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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Crossword


Point of Origin/Point of Consumption logistics
Processes, manufactures, and assembles the finished product Manufacturer
Also known as the vendor Supplier
Where finished goods are sorted/shipped to various retailers or customers Distribution Center
The manufacturer's customer Retailer
Customer/final customer of finished product End User
Where goods are stored throughout supply chain Warehouses
Type of logistics that focus on movement of military resources Military
Type of logistics which focus on flow of materials to work stations Production
Type of logistics that focus on setting up & taking down materials Event

Manufacturing Worksheet Crossword


Specific, measurable abilities that you would need to qualify for a job Hard Skill
Amount of a commodity, product, or service available Supply
Stay 3 feet or arm's length away from machines in use. Only operator and instructor are allowed in this zone. Operator Safety Zone
Land, equipment, and money used to start or maintain a business capital
Metal not containing iron. non-ferrous
The use of software to control machine tools in the manufacturing process Computer Aided Manufacturing
Components that are identical so that they will fit into any assembly of the same type. Interchangeable Parts
Shaping pliable raw material using a rigid frame molding
Mobile robot that follows markers or wires in the floor, or uses vision, magnets, or lasers for navigation Automated Guided Vehicles
A joining process that melts the base metal and adds a filler material which then cools and forms a strong joint welding
Example of Additive Manufacturing 3D printing
To shape a material by forcing it through a die extruding
Very specific products that are made to order. Very expensive form of production. Custom Production
Placing flat sheet material into a stamping press where a tool and die presses the material into a new shape Stamping
A tool that moves with a workpiece through a machine in order to provide repeatability and accuracy in the manufacturing of products jig



Where finished goods are sorted/shipped to various retailers or customers DISTRIBUTIONCENTER
Where goods are stored throughout supply chain WAREHOUSES
Type of logistics that focus on movement of military resources MILITARY
Type of logistics that focus on setting up & taking down materials EVENT
Point of Origin/Point of Consumption LOGISTICS
Processes, manufactures, and assembles the finished product MANUFACTURER
Also known as the vendor SUPPLIER
The manufacturer's customer RETAILER
Customer/final customer of finished product ENDUSER
Type of logistics which focus on flow of materials to work stations PRODUCTION

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Crossword


A system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards, designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product Good Manufacturing Practice
The "c" in cGMP stands for "_____," reminding manufacturers that they must employ technologies and systems which are up-to-date in order to comply with the regulation Current
Planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product will be fulfilled Quality Assurance
The FDA applies cGMP regulations on a _______ scale. Sliding
A document issued by QA that confirms that a product meets its specification. Certificate of Analysis
Version controlled templates or instructions for the manufacturing process MBR
A solution meant to reduce or eliminate the cause of a detected nonconformity or other undesirable situation Corrective Action
An action taken to remove or improve a process to prevent potential future occurences of a nonconformance Preventive
A specific quantity of a drug or other material that is intended to have uniform character and quality, within specified limits, and is produced according to a single manufacturing order during the same cycle of manufacture. (21 CFR 210.3) Batch
All operations involved in the preparation of a product, from receipt of materials, Production
an environment, typically used in manufacturing, that has a controlled level of contamination that is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a specified particle size Cleanroom
a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations SOPs
This group's mission is to ensure "quality and efficiancy, while supporting regulatory compliance, in the development and manufacture of clinical trial investigational products at MSK IPQA
One of the functions of this group is to accept or reject each batch or lot based on review of the completed manufacturing records Quality Control
A practice that ensures concision, legibility, accuracy, authenticity, and traceability of all development, production, and testing activity records GDP
A hierarchical set of MSK policies and procedures, documented in SOP format, describing institutional cGMP compliance Manufacturing Quality System
An inspection to check for GMP compliance Audit
A departure from standard procedures or specifications resulting in non-conforming material &/or processes, or where there have been unusual or unexplained events which have the potential to impact on product quality, system integrity or personal safety Deviation
The document used for each individual batch of API, based on the master production instruction BPR
A formal monitoring system by which qualified representatives of appropriate disciplines review proposed or actual changes that might affect the validation status of a system or process and cause corrective action, if any, to be taken that will ensure that the system or process retains, or is placed back into a validated state of control Change Control
All operations of purchase of materials and products, Production, Quality Control, release, storage, distribution of products and the related controls Manufacture
The non-fulfilment of a specified “material/product” requirement – (usually to a specification) that usually leads to rejection or reworking of the item Nonconformance
A finished product or raw material test result that falls outside approved, registered or official specifications or acceptance criteria. If validated it results in a Non-conforming product. OOS
The basic cause of a deviation, from which effective actions can be defined to prevent recurrence Root Cause
Action of proving, in accordance with the principles of GMP, that any procedure, process, equipment, material, activity or system actually leads to the expected results Validation
___________ validation is the process by which it is established, by laboratory studies, that the performance characteristics of the analytical methods meet the requirements for the intended application Method
A section in an Investigational New Drug (IND) application describing the composition, production, and controls of the drug substance and product (21 CFR 312.23(a)(7)) CMC
Any substance or mixture of substances intended to be used in the manufacture of a drug (medicinal) product and that, when used in the production of a drug, becomes an active ingredient of the drug product API
The suitability of either a drug substance or drug product for its intended use. This term includes such attributes as the identity, strength, and purity. Quality

Supply Chain Crossword Puzzle


Where finished goods are sorted/shipped to various retailers or customers Distribution Center
Where goods are stored throughout supply chain Warehouse
Also known as the vendor supplier
Customer/final customer of finished product Enduser
A person or organisation that resell goods or services directly to consumers or end-users Retailer
Entity that makes a good through a process involving raw materials, components, or assemblies, usually on a large scale with different operations divided among different workers MAnufacturer
Commercial activity of transporting goods to customers Logistics
A network of all the individuals, organizations, resources, activities and technology involved in the creation and sale of a product, from the delivery of source materials from the supplier to the manufacturer, through to its eventual delivery to the end user. Supply Chain
means of conveyance or travel from one place to another Transportation
a complete listing of merchandise or stock on hand, work in progress, raw materials, finished goods on hand, etc Inventory

DevOps Crossword


A term that refers to the grouping of every activity that makes a program available for use and moving that program to the target environment. Deployment
The final stage in a deployment pipeline where the software will be used by the intended audience. Production
An automatic or manual operation that restores a database or program to a previously defined state. Rollback
The use of special software (separate from the software being tested) to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes Test Automation
A software emulation of a physical computing resource that can be modified independent of the hardware attributes. Virtual Machine
A program installed on specific physical servers in order to handle the execution of various processes on that server Agent
A test that is used to determine the maximum number of users a computer, server, or application can support just before failing. Capacity Test
A way to record the changes to a repository and add a log message to describe the changes that were made Commit
The process of executing unattended automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline across all environments to obtain immediate feedback on the quality of a code build Continuous Testing
An IT organizational methodology where all teams in the organization, especially development teams and operations teams, collaborate on both development and deployment of software to increase software production agility and achieve business goals. DevOps
A strategy in which you try something, it fails, feedback is delivered quickly, you adapt accordingly, and try again Fail Fast
The time it takes to move work in progress (WIP) to a finished state in a manufacturing plant. In software development, this is represented by moving code changes to production. Lead Time
A testing strategy in which the smallest unit of testable code is isolated from the rest of the software and tested to determine if it functions properly Unit Testing
The practice of developing software as an interconnected system of several independent, modular services that communicate with each other Microservices
The duplication of an object under review in source control so that the same code can be modified by more than one developer in parallel Branching

Vocabulary Words ch1 Supply Chain Logistics (CLA) Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

Farms and Mines Raw Material Providers
Manufacturing or Factories Production Facilities
Airlines/drones/ships/trucks/trains Transportation
network used to deliver products or services from raw materials to customers Supply Chain
world wide supply Global Supply Chain
mines or farms products to production Raw materials Inventory
Inventory currently being processed Work-In-Process (WIP)
inventory ready to ship or package Finished goods Inventory
inventory shipped to customer In-Transit Inventory
what the customer wants/ where../ when…/ why…/ how shipped Customer Interaction
quantity of goods for sale Supply
Most critical/ identify and expecting acquisition of goods Receiving
Assigning product to specific location warehouse Stocking
Activity to administratively process a customer's order Assembly products from various locations for a specific order Order Processing
order process Picking
Materials surrounding an time to protect from damage full case has no packaging requirement Packing
determined by customer Shipping
Just in time process transfer form incoming dock to outgoing dock Goods-In Bay
Just in time Goods-out Bay
process of moving items directly from an incoming trailer or container to an outgoing trailer or container. Cross-docking
A need for a particular item Demand
Warehouse with finished goods Distribution Center
identification SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
Mathematically measure of efficiency Productivity

Engineering Disciplines Crossword


Plan, perfect, or improve the sound of an architectural space Acoustical
Plan, coordinate, and implement the specifications for a new car, engineering every part Automotive
Design, develop, test, and help manufacture aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft Aerospace
Concerned with the production and processing of agricultural products, which are critical to our ability to feed the ever-expanding world population Agricultural
The application of engineering principles to biological systems Bioengineering
Take what chemists do in a laboratory, apply fundamental engineering, chemistry, and physics principles, and design and develop processes to produce products for use in our society Chemical
Designing and supervising the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, bridges, and water and sewage systems Civil Engineering
Concerned with the management and operation of construction projects Construction
Responsible for the design, development, testing, and supervision of the manufacturing of electrical equipment, such as household appliances or guidance systems for satellites Electrical Engineering
Apply engineering principles in order to improve and maintain the environment Environmental
Responsible for the design, development, testing, and supervision of the manufacturing of electrical equipment, such as household appliances or guidance systems for satellites Fire Protection
Concerned with providing healthier products to consumers, who increasingly rely on food products Food Process
Use science to research genes found in the cells of plants and animals to develop better products Genetic
Use science to work with land and water Geological
Design, improve, and install integrated systems of people, materials, and energy Industrial
Applies science and math to the design, development, and implementation of manufacturing systems Manufacturing
Concerned with the exploration of oceans, the transportation of products over water, and the utilization of resources in the world’s oceans, lakes, and seas Marine and Ocean
Develop new materials, improve traditional materials, and produce materials that are economical and reliable through synthesis and processing Materials Science
Design, produce, operate, and service machines and mechanical devices Mechanical
Maintain the flow of raw materials by discovering, extracting, and processing minerals for products Mineral and Mining
Study nuclear energy, radiation, and their beneficial uses Nuclear
Concerned with maintaining the safe flow of petroleum, exploring for crude oil deposits, removing and transporting oil, and refining oil Petroleum
Concerned with programming robots and systems to perform tasks autonomously Robotics
Responsible for the coding of computer software that results in a simple and friendly environment for computer users Software
Create safer structures and fit more people and objects per square inch into these structures Structural

Robotics Crossword


Computer aided design can be say in a short way is Cad
Follows commands you tell the robot Control mode
An information processing device whose inputs are both the desired and measured position, velocity or other pertinent variables Controller
The study of motion, the forces that cause the motion, and the forces due to motion. Dynamics
removes drive power from the robot actuators, and causes all moving parts to stop. Emergency stop
able to add resources to the system, such as memory, larger hard drive. Expandability
The procedures use mathematical algorithms along with joint sensors to determine its location of a robot Forward kinematic
It can determine a position and orientation of an object in space, as well as the robot's position within its model. Frame
re-programmable multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices, through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks Industrial robot
I help the robot move it arms or move Joints
This is commonly used as a non-contact sensor for robots. Robotic applications include: distance finding, identifying accurate locations, surface mapping, bar code scanning, cutting, welding etc. Laser
industrial robotic arm transfers materials from one place to another. Material handling
devices or computers separate from the robot for later input of programming information to the robot. Offline programming
It moves and use mostly on this I can work will out it Robot
predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic base the look of it Robot simulation
It help the robot to determine the environment of the robot like light heat. Sensor
The robot predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic, kinematics emulation, path-planning emulation, and simulation of sensors. See Sensor, Forward Kinematics, and Robot. Simulation
This items we use to build buildings fix robot house. Tool
It can work without you can build fine and it not being supporter by something Base
object to the workplace by gravity. Usually, a chute or container is so placed that, when work on the part is finished, it will fall or drop into a chute or onto a conveyor with little or no transport by the robot Drop delivery

Chapter 2 Working in TV Production Crossword


Person in charge of creative aspects of program and interacts with entire staff. director
Person who is director's "eyes and ears" in the studio. floormanager
Process of placing individual recorded scenes in logical order. editing
Person who delivers news from the news desk in studio. anchor
Production personnel that work behind the scenes. staff
Coordinates content and flow of newscast. producer
Cameraperson in the field, on location with reporter. photographer
Signal that directs something specific to happen. cue
Person who moves equipment, scenery, and proms on a studio set. grip
Portion of the program that you can see. video
Process of cutting between cameras. switching
Portion of program that you can hear. audio
Anything the audience sees in a video picture that did not really happen in the way it appears on the screen. specialeffects
Responsible for gathering information from many sources, interviewing, and writing news stories. reporter
Schedules necessary equipment and personnel to cover the stories for the day's newscast. assignmenteditor
Photographer who performs duties of both photographer and reporter. photojournalist
Production personnel not seen by camera - equipment operators. crew
Anyone seen by camera. talent
Actual edge of the video picture - all four sides. frame