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Cupcake Crossword Puzzle

Cupcake Crossword Puzzle

Person who makes cupcakes for a living
Store that sells breads and pastries
tool used to scrape batter out of bowl
Stir your batter with a wooden _____.
This flavouring smells sweet but tastes bitter on your tongue.
Bake your cupcakes in an _____.
Don't touch a hot tray of cupcakes unless you are wearing oven _____
Edible decorations on top of cupcakes
Small unit of measurement used in baking
Crack these into the bowl but don't get shells in the batter!
_____ makes your batter sweet.
Cupcakes are not a main course. They are for _________.
A cake mix makes ___ done cupcakes.
Twelve cupcakes equal a _____.
The sweet topping on a cupcake is called _____.
To make chocolate cupcakes you need to have _____ in the batter.
This magazine is called "_______________ cupcakes."
TV's Cake Boss is a man named _____ Valastro.
Put a candle on your cupcake if it is your __________.
A cupcake without icing is a ___________.
A small iced cake is called a ______________.
There are at least 350 of these in a cupcake
Pour the _______ into the cupcake tins then bake.
Don't leave your cupcakes in the oven too long or they will ____.
After eating cupcakes you need to brush your _____.
When baking, keep your clothes clean by wearing an _______.
Don't ice hot cupcakes. Let them ____ first.
When you finish your cupcake the only thing left on your plate are ________.
Cupcakes taste great with a glass of cold _____.
What room in the house do you bake in?

Breads Around The World Crossword

Breads Around The World  Crossword

First boiled for a short time in water and then baked. The bread has a hole in the middle. Popular in Canada and the US.
Popular Indian flat bread made with wheat flour. Instead of being baked. Toasted over a griddle till they are freckled gold.
A traditional Australian bush bread that was once cooked over in the hot coals of a campfire
A small, round, flat type of yeast-leavened bread which is usually sliced horizontally and toasted.
A flat oven-baked Italian bread made of strong (high-gluten) flour, oil, water, salt and yeast. It can be used as a side to many meals, as a base for pizza or as sandwich bread.
A leavened, oven-baked flatbread found in the cuisines Central Asia. Yogurt is used to make a smooth, elastic dough, and is cooked on the sides of a tandoori oven.
Unleavened flat bread, similar to chapatti, which is made in almost every part of India, and is also popular in the Caribbean.
traditional bread of Ireland. Main ingredients are flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk. Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is used as a leavening agent instead of yeast.
Used to prepare many Mexican dishes like tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and wraps.
This dark and hearty bread comes from Germany.
A long, narrow French loaf.
A French crescent-shaped roll made of sweet flaky yeast dough, eaten for breakfast.
A bread made from ground maize or corn. It is popular in the United States.
Often boiled briefly before baking. The dough is twisted into shape, a German bread.
A rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit, and butter and typically eaten at Christmas.

Baking tools Crossword

Baking tools Crossword

used to shred ingredient into small uniform pieces to that they will blend or melt easily when cooked
used to apply coating onto bake ware or to glaze foods before or after cooking
help flatten or spread dough to a uniform thickness before cutting and baking
a short knife used for detailed work or cutting
a knife with long serrated blade that cut easily through bread crust or pastry item
consists of one or more blades mounted in a handle
necessary to determine the weight of an ingredients.
designed to measure a liquid ingredient
used to measure all dry ingredients
used to measure small amount of ingredient
shallow rectangular trays witn 1inch lip on all four sides
similar to sheet pan made wthout lip
Designed for cakes with different shape and size
help dispense filling frosting and batter into uniform and decorated pattern
an enclosed spaces where food cooked by being surrounded by hot air
is a wooden or metal shovel used to slide breads and pizza onto oven

Bakeshop Ingredients Crossword

Bakeshop Ingredients  Crossword

____ is finely milled wheat.
______ is used in baking and pastries.
____ has high protein and low starch content.
____ is a blend of hard, high-protein wheat that is milled primarily for commercial bakers.
_____ is a blend of hard and soft wheat.
_____ is fine-textured, silky flour milled from soft wheat with low protein content.
______ sometimes called graham flour, is made by either grinding the whole-wheat Kernel.
_______ is a convenience product made by adding salt and chemical leavening to all-purpose flour.
___________ are mixtures of various grains used to produce specialty breads.
_____________ is the most common form of sugar used in the kitchen and bakeshop.
_______________ is granulated sugar that is ground to a fine powder.
__________ is extremely fine, granulated sugar with no additives.
___________ is granulated sugar with added molasses.
_______________ has larger crystals than granulated sugar.
____________ is the liquid that remains after refined sugar is extracted from sugarcane juice.
______is formed from flower nectar's gathered by bees.
_________ is extracted from the starchy part of corn.
Fats used in the bakeshop are often referred to as _________.
_________ is the process in which gases are trapped in dough creating small bubbles that give baked goods a light and airy texture.
There is ______ & ________ Shortenings.
there are two types of leavening agents- _______ Leavengers and ______
Most bakeshops have many different types of ________.
___________ is a dry powdered form of chocolate liquor with most of its fat removed.
________ is the fat extracted from chocolate liquor.
_____________ is pure chocolate liquor with no added sugar.
____________ is chocolate made without milk.
______ is used to thicken various sweet and savory preparations.
____ are one of the most expensive products in the kitchen.
Alcohol-based flavorings are called _______.
A common most used extract is _______

basic culinary terms Crossword

basic culinary terms Crossword

to cook in an oven
to mix ingredients using a fast, circular motion
mix ingredients gently
heat a substance so the bubbles will rise to the surface and break
to brown under direct heat
cook at medium or high heat until the surface browns
cut into smalll pieces
cut into small cubes
remove liquid by using a strainer
this is what you do to food when you use a grater.
fold, press and stretch dough
to soak a food in a liquid to tenderize or flavor
to squash food with a fork, spoon or whisk
to cut into very small pieces
to turn oven on ahead of time
cook quickly in little oil, butter or fat
to cook in a liquid with slow , low bubbles
to cook with liquid, but not directly in the liquid

Knead Hints? Crossword

Knead Hints? Crossword

Dough is_____ or meal mixed with a liquid
Whats the process called when dough rises?
A wooden board that a baker uses to slide breads onto the oven floor or hearth is called?
All yeast is sensitive to_____
A mixture of flour,yeast,warm liquid makes what?
What is a starter used for?
Whats the outer surface of a bread or roll called?
Soft medium dough produces items with a____ crumb crust
Sweet rich dough consists of 25% of both___ and sugar
The______method allows yeast to develop separately before its mixed with other ingredients
A glastic protein that makes dough stay together
What do we use to brown baked goods?
Longest proccess of mixing and kneading
Avoid_______ to prevent staling
The process of making small holes on top of an item before baking
Turning sides of dough into the middle & turning the dough over is called
A bench box is a covered container in which the dough can be placed before______
Shaping forms the dough into the distinctive shapes associated with_____ products
_______is when you place a product in the correct type of pan
_______ allows leavening action of yeast to achieve its final strength before baking
The process of applying a thin glaze of liquid to the doughs surface before baking is called
When you make shallow cuts in the surface of the item just before naking, you are_____
During______ crust becomes moist and tough
Do not_____products while warm
Whats it called when making small holes on top of an item before baking?

Crossword puzzle Bread and Pastry

Crossword puzzle Bread and Pastry

These are used for portion control and ease of shaping or dropping bakery items. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from #100 to 8 with the highest number being the smallest size.
They don’t have to be the most expensive knives on the market but they should be balanced and hold a sharp edge when sharpened. Essential knives include a small paring knife, chef’s knife in a length
has many uses in the kitchen but I favor a microplaner for the baking/pastry kitchen.
to heat the sides of pans to aid in the releasing of an item from its pan. This piece of equipment is particularly useful when removable rims are used. They are heated, the product is put on a can and slid down.
This is probably the oldest, ugliest juicer ever, but I love it. The looks of this is a testament to never putting aluminum items in a dishwasher.
of different sizes are useful for portion control or to move liquids. They come in different sizes and professional ladles are marked in ounces.
come in wet and dry measures. The wet measures have graduated sizes on them and are used for liquids which is why there is usually a lip on the top.
This is one of the most wonderful tools in a kitchen. Microplaners can be used to grate citrus rinds, chocolate, nutmeg, etc.
This is a necessary piece of equipment for pastry making. They are used to combine, beat or whip ingredients. T
are used to move tarts to their boards or platters. Two sturdy turners are placed, one on each side, to lift the tart and move it into place
are used in conjunction with pastry tips to finish pastries. They can be plastic, cloth or disposable plastic and come in various sizes. Disposable plastic bags are used professionally to avoid cleanliness issues.
come in a variety of widths and sizes. They are useful for washing down the sides of pans, brushing flour away, applying glazes and more
are used with pastry bags. The tips used in this book include #5 and #8 open star, #48 basketweave and #5 plain tip.
has a rounded end for digging out the eyes of potatoes or other produce. The important thing here is to find one that is comfortable in your hand.
See tart pans with removable bottoms.
Several sizes of pans including small to medium are used. Heavy pans will not only last a lifetime but prevent items from burning and allow more even heat disbursement.
Not only for accuracy but for speed. It is so much faster to weigh ingredients than to measure with spoons and cups. Since successful baking and pastry depend upon the accuracy of measurements,
are useful for a number of tasks in the bakers kitchen
ndispensible tools for baking and pastry. The bench scraper was originally used to scrape flour off of the area used to make bread which is referred to as a bench – hence bench
straight metal spatulasLarge and small metal spatulas are important for frosting canes and releasing items from pans.
of various sizes are useful from small tasting spoons to larger ones used to stir ingredients together.
n different mesh sizes are useful for straining, washing fresh fruit an sprinkling powdered sugar among other things.
, these short tart pans with fluted rims, usually have sides that are 3/4 to 1 inch tall. The bottoms come out which makes anything in them very easy to release without turning the pan upside down.
These are used to finish desserts.
can be used for various tasks in the kitchen, including mixing and whipping ingredients. They come in very fine wire to heavy wire depending upon the use. They also come in various heights to accommodate different size containers.
These come in glass or metal. The metal can be light or dark. Both of the above require a reduction in the heat when baking of 25 to 50 degrees as they conduct the heat faster than light colored aluminum.
They come in all sizes and shapes. The 12 cup bundt pan in the right rear is the original design and the only one for many years. Then manufacturers boosted their popularity
This was the precursor to parchment for home bakers
while professional bakeries cool their items in their pans placed on racks, home bakers often use cooling racks of different sizes and shapes.
This decorating tool is ideal for giving the sides of a cake a finished look.
has a deeper cup than muffin tins and the cups are shaped differently. The bottom is smaller than the top which helps the popover pop over.
. They come in 9″ and 10″ diameters. The 9″ standard pie pan, as seen in the front, has a depth of about 1 1 /2 inches. The 10″ deep dish version pictured in the back has a depth of about 2 inches.

Cakes and pies Word Search

Cakes and pies Word Search
Word Search


Ingredients Used in Baking Crossword

Ingredients Used in Baking Crossword

Should be at room temperature for mixing
A type of syrup that adds flavor and sweetness
Canola, peanut, corn, and olive are types of
Can be used to thicken gravy
Number of basic ingredients used in baking
Helps to make a baked product tender and flakey
Baking powder provides this in a biscuit
Getting oven to proper temperature for baking
Helps to make baked products tender
Helps to moisten starches and proteins in a mixture
This is done to develop the gluten in flour
Type of wheat that makes good flour for making cakes
Type of flour that makes an excellent bread
A method of preparing a pan for baking
Paper used in baking
Where the racks should be placed in the oven for baking
A fungused used for baking
Used to make food more tasty
Vanilla, almond and lemon are types of these
Cream of
A protein in flour
Helps to hold ingredients together in a mixture

Basic Kitchen Utensils and Cooking Terms Crossword

Basic Kitchen Utensils and Cooking Terms Crossword

to cook food-- using the indirect, dry heat of an over
to combine two or more ingredients until smooth---by hand or mixer
to coat a pan with a thin layer of oil/butter so food doesn't stick
to work dough with the heals of your hands
to cook food in a skillet until a desirable color on outside --- such as hamburger
to beat butter and sugar together until light and creamy consistency
to cut foods with a knife
to work a solid fat into dry ingredients --- usually done with a pastry blender
a method of gently mixing ingredients -- usually egg whites -- into another mixture
elastic protein present in wheat flou
refers to chopping a food into tiny irregular pieces
to beat food lightly and rapidly using a wire whisk -- no "nay nay" required
to heat the oven to a specific temperature before using it
to determine the quantity or size of food (dry or liquid)
to stir or beat two more more foods together --- just like the Micheal Jackson song
to put a dry ingredient through a sieve to remove the lumps and incorporate air
to mix ingredients with a kitchen utensil so they do not stick while cooking
four of these make a gallon
sixteen ounces
this letter -- c-- is its abbreviation
a pliable scraper
used to measure out ingredients like flour or sugar
a pan to bake banana bread in
metal with small holes -- good for plating green beans
pan used to bake chocolate chip cookies
utensil used to take the skin off of carrots or potatoes
used to chop, slice, or dice
used to protect your hand from hot surfaces -- but don't wear in the snow
used to protect your hand from hot surfaces