sound qualities they create; can help create mood and meaning.
sound devices
person on a train, ship, or airliner who looks after passenger comfort.
baggage carrier.
a place to sleep, especially on a train or ship.
explain how each part functions or fits into the whole; write the obvious as well as gthe hidden characteristics or meanings.
give the meaning in a concise way using as few words as possible.
read between the lines; the answer is not in the passage; the reader derives meaning from information or clues the author provides.

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