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The Triumphal Entry Crossword


Who was with Jesus?
What was Jesus riding on?
Where was Jesus?
Who rode on the Donkey?
What were people going to celebrate?
What did the crowd wave and lay out for Jesus?
The crowd shouted “____________."
Where was Jesus headed with the crowd following?
Who was praising Jesus in the Temple?
Who hated Jesus and the good HE was doing?

Mark 9 - who is the greatest? Crossword

Mark 9 - who is the greatest? Crossword

A building where people live, especially a family
The place that Jesus answered the question "Who is the greatest?"
What were the disciples doing on the road?
A very young person
In God's kingdom, the first will be...
To be great, you should act like a ...
Who was teaching the disciples?
Smallest people listening to Jesus
Who as Jesus teaching?
How many disciples did Jesus teach?
What were they travelling on?
Someone who serves others is the .... in God's kingdom

Easter Time Crossword Puzzle ulc 2022

Easter Time Crossword Puzzle    ulc 2022

Jesus rose on the __________day
Roman Governer, Pontius
In communion we believe the __________represents body of Christ
Jesus went to the garden of _________ to pray.
Jesus rode on a _________as he entered Jerusalem
the crowd chose ________ to be released instead of Jesus
To teach his disciples humility, Jesus washed their______
People waved __________ branches and sang as Jesus entered Jersulaem
a brown sweet treat, dark or milk
Jesus was ________ from the dead
when Mary and the others went to Jesus tomb, the _______-was rolled away
in communion, the wine represents the ________ of Christ
They placed a ____ of thorns on Jesus' head
Judas was paid ______pieces of silver to betray Jesus
Jesus last words were, "It is ________."
tiny chewy sweets usually eaten at Easter
Judas betrayed Jesus with a _______
We take __________ for the forgiveness of our sins
Jesus _____ thousands of followers with a few fishes and loaves of bread

Unit 5 AB Review Crossword


Because of his often failure to express agreement, Taiten gets himself into compromising situations
Because of his often courteous behavior and mannerly conduct, Jonathan has a reputation of being a knightly young man.
Often providing mercy in the form of pencils, Tiana should be deemed a saint due to the number of pencils she has lent Brian.
Mackenzie, though she is very reserved, has begun to open up, talk on occasions, and even have a cup of coffee.
Due to their little and loud differences, Kephon often argues with Michael, who in turn argues with Isaac.
Because of their refusal to yield to poor grades, Trinity, Shania, Kenzi, and a several others have worked really hard.
While very intelligent, Melissa often enters the classroom in a slow and heavy manner; she's typically a lot better after coffee.
Because of their neglectful mannerisms at times, Landon, Jason, Alphonso have to ask others to repeat classroom instructions.
Because of its intent to create integrity and character in students, ROTC is a perfect fit for both Jordan and Michael.
Be careful not to cross Amelia; though she is smart and kind, she can be full of malice when crossed the wrong way, ask Mason.
Due to an unselfish concern for helping each other, Makayla and Tiana have both increased their averages in English II.
Emma and Daisy help each other out during class work; this is a really good act for both girls as it helps them both.
Bryan's intelligence is often thwarted due to an inadequate supply of pencils.
Even though he can be scary at times, Kephon did at least make a start at a free style in class; his counterpart -- shameful...
Due to a superficial manner of writing, journaling became easy for Austin, an error he has since corrected.
Kenzi has worked very hard at writing this year; her chunks are often free from error and dependable.
When I inquired about Carla's unusual piercing, she replied that it did not cause too much of a sharp sensation.
Haylie typically carries a very calm demeanor, until she hears something that stirs her opinion.
Though it can be difficult, each of us should seek to avoid aggressive and destructive comments towards one another.
I have come to know Jennifer is very sincere young lady since she has been in my class.

Soils Crossword


What soil is grey
you cant go through this
glue like
to do with cows and sheep
opposite of light
opposite of hot
high land
lots of water
opposite of highland
water staying on top of soil
car needs this to run
similar to a swamp

Jesus Crossword


who is gods son?
where did Jesus die
Where was Jesus born?
Who baptized Jesus?
who was Jesus's mother?
Who was Jesus's farther?
Who were Jesus's best friends?
what was Jesus's first job?
who was the man who tried to kill Jesus when he was born?
which of his disciples betrayed him?

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

Who was Mary betrothed (engaged) to?
Mary was made pregnant through the power of the ____ ____
To spare her shame, Joseph decided to do what in quiet?
Joseph receives a message in a dream from what?
Joseph is the descendant of what great Israelite King? Son of ?
Joseph is told he will have a son and he is to give him a name that in Greek is
Even though Mary is with child, she remains a ____.
Isaiah was an Old Testament _____ who told of a savior that would be born of a virgin.
This is the Hebrew name of the Greek name Jesus and it means ("God is with us" what a perfect name!)
Joseph did as the Lord asked and he took Mary as his ____ into his home
What town was Jesus born in?
Ceasar ____ wanted the world to be enrolled (censused) to collect taxes from everyone.
Joseph takes a pregnant Mary from _____ to Bethlehem for the census.
Mary gave birth, wrapped her baby in swaddling clothes and laid him in an animal feeding trough, known as a
An angel appears to _____ watching their flocks.
The ___ of the Lord shone around the workers in the field and they were filled with fear (awe of God)
The angel speaks, I proclaim to you ___ ___
The news of the angel will bring great __
A ____ has been born!
A multitude of angels sing, Glory to God in the
The shepherds go in haste to Bethlehem to see the new born ___
Mary reflected on these things in her __
The shepherds return home, ____ God
The Season that prepares our hearts for Jesus
Jesus is the ____ of the world!

Wisconsin Crossword

Wisconsin Crossword

State Flower
State Animal
State Fish
State Bird
State Tree
State Insect
State Capital
A Yellow Cheese
Largest City in Wisconsin
It is Home To The Largest Waterpark in Wisconsin
A State Of Wisconsin That Borders Wisconsin
What Is Made From The State Tree
What City Were You In When You Got This Game
Where Is Wisconsin's Professional Football Team Located
Term For A Severe Winter Storm
What Is The Abbreviation For Wisconsin
What A Person From Wisconsin Is Called
One Of The States Borders Wisconsin On The West
What Borders Wisconsin To The East
What Lake Is To The North Of Wisconsin
What Borders Wisconsin To The East
What Lake Is To The North Of Wisconsin

Christmas crossword


who was born on Christmas day?
A beautiful red flower
Traditional kissing plant
Song: “___ to the World.”
Song: “I’m dreaming of a ___ Christmas”
“Not a creature was stirring, not even a ___”
Frozen precipitation
On the Fifth Day of Christmas: “Five ___ ___”
A common decoration at the top of a Christmas tree
He had visits from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future
A jolly man that eats lots of Christmas cookies and gives you presents

Maya, Inca, and Aztec Empires Crossword

Maya, Inca, and Aztec Empires Crossword

What is the Mayan god of Fire?
What is the most dominant city-state of the Mayan Empire?
Symbols used that represented words.
Which empire came up with the concept of zero?
This supplies water to the nearby cities.
Families were organized in a group.
Sacred places or objects.
What was the Inca's god of the sun called?
The Inca called their rulers this.
Inca Empire royal estate.
The Inca Empire's capital city.
What was the 4 quarters of the Inca Empire called?
A series of colored, knotted strings.
Running messengers, like a relay race.
Who ran the government (tax collectors and record keepers)?
Who was the most important god to the Aztecs?
Who was the god of life for the Aztecs?
What did the Aztecs build in the lakes?
What did the Aztecs call their ruler?
What was the spoken language of the Aztecs?
What are the ancient books from the Aztec Empire called?