Admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor
Prime Minister of Japan who advocated going to war with U.S.
Activist who filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government for their policy of interning Japanese Americans
U.S. general who was fired for publicly calling for an expanded war with China.
Activist who threatened a "March on Washington" in 1941 if the federal government did not desegregate defense industries and the armed forces.
Commander of Allied forces during D-Day
President who died shortly before Germany and Japan surrendered
Led the communist revolution in Russia during the First World War
Soviet leader during the Second World War and early Cold War
Civil rights activist, singer, and actor who was ostracized by the entertainment industry because of his connections to communism
President who offered military aid to any nation threatened by communist insurgency
U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union who helped develop the U.S. policy of "containment"
A massive economic aid program to Europe was named after this Secretary of State
Director of the Screen Actor's Guild, he supported and assisted the congressional investigation of communism in the entertainment industry
He led a successful guerrilla war against the French in Indochina
He proclaimed the creation of the People's Republic of China in 1949
Leader of nationalist forces in China, his leadership was not highly regarded by some American envoys
State department official accused of being a Soviet spy and convicted of perjury
Senator who claimed the State Department and U.S. Army were filled with communist spies and collaborators
Emperor of Japan during and after the Second World War
In 1948 the Soviets ordered a blockade of supplies and power to the western part of this German capital
Name of the program that recruited Mexican laborers to work in the U.S. during and after the war
White residents in this city's public housing rioted in response to the arrival of African-Americans working in defense industries
"_____________ of democracy" was a term coined by Franklin Roosevelt to describe U.S. military production during WWII
"______________ the Riveter" was a symbol of women working in defense industries during the Second World War
nagasaki/ one of the two Japanese cities destroyed by atom
Acronym of the congressional committee which investigated the alleged influence of communism in government and society
The U.S. announced it would send aid to this European country in 1947

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