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Cooking Terms Crossword Puzzle

Cooking Terms Crossword Puzzle

The items you mix together to make a recipe.
The place you go to buy groceries.
To cook food from the top using high heat.
The sticks used to thread cubes of food when making kabobs.
The room in your house where you prepare food.
The utensil used for flipping pancakes is called a pancake _______.
The directions you follow to cook something.
To cover with an ingredient.
To remove excess liquid from an ingredient
One favorite way to eat this meat is as a chop.
_______ and water should be used to wash your hands in the kitchen.
To soak meat or a vegetable in a liquid before cooking.
This cooking utensil is great for frying eggs sunny side up.
What you use when you want to bake bread or a cake.
To lightly brush or spoon on a liquid coating to food during cooking.
To cook at a low temperature so a mixture barely bubbles.
Use a meat _______ to tell if pork is properly cooked.
To fry in a small amount of fat.
To mix ingredients using a spoon.

In the Kitchen Crossword

In the Kitchen Crossword

used to drain hot water from pasta,potatoes and vegetable
used to sift and aerate flour
usually made from wood and used to flatten and shape pastry products
helps to prevent damage to work surfaces from knives
can be set to a certain temperature and used to bake and roast food stuffs
formed when water is added to flour
helps to prevent the formation of gluten in baked goods
you need to use this to make sure you add the correct amount of liquid
do this to coat the particles of flour with fat
this happens when the flour grains burst to thicken a cooked product
baking beans...................heat
flour is the ingredient that provides this
good food hygiene and safety prevent?
it is important to keep the ...................of ingredients correct in a recipe so that the end product tastes,looks and feels as intended

Baking Terminology Crossword

 Baking Terminology Crossword

To cook in an oven with dry heat.
A mixture of flour, liquid, and other ingredients that is thin enough to pour
To thoroughly combine ingredients and incorporate air with a rapid, circular motion. This may be done with a wooden spoon, wire whisk, rotary egg beater, electric mixer, or food processor.
To heat a liquid until bubbles rise continually to the service and break
To heat sugar until it is melted and brown.
To stir together two or more ingredients until mixed
To beat one or more ingredients, usually margarine or butter, sugar and eggs, until the mixture is smooth and fluffy
To seal the edges of two layers of dough with the times of a fork or your fingertips
To distribute solid fat throughout the dry ingredients using a pastry blender, fork, or two knives in a scissors motion
A soft, sick mixture of flour, liquids, fat, and other ingredients
To distribute small amounts of margarine or butter evenly over the surface of pie filling ordo
To drip a glaze or icing over food from the tines of a fork or the end of a spoon
To sprinkle lightly with sugar, flour ,or cocoa
To gently combine I have your mixture with a more delicate substance, such as a beaten egg whites or whipped cream, without causing a loss of hair
To cope with a liquid, sing I sing, or jelly before or after the food is cooked
To fold, push and turned out or other mixture to produce a smooth, elastic texture
I temperature of about 105°F, which feels neither hot nor cold
To stir together two or more ingredients until they are thoroughly combined
To combine dry ingredients with liquid ingredients until dry ingredients are thoroughly moistened but the mixer is still slightly lumpy
To allow used dough to rise before baking. Or to dissolve yeast in a warm liquid and set in a warm place for 5 to 10 minutes until it expands and becomes Bubbley
When dough is slightly mounted, not level
To cut slits in food with a knife, cutting partway through the outer surface
Margarine, butter, ice cream, cream cheese that is in a state soft enough for easy blending but not melted
To combine ingredients with a spoon or whisk using a circular motion
To beat rapidly with a wire whisk or electric mixer to incorporate air into a mixture in order to lighten and increase the volume of the mixture



Essential ingredient for bread
Ancient grain ground into flour and used to make non-gluten-free foods including bread, pasta and pastry
Flour mixture for bread and pastry
Any sturdy, 4-quart capacity bowl is fine.
This tool makes it easy to apply egg washes and thin glazes, and ensures even application.
type of cylinder to roll out dough.
Because it’s flexible, you can scrape dough from the sides of the bowl without scratching it.
Use the flat paddle to mix the ingredients
Pan Used for baking
A long handled spoon is required
Wheat is the most common type of flour used in bread baking
is the most important liquid
Milk from cow no added nothing removed
Common Sweetener
Used for caramelizing
Romans Sweetener
an important ingredient in bread baking because it slows rising time allowing the flavor of the dough to develop
add food value, color and flavor to breads
slows moisture loss, helping bread stay fresh longer.
The silicone ones have the added bonus of scraping the sides of bowls like a rubber spatula.
This made it difficult to use the same brush for cooking and baking.
This particular baking tool has a number of different uses
can be used for lining baking pans or storing baked goods so they don’t dry.
ovens have dials or buttons that you push
great for making themed cookies
you could make a smoothie with
used to cut dough into strips.
used to cut dough to have a decorative edge.
This utensil comes in plastic as well as aluminum and stainless steel with feet to hold it above a surface
boards come in a variety of sizes and weights
This specialized piece of equipment consists of one pan seated inside of a second pan with room for water.
These are used for portion control and ease of shaping or dropping bakery items.
puree as good as a blender and nuts can be turned into butters or cut too finely in seconds.
Used for cutting ingredients
uses in the kitchen but I favor a microplaner for the baking/pastry kitchen.
Used to heat the sides of pans
simple version were the cut citrus fruit
useful for portion control or to move liquids.
used for liquids which is why there is usually a lip on the top.
used to measure small amounts of ingredients.
used to grate citrus rinds, chocolate, nutmeg, etc.

Baking Terminology Quiz Crossword

Baking Terminology Quiz Crossword

To cook in an oven, usually preheated for 10 to 15 minutes
Put a fine or loose substance through a sieve to remove lumps or large particles
Work into dough or paste with the hands.
Heat something, especially an oven or grill, beforehand
To thoroughly combine ingredients and incorporate air with quick, circular motions
A soft, thick mixture of flour, liquids, fat and other ingredients
The coating and decoration of a cake
Ingredients and the method of process for a certain product
The "feel" of the product
A mixture of flour, liquid and other ingredients that is thin enough to pour
To heat a liquid until it bubbles to the surface
To stir together two or more ingredients until mixed well
To come to room temperature
A temperature that feels neither hot or cold
To chill in the refrigerator until a mixture is cool or until dough is form
To combine ingredients with a spoon or whisk using a circular motion
To beat rapidly incorporating air into a mixture to lighten and increase the volume of the mixture

Cookie Crossword

Cookie Crossword

a cookie made by dropping batter from a spoon onto a cookie sheet for baking.
a type of cookie made by baking batter in a sheet pan, then cutting into bars or squares.
a cookie made from a rolled out dough and cut into shapes.
pre-made, sliced cookies made for easy cooking.
To dust a mold with flour, apply a thin coat and tap around the mold so all surfaces are covered. Turn the mold over and tap it against the work surface to get rid of the excess. If baking cookies out of the mold, place on a greased or preferably a parchment lined cookie sheet to bake.
a dough is pressed through a machine to create a pre-made cookie
baked sweet with chocolate chips
a cookie with main ingredients like sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and either baking powder or baking soda. May be formed by hand or rolled and cut into shapes.
bars made of lemon flavoring and cut into a rectangular shape.
dough is pre-cut into shapes and sometimes printed with images
dough made of mainly oats and flour

Bread Unit Crossword

Bread Unit Crossword

Gives the product structure
An insoluble protein composite made up of two proteins (Gliadin and Glutenin)
Products such as yeast, baking soda, baking powder and eggs; they cause the product to rise.
Water, Milk, and Juices help add moisture to the batters
Makes the product tender
A type of fat
Food for the yeast
Regulates growth of yeast
A type of bread that is quick to make
To work with your hands when creating soft doughs
Is a common leavening agent used in quick breads
The process in which yeast breaks down the sugar
Causes the bread to rise
The dough should __________ in size.
A type of Quick Bread
High Volume, a smooth and round top, and a tender and elastic crumb are all qualities of ___________.
Gives the dough more flavor
Too hot of _______ can kill the yeast.
Too much kneading will cause it to become __________.
A substitution for sugar
The more that you knead, the less _______ you will get.
You need to be ___________ down the dough to release some of the gases.
A type of biscuit
Makes yeast bread softer and last longer
There are _____ different types of fats that can be used to make bread.

Cooking Terms Crossword

Cooking Terms Crossword

Describing the degree of doneness for pastas and other foods where there is a firm center. Not overdone or too soft.
To spoon, brush or pour fat, drippings or liquid continually over a baking or roasting food (usually poultry) in order to promote a moist finished product, to add flavor, and to glaze it.
An uncooked mixture usually containing milk, flour, and eggs. It can be thick enough to be poured or spooned (as with muffins), or thin, to coat foods before being fried in oil.
To stir vigorously in a circular motion.
To briefly submerge food into boiling water and then into an ice bath to halt further cooking. It is a technique used to soften and bring out the chlorophyll in green vegetables.
A mixture of two or more flavors to produce its own unique character, and quality.
To heat a liquid to the point of breaking bubbles on the surface or to cook submerged in a boiling liquid.
A method of cooking, in which the heat source is above or below the food
A small cut also referred to as a quick, heavy blows of a cleaver or knife when preparing foods.
To cook by dry heat, usually in the oven.
To soften a fat, especially butter, by beating it at room temperature. Butter and sugar are often creamed together, making a smooth, soft paste.
To cut food in small cubes of uniform size and shape.
To incorporate a delicate substance, such as whipped cream or beaten egg whites, into another substance without releasing air bubbles
To cook in hot fat.
To rub on a grater that separates the food in various sizes of bits or shreds.
To cut vegetables, fruits, or cheeses into thin strips.
To work and press dough with the palms of the hands or mechanically, to develop the gluten in the flour.
To cut or chop food into extremely small pieces.
To combine ingredients usually by stirring.
To remove the outermost skin of a fruit or vegetable.
A pinch is the trifling amount you can hold between your thumb and forefinger.
To remove pits from fruits.
To boil down to reduce the volume.
To cook by dry heat in an oven.
To cook and/or brown food in a small amount of hot fat.
To cut narrow grooves or gashes partway through the outer surface of food.
To brown very quickly by intense heat. This method increases shrinkage but develops flavor and improves appearance.
To cook slowly in liquid over low heat at a temperature of about 180°. The surface of the liquid should be barely moving, broken from time to time by slowly rising bubbles.
To cook in steam in a pressure cooker, deep well cooker, double boiler, or a steamer made by fitting a rack in a kettle with a tight cover.
To beat rapidly to incorporate air and produce expansion, as in heavy cream or egg whites.

Food Preparation terms Crossword

Food Preparation terms Crossword

To cook in the oven with dry heat
To cook on a rack or spit over hot coals or some other source of direct heat
To spoon pan juices, melted fat, or another liquid over surface of food during cooking to keep the food moist and add flavor
To mix ingredients together with a circular up-and-down motion using a spoon, whisk, rotary or electric beater
To thicken or smooth out the consistency of a liquid
To scald or parboil in water or steam
To stir ingredients until they are thoroughly combined
To cook in liquid over 212°F (100°F
To remove bones from fowl or meat
To cook in a small amount of liquid
To coat with dry bread or cracker crumbs
To cook uncovered under a direct source of heat
To turn the surface of a food brown by placing it under a brolier
To apply sauce, melted fat, or other liquid with a basting or pastry brush
To cook in a sugar syrup until coated or crystallized
To heat sugar until a brown color and characteristic
To make a food cold by placing it in a refrigerator or in a bowl over crushed ice
To cut into small pieces
To make a liquid clear by removing solid particles
To thoroughly cover a food with a liquid or dry mixture
To cook by submerging in simmer liquid
To mix or blend two or more ingredients together
To let a food stand until it no longer feels warm to the touch
To sprinkle or coat with flour
To make grooves or folds in dough
To cook in a small amount of hot fat
To pulverize
To break fish into small pieces with a fork
To remove liquid from a food product
To cook in a large amount of hot fat

Kitchen Equipment and Utensils Crossword

Kitchen Equipment and Utensils Crossword

tool to remove the skin of vegetables and fruits
keeps food in frozen forn
tool shaped like scissors used for picking up food
tool used to weigh ingredients
pot used for preparing large quantities of soup and boiling pasta
beats and blends foods together and incorporates air
flattens dough
cleans food from the side of the bowl
slice, minces, chops, cubes, and dices fruits, vegetables, and meats
stirs foods and drains solids from liquids
o shred, slice, or grate food
pan used to bake delicate items such as cheesecake
to bake pies in
to lift and turn food such as pancakes, hamburgers, and eggs
used to cut pizza as well as other foods
use to open cans
to mash cooked foods, such as potatoes
protects counters from hot pans, also used to cool foods on
has a handle and lip; used to measure liquids
used to measure dry ingredients, such as flour and sugar
used to cut fat in with flour when making pastry or biscuits
used for baking muffins, rolls, and cupcakes
long-handled, low-sided pan; used to fry and saute
reads the internal temperature of meat
used to mix food in
aids in pouring foods into small-mouthed containers
used to separate particles to make light and fluffy
to bake cookies, cream puffs, etc
used to serve soup, stew, and beverages
used to measure small amounts of liquid or dry ingredients
a bowl with holes used to drain foods like pasta and vegetables
handheld item with mesh used to separate solids from liquids