What is the main male characters name?
Ben Mckee
What school does Ben end up going to?
Bluford High
Who is Ben's new dads name?
Who does Ben meet when he goes to Bluford with his aunt?
What is Ben's aunts name?
Aunt Fay
When did Larry and mom meet?
What was aunt fays career?
8th grade teacher
Where did they live before living with Larry?
Aunt Fays house
What did people used to call Larry?
The Big hurt
What would ben and mom eat after church?
What was aunt fays surprise for ben?
visiting bluford
What car did aunt fay have?
gold ford focus
What was Bens principles name?
Ms. Spencer
What was Cindy holding when her and Ben met?
green folders
What grade was Ben going into?
10th grade
Where did ben and aunt fay go before school would start?
Who was Larry's friend's name?
What did Ben read when he failed school?
Comic books
What was Ben's favorite comic book?
street night
Who is the author?
Paul langan
What did aunt fay write on the letter to Larry?
take care of them
What time did Ben wake up on the first day of school?
Who did Ben work with?
Mr. Grahm
What would Ben have on his face?

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