One method CFMH uses to identify environmental deficiencies, hazards and unsafe practices.
Hazard Surveillance Rounds
2. Non-life saving equipment can be left unattended in exit corridors for this amount of time.
Thrity minutes
Completed anytime an employee is hurt on the job
Employee Incident Report
Code used to alert staff of a situation involving the use aggressive behavior in which Security/Police are needed
Code used to alert staff of a possible bomb threat
Who is require to wear a ID badge
Code used when there is a chemical spill
Team that is called if there is a chemical spill that cannot be handled within affected department
Code paged overhead anytime an individual ceases to have cardiac or respiratory function
Code paged overhead if an event warrants a partial or total evacuation
Code paged overhead for severe weather alerts or warnings
Location of CFMH Command Center
Nursing Conference Room
Acronym used to remember how to use a fire extinguisher
Acronym used for response to a fire situation
Color of emergency power outlets
Code paged overhead in the event of a fire alarm activation
Code paged overhead for aggressive behavior in which Police/Security are needed
Code paged overhead in the event of an infant abduction
Code paged overhead in the event of a hostage situation
This is submitted when there is a maintenance issue that needs attention
Work Order
The "C" in RACE
The "A" in PASS
Number of inches of clearance fire sprinklers need from the ceiling
Name of drill departments complete monthly to check for safety compliance
Fifteen Minute
Response to active shooter
Run Hide Fight
Code paged overhead in the event of a disaster including, influx of patients

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