According to Mrs. Weston, Emma is the picture of _______ ________
grownup health
What is the major theme in Emma?
How old was Emma when her mother died?
What was one of the major novels/plays mentioned in the book Emma?
Romeo and Juliet
Who first warned Emma about Mr. Elton's true motives?
John Knightley
How old was Emma when she first set up the Weston's?
What food product compromised Mr. Martin's gift to Harriet?
Who tires Emma to death?
Throughout the novel, what is Emma considered?
What does Mr. Knightley value most?
Who does Harriet not fall in love with?
Mr. Weston
What factor changed Emma's mind about having Harriet and Mr. Martin be together?
social status
Regarding personality, who does Isabella most resemble?
her father
What will be Jane's profession if she doesn't marry?
From whom does Frank rescue Harriet?
What is the name of the estate where Emma lives?
Who first suspects that Frank and Jane have a secret attachment?
Mr. Knightley
How could one raise their social status?
What is Mr. Perry's profession?
What did Harriet's father do?
How old was Emma when her mother died?
Where does Mr. Elton stay while in Bath?
White Hart
What key word is repeated regularly throughout the novel?
Where do Emma and Mr. Knightley go for their "honeymoon"?
When does Emma marry Mr. Knightley?
Who said, "My advice I certainly do feel tempted to give. Miss Fairfax, you must not run such risks."?
Mrs. Weston
Who said,"The public pays and must be served well."?
In what year is the novel generally believed to have taken place?
What town does Mrs. Elton come from?
What gift did Emma send to distraught Jane?
How many pounds make up "an independent fortune, of so many pound?"
Who is Hartfield's cook?
What did Mr. Knightley see in Mr. Elton which Emma wished she had seen herself?
To whom did Austen dedicate the novel?
Prince Regent
What did the Westons name their daughter?
Where did Frank Churchill meet Jane Fairfax?

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