Killing Mr. Griffin Crossword Puzzle

The main protagonist of the story.
The main antagonist of the story.
David's grandmother.
The book the class had to write a song about.
The boy who was Mark's right hand man.
Mrs. Griffin's first name.
Mr. Griffin's first name.
What Mark is described as in the ending of the story.
The president of the senior class.
The detective's name.
Mr. Griffin's cause of death.
The girl who helped out the group besides Susan.
The subject that Mr. Griffin teaches.
Mr. Griffin's substitute.
The animal Mark killed after meeting Jeff.
David's mother's job occupation.
The university Mr. Griffin went to.
Susan's last name.
Jeff's last name.
Mark's last name.
Mrs. Ruggles's first name.
The season where the story took place.
The teacher who had a conference with Susan.
Jeff painted Mr. Griffin's car this cetain color.
The person who accused Susan with having something to do with Mr. Griffin's kidnapping.

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

This man wrote 'A Christmas Carol'.
Who wrote the 'Harry Potter' series of books?
'The _____________' was the first of the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' series.
_____________ Wilson wrote about Tracy Beaker.
What is the first name of the main character in 'Holes'?
This is the surname of the man who wrote 'Romeo and Juliet'.
This is the name of a famous book by Roald Dahl.
Which creepy series of books did R. L. Stine write?
This is the name given to a fiction book.
Who wrote 'Mr Stink' and 'Gangsta Granny'?
Michelle Magorian wrote '______________ Mr Tom'.
Suzanne Collins wrote this trilogy of books which is now also a series of films.

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

the narrator of the story's nickname
the narrator's brothers nickname
the narrator's dad's full name
the boys nickname that came every summer
the man's last name who tried to kill Jem and Scout
the boys nickname who was locked up in his room
the woman who took the narrator and the narrator's brother to her church
the man's full name who was charged with rapeing a mans daughter
who accused a man of rapeing her
what was the narrator's aunt's first name
the old lady's last name who the children didn't fond being around
the state in which the story takes place in
the animal the narrator's brother was told never to shot
the author of the story
the county which the story takes place in
the last name of the family that lives next door to the narrator
the boy who scares the narrator and their brother on the way to the play
the narrator's teacher who told her to stop reading
the boy's full name who came to the Finch's house for lunch
the lady's last name who's house burned down
the name of the church that the Finch's go to with their cook
the Reverend's last name
the Judge's last name
the narrator's grandpa's full name
the narrator's aunt's grandson's first name

Killing Mr. Griffin Crossword

Killing Mr. Griffin  Crossword

Has a crush on David
Has signs of psychopath
Dating Betsy
The head cheerleader
The senior class president
Main focus of the book
Setting of the book
Married to Mr. Griffin
The author
Genre of book
One of the crimes committed
What Mr. Griffin took medication for
Mr. Griffin's ex girlfriend
Where Mr. Griffin is buried
Influence by peers
City where the book takes place



Who is the ruler of Narnia?
Who received the sword and shield?
The magic is called...
Who lives in the dam above the river?
Who do Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter live with?
The White Witch lives in a ...
Who makes it spring in Narnia?
Who was on top of the tree getting attacked by a wolf?
Who was the first to meet the White Witch?
How do you get to Narnia?
What was the wolf's name?
The White Witch makes it always ... in Narnia.
Who is the first to find a Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve in Narnia?
Who was the first to enter Narnia?
Who gives people/living objects gifts?
The White Witch turns objects into ...
What is on the other side of the wardrobe?
Where does Aslan get killed?
Who goes on the sledge with the White Witch?
Aslan makes it... in Narnia?

Jekyll & Hyde Crossword Puzzle

Jekyll & Hyde Crossword Puzzle

Mr. Utterson's Profession
Who says "If I am the chief of sinner, I am the chief of sufferers also"?
The city in which the story takes place
Some believed Hyde possesses the face of ____?
Genre of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll says "Man is not truly one, but truly____"
Before Jekyll's experiment , Lanyon and Jeykll were close ____?
Hyde is able to enter Jekyll's because he has a secret ____
Author of the book (First name)
Hyde's first name
Jekyll's first name
Last name of the person Hyde murdered
Hyde had a hunchback and looked like this
Who found Hyde's body in the cabinet?
What special ability does Mr. Guest have?
Era in which the story takes place
Good side of Jekyll and Hyde
Considered pure evil (Who?)
Jekyll and Hyde are polar ____?
The country in which the story takes place
What did Hyde trample?
Currency used in Victorian London
Hyde murdered Carew with this
How many pounds did Hyde give the family with the trampled girl?
Jekyll's lawyer (First & last name)
Utterson believed that Hyde was using ____ on Jekyll
Witnessed Hyde trample the girl
Witnessed the murder of Carew
Becomes ill and dies toward the end of the story
Who used the axe to break into the cabinet?

Victoria Dominguez Ramos Crossword

Victoria Dominguez Ramos Crossword

popular girl in school and was pulled over by a cop.
kind of nerdy and barely had friends
Mr. Griffin's wife
likes green jellow
got kidnapped and killed
lives with his grandma and mom
Lana found the bottle of pills at the ....
mark's ex girlfriend
found at the waterfall
begged Mr. Griffin to take the semester again
Betsy's boyfriend
david covered Mr. Griffin with his...
investigating the whole Mr. Griffin's death
brian went to this university

Jeretzy Crossword

Jeretzy Crossword

In charge of investigating Mr.Griffin death
Secretly has a crush on Mark
Secretly has a crush on David
Very strict English teacher
Mr. Griffin's pregnant wife
David Ruggles' grandmother
Class president
Where Mr. Griffin was taken
Mark's ex girlfriend and found the pill vial
Lana found at the waterfall
Lives with his aunt and uncle because his parents are both dead
Dating Betsy Cline
David took the ring
Mr. Griffin and Mark's dad attended college

Jesus Meza Crossword

Jesus Meza Crossword

likes green jello
drugged his grandma
where the body was found
helped her boyfriend cheat
what betsy found on the trail
had his girlfriend help him cheat
the one who had the idea to kill mr griffin
what they put on mr griffin
the one in charge of the case
where mr griffin went to school

Alexis klee Crossword

Alexis klee Crossword

The girl that liked mark
Mr.griffin's wife
Dave's grandmother
The place they killed mr.griffin at
marks ex girlfriend
what griffin had his medication in
the detective in griffins appearance
Where griffin went to collage
Marks first friend
master mind behind everything
the thing david left on griffins head
druged his grandmother
the one who made the conference

Killing Mr.Griffin Crossword

Killing Mr.Griffin  Crossword

Is dating Jeff to get closer to mark
Shy, Wants to live alone and has a crush on David
Is dead
Pregnant, Mr,griffins wife
sits home all day and love green jello
responsible, scholarly young man
Kept getting louder and louder the closer they got
Is a adult teen or who acts like one
Always knows what to do
Head of the basketball Team
The thing David left on griffins head
The detective trying to find who killed griffin
the collage griffin went to