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27 Amendments Crossword


Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition One
bear arms two
Conditions for quarters of soldiers three
need warrant or probable cause to arrest and search four
Presumption of Innocence five
Right to a speedy trial six
Right to a trial by jury Right of trial by jury of your peers seven
No cruel or unusual punishment such as torture eight
U.S. Supreme Court decides what the constitution means nine
States can make local rules and laws such as divorce rules ten
federal courts do not have jurisdiction in case against a state eleven
Revises presidential election procedures twelve
Abolishes slavery thirteen
Defines citizenship fourteen
Prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on race fithteen
Income tax sixteenth
Popular Election of Senators seventeen
Prohibition of Intoxicating Liquors eighteen
Equal Suffrage---Sex; Right of Women to Vote nineteen
Commencement of Terms; Sessions of Congress; Death or Disqualification of President-Elect twenty
Repeal of 18th Amendment twenty one
Presidental Tenure; No President may serve more than 2 elected terms twenty two
Inclusion of DIstrict of Columbia in Presidential Election System twenty three
Right to Vote in Federal Elections----Tax Payment; Outlawed the payment of a tax as a condition for taking part in elections twenty four
Presidential Succession; Vice Presidential Vacancy; Presidential Inability twenty five
Right to Vote----Age; Must be 18 years or older twenty six
Congressional Pay; Congress's power to fix the salaries of its members twenty seven

Amendments Crossword


One of the Five Freedoms Speech
2nd Amendment: You have the right to bear _____ Arms
You can refuse to ____ soldiers quarter
You are protected from illegal ____ searches
No _____ jeopardy double
You have the right to remain _____ silent
You have the right to a _____ trial speedy
Eminent _____ domain
Right to ______ - you can have a lawyer counsel
13th Amendment ended _____ slavery
18th Amendment prohibition
19th Amendment gave this group the right to vote women
No excessive bail or _____ fines
1st amendment: freedom of the _____ press
14th Amendment: equal _____ under the law protection
You can _____ your own witnesses call
You can _____ witnesses against you confront
6th Amendment: right to a trail by an _____ jury impartial
15th Amendment secures _____ rights for African American males over 21 voting
1st Amendment: right to _____ the government petition

U.S. Government Crossword


a politically organized body of people usually occupying a definite territory state
the powers shared by the federal and state governments concurrent powers
the powers that the constitution neither gives to congress nor denies to the states reserved powers
the powers given to Congress rather than to the states delegated powers
people who are chosen to speak and act for their fellow citizens;elected by a state Senators
people who are chosen to speak and act for their fellow citizens; elected by a district Representatives
relating to a crime criminal cases
advisors to the President cabinet
two house legislature bicameral
a case relating to the rights of citizens civil case
interprets laws to see what they mean and whether they are constitutional Judicial Branch
a system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other two checks and balances
a trial where a group of tweleve people listens to the evidence and decides who wins the case jury trial
listed powers for Congress; the great laundry list of congressional chores enumerated powers
the House of Representatives accusing the President of wrongdoing impeach
a group of lawmakers which is divided into 2 smaller groups Congress
action by a President refusing to approve a bill passed by Congress veto
law making branch Legislative Branch
an idea for a law that has been written down bill
more than half majority
executes or carries out laws Executive Branch
less than half minority
there is no jury so the judge gives the verdict bench trial
asking an appellate court to review a case appeal

27 amendments Crossword


Freedom of speech, assembly First
Right to trial by jury Seventh
Cannot be searched without warrant Fourth
No excessive bails Eighth
Double jeopardy is forbidden Fifth
Fair and speedy trial Sixth
Powers granted to states and people Tenth
Citizenship rights Fourteenth
Right to vote regardless of race Fifthteenth
Shortened period of time between federal elections Twentieth
No quartering of troops Third
No slavery Thirteenth
State cannot sue a citizen in another state Eleventh
Term limits on presidents Twentysecond
Vote for president and VP on same ballot Twelfth
Members salaries cant be collected until after federal election Twentyseventh
Procedures after presidents death Twentyfive
Direct election of senate Seventeenth
18 can vote Twentysix
No poll taxes Twentyfour
D.C are granted 3 electoral votes Twentythird
Congress collects taxes Sixteenth
Bans alcohol Eighteenth
Repeals prohibition Twentyone
No denial of constitutional rights Ninth
Woman can vote Ninteenth
Right to bear arms Second

U.S. Constitution Crossword Puzzle


This Article states that the Constiution is the "Supreme Law of the Land" Six
The first 10 Amendments of the Constitution BillofRights
A major source of income for the government incometax
the introduction to the Constitution preamble
changes made to the Constitution Amendments
This Article outlines how laws are made one
This Article says that 9 states must ratify the Constitution Seven
This Article explains how Amendments are made Five
This Article outlines the responsibilities of our President Two
This Article describes the branch of the government that is responsible for "interpreting the law" Three
There are Seven of these in the Constitution Articles
The branch of government that houses the President and Vice-President Executive
The branch of government that houses the Supreme Court Judicial
The branch of government that houses Congress Legislative

Bill of Rights Crossword


1st Amendment RAPPS
The ____ have rights beyond what is written in the constitution people
Right to bear ___ arms
Right to a ___ trial in civil cases jury
No cruel and unusual punishment eighth amendment
No double ___ jeopardy
Due Process of Law fifth amendment
Right to remain ____ silent
no excessive ___ bails
Guarantees a public and ___ trial speedy
Freedom from unreasonable search fourth amendment
____ Powers Reserved
Freedom of ___ assembly
Right not to ___ soldiers in your house quarter
Right to a ___ lawyer

Citizenship Word Search

Word Search

criminal case
civil case
bill of rights
attorney general
naturalized citizen
natural rights
natural citizen

27 Amendment Crossword


What does the First part of the first amendment give you ? Religion
What freedom give you the right to openly question your government? Speech
The government can't tell this to report? Press
You are require to get a permit to use this freedom Assembly
To contact a congressmen you can either do individually or you can use this freedom? Petition
You have the right to own gun what amendment gave you right? Second
What amendment did the founder father made to counter act the quartering act ? Third
What amendment protects the privacy of americans ? Fourth
The fifth amendment is this Enlightenment idea ? Due Process
The sixth amendment give you a trial by ____? Jury
What amendments says that no punishment should be cruel and unusual ? Eighth
What are the fourth,fifth,sixth and the eighth amendment protecting right of the ____? Accused
Seventh amendment deals with? Civil case
In what amendment say that all another right is retained by the people? Ninth

The 27 Amendments Crossword


Freedom One
Guns Two
No soldiers Three
Protect from unreasonable search and seizure Four
Rights of the crimonally accused Five
Speedy trial Six
Rights to a jury in civil cases Seven
No excessive bail, no cruel and unusual punishment Eight
Other rights not listed in Constitution Nine
Power not given to Gov. left for states Ten
Fed. courts have no jurisdiction in cases against a state Eleven
Separate elections for Pres. and VP Twelve
Abolish slavery Thirteen
Equality for all Fourteen
All males have right to vote Fifteen
Congress has right to pass direct taxes Sixteen
Voters of a state elect senators, governor fills position if open during term Seventeen
No alcohol Eighteen
Women have right to vote Nineteen
Term of office for Pres., VP, and Congress begin in January Twenty
Alcohol can be sold Twenty-one
2 term allowed for Pres. Twentytwo
District of Columbia allowed pres. electoral college votes Twentythree
No poll tax Twentyfour
Pres. succession and filling a vacant office of VP, if VP dies or is removed Twentyfive
Voting age is 18 Twentysix
Congress pay doesn't increase until new term Twentyseven

civil liberties and civil rights Crossword


"produce the body" writ of hebeas corpus
personal freedoms are personal guarantees and freedoms that the government cannot abridge, either by law or by judicial interpretation, without due process. civil liberties
a class of rights that protect individuals' freedom from infringement by governments, social organizations, and private individuals. civil rights
The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution each contain a? due process clause
a constitutional doctrine that ensures states cannot enact laws that take away the constitutional rights of American citizens that are enshrined in the Bill of Rights. selective incorporation
irst Amendment of the US Constitution that prohibits the establishment of religion by Congress. establishment clause
refers to the section of the First Amendment italicized here: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise free exercise clause
the Supreme Court heard the case of Lemon v Kurtzman (403 US 602). lemon test
a doctrine adopted by the Supreme Court of the United States to determine under what circumstances limits can be placed on First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, or assembly. clear and present danger test
judicial suppression of material that would be published or broadcast, on the grounds that it is libelous or harmful. prior restraint
words indicating a willingness to fight or challenge someone. fighting words
any utterance or act that strongly offends the prevalent morality of the time. obscenity
the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest civil disobedience
air treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen's entitlement. due process
a legal document authorizing a police officer or other official to enter and search premises. search warrant
Department practice of temporarily detaining, questioning, and at times searching civilians on the street for weapons and other contraband. stop and frisk
a law that prohibits the use of illegally obtained evidence in a criminal trial. exclusionary rule
a jury, normally of twenty-three jurors, selected to examine the validity of an accusation before trial. grand jury
a thing that serves to illustrate that a system or situation is bad and deserves to be condemned. indictment