How many people lives in the tanner house?
Michelle Tanner is played by _______________.
Mary Kate and Ashley
Where is Full House set in?
San Francisco
How many daughters does Danny have?
What is Stephanie's middle name?
How did Danny's wife die?
Drunk Driver
In season 1 Jesse brings home a ___________ and names him Bubba
Who let Danny's car roll into the San Francisco Bay?
What commercial did D.J. audition for?
Oats Boats Cereal
D.J. skipped school to meet ____________.
Stacey Q
What's the name of Danny's wife?
What is the name of Stephanie's bear?
Mr Bear
What is Stephanie's main catch phase?
How Rude
Stephaine is played by _____________.
Jodie Sweetin
What is the Tanner's dog name?
Who did D.J win tickets to go see?
Beach Boys
What did Michelle buy with her lemonade money?
Who did Stephanie decide to marry when she was little?
Where is Becky from?
When Becky's cousin Connie Anderson came to visit, Michelle and Connie's son _______ got along really well.
Jesse and his mother, ________ , manage to talk sense in to Nick.
When Michelle fell off her horse she lost her _________.
Who is the blabbermouth in the eariler seasons?
In season 2, Danny buys D.J. a _________ sweater for Valentines.
Royal Blue
Stephanie accidentally cut a piece of Jessie's _________ off.
In what season did Rebecca Donaldson first show in?
How old was Michelle when the show first started?
Nine Months
In "Our Very First Christmas Show" the Tanners are on a flight _________ to spend Christmas.
What did Pan give D.J. whey brought Michelle home from the hospital?
Charm Bracelet
What does D.J. stand for?
Donna Jo
D.J. meets a horse named _________ in season 2.
In season 2 Michelle is dressed as a _________ for Halloween.
Jack o Lantern
What is Jesse's father's name?
Danny and Becky are the co-host of what local morning television show?
Wake Up San Francisco
What is the nickname Jesse call Michelle?
Who is the Clean Freak?
Who is Michelle's best friend that moved to Texas?
What is Michelle's main catch phrase?
You Got It Dude
Who is the Musician?
What was the name of the place Jesse Inherit and re-opened?
The Smash Slub
What season did Jesse and Becky get married?
What is Michelle's favorite color?
Who is the Comedian?
Who was D.J. in a serious relationship with?
Who was Stephanie's enemy and became best friends?
What did Michelle name her goldfish?
What's Joey's favorite sport?
Ice Hockey
Joey punishes Michelle for _________ during class.
What did Aaron call Michelle when she came back to the soccer team?
Wrong Way Tanner
Who was Princess for a day at Disney World?
What's Jess's birth name?
What does Stepanie always reads of D.J.'s?
Who Plays D.J. Tanner?
Candace Cameron
What Episode did Popouli die in?
The Last Dace
What's Jesse's catch Phrase
Have Mercy
What did Michelle fall off at the end of season 8?
Where did D.J. spend a summer?
Who was Yankee Doodle in "The Play's Thing"?
Who did Joey Play on afternoon Children's Variety Tv Show?
Ranger Jo
What season did Becky give birth to twins?
Who is the middle child?
Stephanie almost got into a _________ with Gia and two other guys.
Car Accident
What two things are Jesse obsessed with?
Hair and Elvis Presley
What was Danny for a month in season 5?
What did Joey teach Michelle to do?
Ride a Bike
What does Joey buy D.J. for her 16th birthday?
What are the names of Jesse and Becky's twins?
Nicky and Alex
Who Plays Jesse?
John Stamos
Who Plays Danny?
Bob Saget
Who Plays Joey?
Dave Coulier
Who Plays Becky?
Lori Loughlin

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