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oil of catechumens
oil of the sick
anointing of the sick

Sacrament Puzzle Crossword


____ is the first sacrament which cleanses the soul. Baptism
_____ is a special minister for the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Extraordinary
Confirmation seals _____ with God. Faith
We tell our sins in _____ Confession
_____ healing is an effect of Anointing of the Sick. Spiritual
The ____ and the groom are the ministers of the sacrament of Matrimony. Bride
Baptism makes us _____ of the Church Members
When we receive Holy Eucharist we should be in a state of _____. Grace
_____ is an symbolic action. Confirmation
_____ is when we ask to pardon for our sins in reconciliation. Absolution
The _____ is any baptized person in the Anointing of the sick Recipient
We are a _____ of God once we are baptized. Child
The _____ is given by bishop, priest, deacon, acolyte, or extraordinary in Holy Eucharist. Distribution
The _____ is any baptized person in the Anointing of the sick. Recipient
Confirmation is _____ only once. Received
_____ is a prayer after confession. Penance
_____ Chrism is used in the anointing of the sick. Sacred
Baptism is only done ____. Once
_____ is present in the form of Body and wine. Jesus
In Confirmation we _____ in faith. Grow
A object used in Reconciliation is a purple ____. Stole
A virtue in Baptism is ____, along with faith and love. Hope
We are _____ and nourished in Holy Eucharist. Strengthened
Reconciliation _____ our sins. Forgives
One of the steps in the Anointing of the sick is the Lord’s _____. Prayer
A symbol of Confirmation is laying on of _____. Hands
In Matrimony the bride and groom become _____ One
In Matrimony _____ represent love never ends or begins. Rings
The ____ Matrimony in represents purity. Veil
The Bride and groom will grow in _____ Love
Only men can receive _____ ______. Holy Orders
The men in holy orders have to take _____. Classes
_____ is one of the classes in Holy orders. Theogy
The only minister in holy orders are ______. Bishop
The recipient in Holy orders are _____ _____. Mature men

The Rite of Confirmation Crossword


A celebration that renews the whole community through the revealing and sharing of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation
Ordained by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost to continue the work of Jesus in the world. Bishops
Signs of the gift of the Spirit working in the life of individual Christians to become witnesses to their faith. Candidates
Their names can be chosen by Candidates for Confirmation. Saints
The Bishop can delegate the celebration of Confirmation to: Priests
Presents the Candidate to receive the Sacrament by accompanying them to the Bishop. Sponsor
The Sacrament of Confirmation is linked to this Sacrament. Baptism
Comes immediately after the presentation of Candidates. Homily
A consecrated oil used to anoint the Candidates. Chrism
'Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit' are words proclaimed during this ritual. Anointing

Anointing of the sick Crossword


A sign of healing, strengthening and the power and presence of the holy spirit is the anointing of Oil
One way Jesus healed the sick was the Laying on of Hands
A prayer that is one of the main parts of the anointing of the sick Prayer of faith
The Eucharist when it strengthens those who are dying. Viaticum
What is one way the church can care for the sick Pray for them
The sacrament by which Gods grace and comfort are given to those who are ill or suffering of old age is called Anointing of the sick
The name Jesus means "God Saves"
The name Christ means "Anointed"
Sickness and Suffering are not good but God can bring good out of evil
The sacrament of the Anointing of the sick can be celebrated when someone is facing major surgery or they are seriously ill

Sacraments XWord Crossword


This sacrament is where we celebrate someone's new life in the Church Baptism
The period of study in the early Church BEFORE baptism Catechumenate
The laying on of hands and the speaking of the prayer of consecration HolyOrders
Sacrament you can only receive once a day Eucharist
Sacrament of healing for those seriously ill Anointing of the sick
Period of involvement in community in the church after baptism Mystagogia
I baptize you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and of the ___________ HolySpirit
Oil is a sign of consecration and __________ Healing
The blessed oil Chrism
Priest can confer with permission of the _________ Bishop

Chapter 39 Confirmation Crossword


What is the consecrated oil that a baptized person is anointed with called? Chrism
What are serious sins called? mortal
One essential part of the Sacrament of Confirmation is the ____________ of the forehead. Anointing
If you have committed serious sins, you need to celebrate the Sacrament of _________ before Confirmation Reconciliation
What is another name for Fear of the Lord? Awe
"Anointed One." Christ
In the rite of Confirmation, we ________ our faith. profess
Jesus commissioned the _________________. Apostles
"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has _______ me to bring good news to the Poor." Luke 4:18 chosen
What is the yearly liturgy where typically adults are baptized and confirmed? Easter Vigil
Chrism is used to _____________objects for sacred work. consecrate
Confirmation is a sacrament of _____________. Initiation
What is another name for Right Judgment? Counsel
"When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power, and you will be _____________ for me." Acts 1:8 witnesses
Our ______________ will confirm our class next year. Archbishop
Be ___________________ with the Gift of the Holy Spirit. sealed
To whom is every bishop directly connected? Jesus
What type of Chrism is a consecrated olive oil with perfume which represents the sweet frangrance of Christ and the good works of his Body, the Church? Sacred
We must be ready to live our lives as ________________ of Christ. disciples
Confirmation is closely related to _______________. Baptism
The gifts of the Holy Spirit help us to know how to use our _________________ talents to serve the Church and others in need. talents
What does confirmation place on our souls that can never be taken away; it is permanent. mark
Most US Catholics celebrate Confirmation when they are in their ___________. teens
Adults who are baptized are also confirmed and given the _________ at the same liturgy. Eucharist
The Oil of the _________ is blessed olive oil used in the Sacrament of Anointing to anoint the forehead and hands of people who are seriously ill or near death, to strengthen the sick and prepare those who are dying for death. sick
What is another name for reverence? piety
Confirmation includes the renewal of baptismal ________________. promises
Baptism, confirmation and Ordination are all ________________ in which Chrism is used. sacraments
No one can force you to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. True or False? True
Which sacrament deepens and seals in the gift of the Holy Spirit that we receive in baptism? Confirmation
The laying on of hands is a _______________ gesture. powerful
Who did the Apostles commission? bishops
What is another name for fortitude? courage
An essential part of the rite of Confirmation is the laying on of __________. hands
We are full, maturing members of the _______________________. Body of Christ.
The Oil of _________________ is blessed olive oil used to anoint those preparing for Baptism, helping the person battle evil. catechumens
What is it called when a person is old enough to understand what she or he is doing, usually considered age seven? age of reason
What are we strengthened with during Confirmation? Holy Spirit
What substance used in confirmation symbolizes the power of the Holy Spirit? oil

Sacraments of Healing Crossword


Our ability to know right from wrong conscience
Serious sin is called mortal
Turning back to God with all one's heart conversion
The act of telling our sins confession
We show that we are sorry for our sins by doing... Penance
We receive this when through the person of the priest God forgives our sins. Absolution
Food for the journey for those who are close to dying. Viaticum
When Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Anointing of the Sick are celebraed together Last Sacraments
The Sacrament that celebrates God's mercy and forgiveness Reconciliation
The Sacrament that celebrates God's healing of both our bodies and souls. Anointing of the Sick
The name of the oil used to anoint people in preparation of Baptism Oil of the Catechumens
The name of the oil used to anoint in Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders Chrism

Religion Review Crossword


Beginning of the Liturgical Year Advent
Ash Wednesday starts this season Lent
Green is for Ordinary time
The birthday of the Church Pentecost
A four week waiting period Advent
Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday Easter Season
Purple is for Lent
Forty days after Easter Ascension
Consecrating a person to serve God Holy Orders
Anointing with chrism and receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit Initiation
a sacrament of healing Penance
Ancient prayer gesture Laying on of hands
Clothed in Christ Baptism
Receive only once Holy Orders
Sacraments are a share in God's _________ grace
God's mercy in Penance Absolution
Serious offense Mortal sin
Cycle of feasts and seasons Liturgical year
Paschal Candle - used at funerals and ______________ Baptisms
Liturgy of the ____________ is when we listen to God's word Word
Liturgy of the _______________ is when we receive the body and blood of Christ Eucharist
Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Real Presence
Ministers of Matrimony Bride and groom
Forgave her murderer St. Goretti
Hours hearing confession St. Vianney
Worked with the lepers (Man) St. Damian
Died in Auschwitz St. Kolbe
Religious sister St. Cope
Cure of Ars St. Vianney
Missionary (Man) St. Damian


Bingo Cards

I Do
Bread and Wine
Holy Orders
Holy Oil
Annointing of the Sick
Act of Contrition
Holy Spirit
Laying of Hands
Sins are Forgiven
Body and Blood of Jesus
Last Supper
Bishop Priest Deacon
Members of the Church


The Sacrament of the Eucharist Crossword


A call, request, or supplication for God's help invocation
The first part of the Mass that was attended by catechumens along with Baptized Catholics Mass of the Catechumens
A part of a psalm that is sung when the priest enters the church and approaches the altarv introit
The opening prayer of the Mass (concludes the Introductory Rites and precedes the Liturgy of the Word) Collect
The formal Profession of Faith recited at Mass Nicene Creed
means "of his own accord" moto propio
part of the introductory rite at Mass when the priest invites people to repent of their sins penitential rite
means "I confess" and it is used at the beginning of Mass and to prepare to receive graces Confiteor
The Church's great prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God that takes place during the Liturgy of the Eucharist Eucharistic Prayer
words said by Jesus over the bread and wine at the Last Supper Words of Institution
a prayer of praise to the Blessed Trinity at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer doxology
the affirmation by the faithful to the entire Eucharistic Prayer Great Amen
the time during the Communion Rite when the priest breaks the Body of Christ Fraction Rite
the act of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to others evangelization
The prayer that petitions God to send the Holy Spirit to transform the bread and wine offered at the Eucharistic liturgy into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ Epiclesis
A psalm sung or said at Mass after the first Scripture reading Responsorial Psalm

The Seven Sacraments Crossword


Holy Orders and _______ are examples of sacraments of service Marriage
Priesthood Holy Orders
Confession of sins Reconciliation
Signifies the gift of the Holy Spirit Confirmation
The _ _ _ _ _ turns into the Body of Christ in the Holy Eucharist Bread
The sacrament that Jesus left us at the last supper Eucharist
When a person is very ill Anointing of the Sick
The first sacrament that makes us children of God and members of the church Baptism
Symbolises Christ and the couple's’ families joining in unity Unity candle
What you ask for in Reconciliation Forgiveness
Promises made before God and the community. Vows
Another word for baptism. Christening
Symbol of unity Wedding ring
Blessed oil Chrism
Symbol of Holy Communion (drink) Chalice