connect bone to muscle Tendons
type of lift for light objects. Golfers
most common injured body part (NL) back
Most effective hierarchy of control Elimination
this type of risk factor is generally where you work Secondary
number of rights each worker has Three
The science of matching job demands to workers ergonomics
Type of cost when overtime is neccesitated by the incident indirect
This belt may give a false sense of security back
Frequent and brief rest periods Microbreaks

Body Mechanics Crossword


What is the science of designing & arranging things to prevent injury ergonomics
Over use of one part part-abbreviated RMIs
A risk factor that increases the likelihood of inury Stress
A symptom of RMIs Paresthesia
One of the most common RMI- two words Carpal Tunnel
An example of normal activities done daily by nurses that may cause injuries Lifting
A best preventative practice to decrease injuries would be Exercising
You should avoid pressing this against the edge of the chair seat Knees
Increase your base of support by positing your feet this many inches Six
Back injuries account for what percent of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace Twenty
Back injuries cost the nation an estimated of how many dollars per year Millions
Many health professionals believe this decreases the amount of lower back injuries when worn Back belts
Opponents of using back belts believe they cause an increase in this-two words Blood pressure
The abbreviation for The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NIOSH
A conservative treatment measure for injuries Ice
A RMI caused by repeated motion in a joint that inflames the tendon Tendonitis
When using a computer you should rest your eyes for this amount of time- two words Twenty minutes
A common problem that develops when working with computer screens Eyestrain
When lifting, what part of the body should be used Legs
When possible do this instead of lifting objects Sliding
This is commonly used for hand and wrist injuries and often custom molded by an occupational therapist Spliniting
This medication is often injected into inflamed joint Corticosteriod
Correct positioning of the body for a given task -(two words) Body Mechanics

Economics Supply and Demand Crossword


a move along a demand curve to the left contraction
the amount a customer is willing to pay for a good price
given by government to encourage more production of a good and lower price subsidy
determinant of supply weather
quantity a producer is willing and able to produce at a given price in a given period supply
this occurs when firms leave the industry supply decreases
customers become concerned about the production effects of a product on the ........... environment
this occurs as a result of improved productivity increase in supply
the amount a person is willing and able to pay for a good effective demand
government imposes an ........ ... which is then used to educate people about the dangers of the good indirect tax
price achieved in market increases (from producer's point of view) extension in supply
tastes shift towards the good concerned demand increase
mathematical relationship between price and quantity demanded inverse
determinant that increases demand when it increases income
type of good when increase in price of one good (A) causes demand for another good (B) to increase substitute
should interest rates on credit cards increase, demand for holidays ..... falls
a firm stops paying overtime leading to lowered ..... .. .......... costs of production
coffee with cream is example of these goods complementary
customers buy more of these goods when their income decreases inferior
innovation in computers - supply determinant technology

St John Ambulance First Aid Word Search

Word Search

smoke and fumes
electrical incidents
major incident
whiplash injury
head to toe examination
sik or injured
epie pen
insulin pen
secondary survey
digital thermometer
forehead thermometer
ere sensor
body temperature
rescue breaths
chest commpression
restoring heart rhythem
life-saving priorities
recovery position
unresponsive adult
unresponsive child
unresponsive infant
respiratory problems
St John Ambulance

Injury Prevention Crossword


Used to enter/exit tractor Three Points of Contact
Type of boots Steel Toe
Worn to protect eyes Safety Glasses
Worn to protect head Hard Hat
Type of protective clothing worn FRC
Tool to drain fuel hose Hose Drainer
Required to wear when driving Seat belt
Most common injury Back
Common causes for injury SlipsTripsandFalls
Lift from the Knees
Get plenty of Rest
Used to protect your work area Cones
Reduce neck strain by adjusting your drivers seat
Don't forget to Stretch
An injury to Safety right away Report

Safety and Ergonomics Crossword


This and force are risk factors for a Ergo injury Posture
Toyota Safety Management System TSMS
Fitting the job to a person Ergonomics
Lift with these and not your back Legs
Every job should have this type of assessment Risk
Always put this first Safety
700mm is the maximum for a Reach
This type of stretch gets the blood flowing Dynamic
Corporate Safety Policy is Toyota CARES
HYP is How’s Your Process
This test is performed annually during your birthday month Hearing
Yellow boundary tape is for Caution

Workplace Safety Puzzle Crossword


It's easy to remember how to use a fire extinguisher if you rememeber this word PASS
Spilled liquids create _______ and need to be cleaned up immediately Hazards
Do not read or text while walking. It is not worth the _________ Risk
Body position that promotes god ergonomics Neutral
First step in a safety conversation Observe
Critical to workplace safety Safety conversation
One step in the prevention of an incident occurence analysis
During an emergency, use the _________ exit to you Closest
Another element of a safety conversation Discussion
Reporting unsafe acts and conditions can help prevent Accidents
Acronym for the KP Safety Program CSMP
This is everyone's responsibility Safety
Monthly Safety Conversation Tracker Dashboard
Scan _________ while you walk Ahead

VPP Crossword


The concept of looking out for your coworkers. WINGMAN
One way to anonymously report a hazard. (3 words) EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT BOARD
Immediately report any job-related injury or damage to government assets to your ______. SUPERVISOR
Online tool where you can report hazards using your name or anonymously. HAZARDREPORTINGTOOL
What does VPP stand for? (3 words) VOLUNTARYPROTECTIONPROGRAMS
Procedure that incorporates accepted safety and health practices into a particular task or job operation. (3 words) JOBSAFETYANALYSIS
Who is your VPP Program Manager? (First and last name) PRECIOUSSTEWART
According to the Hierarchy of Controls, what is the most effective way to reduce a hazard? ELIMINATION
You have the right to contact ____ if you believe there are unsafe conditions in your workplace OSHA
What does USR stand for? (3 words) UNITSAFETYREPRESENTATIVE
The science of fitting the job to the worker. ERGONOMICS
A means to comply with federal regulations to train and protect our Department of Defense and Air Force employees. It is also the supervisors' training guide for workers. (4 words) JOBSAFETYTRAININGOUTLINE
Last line of defense that workers have from an injury. (3 words) PERSONALPROTECTIVEEQUIPMENT
One of the largest hazards in an office environment and it occurs when the physical capabilities of the worker do not match the physical requirements of the job. Ergonomics helps to reduce this hazard. (2 words) MUSCULOSKELETALDISORDERS

Muscular System Crossword


3 muscles located in the posterior thigh hamstrings
4 muscles in the anterior thigh quadriceps
part of a skeletal muscle that is attached to a fixed structure or bone origin
part of a skeletal muscle that moves most during a muscle contraction insertion
type of muscle found only in the heart cardiac
type of muscle that moves bones skeletal
type of muscle that is found in internal organs smooth
major source of energy for a muscle atp
capacity to do work strength
muscle pain or tenderness myalgia
study of movement kinesiology
a tic or spasm dyskinesia
weakness or wasting away of a muscle atrophy
surgical incision of the muscle fascia fasciotomy
inflammation of a tendon tendinitis
paralysis of both legs or the lower body paraplegia
abnormal shortening of muscle tissue contracture
study of human factors that affect design and operation of tools and work enviroment ergonomics

Maslow's Hierarchy Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

deficiency needs
growth needs
hierarchy of needs
physiologic needs
psychological needs
secondary needs
social needs
survival needs
social support
reassurance of appearance
proper hand washing
family needs
russian jewish


Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword


Joint found in the shoulder and hip ball and socket
type of muscle that is voluntary and striated skeletal
occurs when a bone is forced out of its joint dislocation
only type of tissue that is able to contract muscle
flexible connective tissue that makes up our nose and ears cartilage
connects bone to bone ligament
type of joint found in the knee and elbow hinge
place where bones come together joint
connects bone to muscle tendon
muscle tissue found in the heart cardiac
type of muscle that is involuntary; controls breathing, bp, and digestion smooth
occurs when ligaments or tendons are pulled beyond their normal range sprain
helps make red and white blood cells marrow
front of the arm muscles biceps
back of the arm muscles triceps
protects the lungs and other vital organs ribs