Polymeres Crossword

What plastic is used to store takeaway food
What plastic is used to make plastic bags
What plastic is used to make guttering
What does HIPS stand for
What plastic can be coloured and easily moulded
What plastic is used to coat kayaks
What plastic is used to make waterproof woodglue
What plastic is used to make a plug socket
What plastic is used to make our food tech spoons
What is the process called when plastic is moulded around an object using heat
What is the process called when hot plastic is pushed with air to the shape of the mould
What is the most common method used in mass manufactoring with plastic

Polymers Word Search

Polymers Word Search
Word Search

High impact polystyrene
High density Polythene
Polyvinyl chloride
Polyester Resin
Epoxy resin

Thermo plastics Word Search

Thermo plastics Word Search
Word Search

high impact polystyrene
polymethyl methacrylate
polythene high density
melamine formaldehyde
polythene low density
phenol formaldehyde
urea formaldehyde
polyester resin
epoxy resin

Polymers Crossword

Polymers Crossword

What small molecules like ethene are called?
What is the process of joining together molecules like ethene to form long chains of atoms called?
What are large molecules consisting of thousands of monomers often called?
Which polymer is commonly used for shopping bags and bottles?
Which polymer is commonly used for packing and insulation?
Which polymer is commonly used for rope and carpet fibres?
What type of problem occurs because of dumping non-biodegradable plastics?
Incineration of non-biodegradable plastics causes what to be released?
Two different monomers joined by an ester link are often called?
What is it called when a water molecule is lost each time 2 starting molecules link up?
What link is formed as nylon?
What type of bond is between the two carbons?
What type of insulator can polythene be used as?
What can polythene be a substitute for?
Along with heating and high pressure what else is needed to make polythene?
Because only one product is formed in polymerisation, what is this process called?
What polymer is used for non stick frying pans?
What does PVC stand for?
Nylon is often woven into?

Plastics Word Search

Plastics Word Search
Word Search

vacuum forming
liquid cement
blow moulding
pillar drill
strip heater

Product Design (Adhesives) Word Search

Product Design (Adhesives) Word Search
Word Search

Synthetic Resin
Acrylic Cement
Epoxy Resin

polymers crossword by noah siebert

polymers crossword by noah siebert

which type of plastic can easily be reformed multiple times?
what can't polystyrene food trays be?
what is low density polyethylene used for?
what type of PVC would be used for drain pipes?
what does H.I.P.S get when burnt?
what are bath-tubs made of?
How are bottles made?
How is lego made?
what are electrical outlets made of?
what do you mix epoxy resin with?
what can you use polyester resin to reinforce?
where do thermoplastics usualy end up?

A Word Quest with Plastics and Polymers Crossword

A Word Quest with Plastics and Polymers Crossword

The formal name for a chain reaction polymerization.
The formal name for a step-growth polymerization reaction.
The name for a molecule, atom or ion with unpaired electrons that initiates addition polymerization.
A type of polymer with chains of two or more monomers.
The name for a type of copolymer whereby monomers are arranged in turns. This is needed for crystalline polymer forms.
The second step in addition polymerization whereby the chain grows (the most amount of time is spent here).
A type of polymer described as "beads on a string with charms".
A step in addition polymerization whereby two free radicals join to create a stable bond.
The term that describes two equal forms of a benzene molecule when single and double bonds alternate around the ring (bond length is 1.5).
The name of the molecule composed of one benzene ring with one less hydrogen that is always attached to something else.
Epoxies are an example of this type of plastic that decomposes before it melts. They are re-used as fillers.
Polyethylene is an example of this type of plastic that can be remolded.
The term to describe the chemical bonds that form between Polyvinyl acetate chains in Borax to produce silly putty.
The name for amorphous polymers with low glass transition temperatures (Tg).
A type of plastic with holes between its cross-linked chains. This plastic can swell and absorb water or solvent.
A type of test (qualitative analysis) whereby plastic samples are exposed to an open flame. Hint: A green flame indicates the presence of PVC.
Plastic used for ketchup bottles and yogurt or margarine containers. It is identified by the Recycling Number "5".
Composed of amide monomers represented as HNC=O. Hint: Nylon 6 is an example of this polymer.
Phenol and formaldehyde react under heat and pressure to produce this plastic. Hint: it was the first plastic made entirely of synthetic components.
Used to improve specific properties of plastics such as flexibility or colour, while maintaining other properties. These may migrate as the plastic ages.
A residue that forms on the surface of plastics which is often oily.
A highly flammable material used as a transparent coating on photographs from 1889-early 1950s. One positive test to distinguish it from other materials is that it turns a deep blue colour in a solution of Diphenylamine with 90% Sulfuric Acid.
"Vinegar Syndrome" is a telling sign of the decomposition of this material also used to coat photographs starting in the 1920s.

Fibres to Fabrics Crossword

Fibres to Fabrics Crossword

_____________ fibres come from plant and animal sources
plant sources include cotton and ________
Cotton comes from __________ __________
Animal sources include ______ and silk
linen comes from the ________ plant
Manufactured fibres are created from a ____________ of raw materials
Examples of __________ fibres are viscose and acetate
Examples of synthetic fibres are ___________ and acrylic
Cotton grows in ______, moist climates
Undesirable properties of cotton are _____________, not very stretchy, burns easily & shrinks
Flax grows in ________, damp climates
Wool is the most common ___________ fibre used
when wool is cleaned and combed it is called __________
Wool is used to make household products such as blankets, _____________ and rugs
Silk is produced from a _________________
The worms spin __________ of silk
Regenerated fibres contain _____________ because they come from plants
__________ describes the thickness of manufactured fibres
When cotton & polyester are mixed together ____________ is created
Printing means applying colour and _________ to one side of the fabric only

Nail Tips and Wraps Vocab Crossword

Nail Tips and Wraps Vocab Crossword

Implement similar to a nail clipper, designed especially for use on nail tips
strip of fabric cut to 1/8" in length and applied to the weak point of the nail during the 4 week fabric wrap maintenance to repair or strengthen a weak point in a nail enhancement
aka-activator; acts as the dryer that speeds up the hardening process of the wrap resin or adhesive overlay.
made from a thin, natural material with a tight weave that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied.
piece of fabric cut to completely cover a crack or break in the nail
the point where the free edge of the natural nail meets the tip
temporary nail wraps made of very thin paper
a layer of any kind of nail enhancement product that is applied over the natural nail or nail and tip application for added strength
used to coat and secure fabric wraps to the natural nail and tip
method of securing a layer of fabric or paper on and around the nail tip to ensure its strength and durability
plastic, pre-molded nails shaped from a tough polymer made from ABS plastic
the bonding agent used to secure the nail tip to the natural nail
a substance used to remove surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil left on the natural nail plate
term used for when a nail enhancement needs to be serviced after two or more weeks from the initial application of the nail enhancement product.
made from a closely woven, heavy material
made from a very thin, synthetic mesh with a very loose weave
nail wrap made out of silk, linen or fiberglass
a specialized acrylic monomer that has excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate and polymerizes in seconds
aka ABS a common thermoplastic used to make light rigid molded nail tips

Plastics Crossword

Plastics Crossword

Short for Polyvinyl Chloride
The process of turing crude oil into plastics
Type of plastic that can be softened when heated to form new shapes
Plastic bottle caps are often made from this plastic
Disposable coffee cupsare normally made from this plastic
Items such as cling-film, sandwich bags, squeezable bottles, and plastic carrier bags are made from this easy to recycle plastic
_________ plastics are chemically manufactured from Crude Oil
We can get this type of plastic from Insects
We can sourse this type of plastic from some trees
We can extract this type of plastic from Plants
____________ plastics can only be heated and shaped once.
A common name for Polymethyl Methacrylate