The first African American female millionaire
Sarah Rector
11 time world champion at the Olympic Games
Usain Bolt
First African American MLB player
Jackie Robinson
One of the first African American NFL players in the league
Jim Brown
"King of Pop"
Michael Jackson
Civil rights leader known for not giving up her seat in Birmingham, Alabama
Rosa Parks
Famous rapper and clothing line franchisee
Kanye West
Former First Lady of the US; graduated from Harvard University
Michelle Obama
Two time democratic presidential candidate; founded PUSH
Jesse Jackson
Successful t.v. Hostess, producer, and media proprietor
Oprah Winfrey
NBA player who is a 3 time NBA championship holder
Lebron James
Former POTUS from 2008-2016
Batak Obama
Appointed national spokes person for the Nation of Islam
Malcom X
One of the most famous and influential African American poets and writers
Maya Angelou
President of freedoms bank
Frederick Douglass
Founded the NAACP; African American sociologists who attended Harvard
WEB DuBois
Famous boxer who won the WBA, WBC, and lineal heavyweight title
Muhammad Ali
Most remembered player from the Chicago bulls
Scottie Pippen
First African American to receive his PhD
Edward A. Bouchet
Successful singer and songwriter; was a part of new edition
Bobby Brown

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