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Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle


If a student fails to repay a student loan on time, the student is in ____________. Default
The acronym for the amount of money a student and his/her family are expected to pay toward college expenses as determined by the FAFSA, also known as the Expected Family Contribution. EFC
One of the standardized tests that students generally take junior year of high school that is used by colleges to evaluate an applicant’s academic skills and abilities. ACT
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education does NOT pay the interest while you are in college. Unsubsidized
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while you are in college. Subsidized
The name of Federal low-interest loans for eligible students to help cover the cost of college or career school (HINT: it starts with the letter "s"). Stafford
Federal loans that parents of undergraduate students can sometimes use to help pay for their child's college or career school. PLUS
Your primary area of study chosen for college. Major
The name of the campus office that makes the decision about your acceptance to their school. Admissions
An area of interest studied at the same time as a major; however, fewer courses are required. Minor
Federal grant program providing need-based grants to low-income students. PELL
Type of college degree given if you complete four years of full-time study. Bachelor
Type of college degree earned if you complete two years of full-time study. Associate
The acronym for the application that you will fill out your senior year to apply for financial aid. FAFSA
The person at a college who helps students decide what classes to take, what major to pursue, and that makes sure student have fulfilled all graduation requirements. Advisor
The acronym for the report that a student receives after their FAFSA is processed. It is the report that is sent to your college, also known as a Student Aid Report. SAR
The legal document a student loan borrower must sign when he/she receives a loan. This document lists the terms for repayment of the loan, including interest. Promissory Note
This type of college or university is NOT run by the state and is generally smaller and more expensive. Private
The office at a college that is in charge of your financial aid, bills, and payments (HINT: It starts with the letter “b”). Bursar
The total cost to attend college before financial aid, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and other living expenses (Hint: Acronym is “COA”). Cost of Attendance
A program that allows students to take a part-time campus job as part of their financial aid package. Work Study
Colleges/universities that are ran and regulated by the state or federal government. Public
The general term for money you borrow from the government, a bank or another source that need to be paid back, usually over an agreed period of time. Loan
Generally, a student that is taking more than 12 credit hours of classes is considered to be a _______ student versus part time student. Fulltime
The period of time following graduation when a student is NOT expected to start paying his/her loans back yet is known as a “______ period.” Grace
What we wish grew on trees!! Money
A kind of "gift aid" — financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back and that is usually awarded based on financial need. Grant
The name of the official document that your high school guidance counselor will send to your colleges that lists the classes that you have taken and your grades. Transcript

College Success Crossword


A requirement which must be met before a certain course can be taken. Prerequisite
An outline plan for a particular course. syllabus
A scholarship granted by the Navajo Nation based on G.P.A and ACT scores. Chief Manuelito
Your official record of course work in high school or college. transcript
Anything related to the way you are paying for college. Financial Aid
Grade Point Average, a student's overall academic performance. GPA
An area of concentration in a particular field of studying. major
A half year term in a school or college, generally 15-18 weeks. semester
The placement of a high school student in a course that offers college credit if completed successfully. Advanced Placement
It usually takes 4-5 years to obtain this particular undergrad degree. Bachelors Degree
Sometimes, immediately after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree, some students like to pursue their..... Masters Degree
To cancel registration in a course after enrolling into it. drop
College-level courses that give credit toward your high school requirements; and at the same time, you also earn college credit. dual credit
a supervised short-term apprenticeship for experience. Internship
A student's standing based on academics compared to their peers. Class rank
One of the most common college entrance exams. ACT
A requirement for all studnets seeking federal financial aid - pell grant. FAFSA
Federally funded program.....campus job. Workstudy
Money given to you for your studies Scholarship
Money that is paid back to a student who met their financial responsibility to a school. Refund

High School Graduation Crossword


What you say to all of your freinds as you leave goodbye
throw it in the air at the end of the ceremony graduationcap
you recieve this upon graduating diploma
choosing which one to go to after graduating can be difficult college
Don't for get to sign all of your freinds __________! yearbooks
Make sure you smile in all of your _________________! photos
The smartest one at graduation valedictorian
When you recieve your diploma you move your ______________ from right to left. tassel
Listen to the validictorian give his _______________. speech
These invite all friends and family to the ceremony invitations
Pomp & _________________________ Circumstance
Hopefully you get one of these so you don't have to pay too much for college Scholarship
Another word for graduation commencement
BFF Bestfriendsforever
The students as a whole. class
Don't forget to thank them for getting you this far. parents
instructors and coaches teachers
Celebrate till early morning party
The robe you wear gown
They'll be there in the audience cheering you on. Family
You'll look back at these and smile. moments
Don't forget to send these out when all is said and done. Thankyous
General ___________________ Developement Education
Prom, Dance or __________. cotillion

College/Career Word Search

Word Search

work force
masters degree
associates degree
bachelors degree
coast guard
air force
trade school
community college

College Terms Crossword


The person who helps you select the correct courses, review the course requirements in the field you have selected. ACADEMICADVISOR
Any student not maintaining satisfactory progress wil be placed on what for a semester? ACADEMICPROBATION
A students will be placed on what if they cannot maintain or achieve the minimum cumulative GPA ACADEMICSUSPENSION
The credit hours than an institution accepts toward a degree from courses that the student has earned elsewhere ADVANCEDSTANDINGCREDIT
Those who have graduated from the institution ALUMNI
A degree granted upon completion of a program of at least 2 but less than 4 years of college work ASSOCIATESDEGREE
A degree given to students who complete a program that leads directly to employment ASSOCIATEOFAPPLIEDSCIENSE
You cannot ask or petition the institution at a later date to obtain college credit for the audited course. AUDIT
This is the undergraduate degree offered by four-year colleges and universities BACHELORSDEGREE
A place that generally stocks all the books and other materials BOOKSTORE
Who is responsible for all financial transactions of the institution BUSINESSOFFICE
? What provides all types of information parents and students need to know about a school CATALOG
College Level Examination Program CLEP
an institution of higher education that grants degrees and certificates COLLEGE
a student who lives off-campus and drives to class, or commutes. COMMUTER
What are the numbers in courses are identified by numbers usually containing 3 or 4 digits? COURSENUMBERS
Courses taken in college are measured in terms of? CREDITHOURS
What is composed of those classes prescribed or outlined by an institution? CURRICULUM
Those requirements prescribed by other institutions for completion of a program of study DEGREEREQUIREMENTS
rewards for the successful completion of a prescribed program of study DEGREES
the basic organizational unit in a higher education institution DEPARTMENT
An administrative unit of an institution, usually consisting of more than one department? DIVISION
Students are generally permitted to drop courses from their class schedules and/or add other courses DROPANDADD
This is the procedure by which students choose classes each semester ENROLLMENT
These are non-classroom activities that can contribute to a well-rounded education EXTRACURRICULARACTIVITIES
Something composed of all persons who teach classes for colleges. FACULTY
Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA
dditional charges not included in the tuition. FEES
These exams are usually given during the last week of classes each semester. FINALS
Aid available from grants, scholarships, loans, and part-time employment. FINANCIALAID
Fraternities (for men) and sororities (for women) GREEKSYSTEM
A full-time student is enrolled in 12 or more credit hours in a semester FULLTIMEENROLLMENT
A part-time student is enrolled in less than 12 credit hours in a semester PARTTIMEENROLLMENT
When a university official must be secured, and some fees must be paid. WITHDRAWAL



This person will help you select your courses. Academic Advisor
Any student not maintaining satisfactory progress toward his/her educational objectives will be placed on probation for a semester. Academic Probation
achieve the minimum cumulative GPA required. Academic Suspension
people who have graduated from the institution. Alumni
completion of a program of at least two, but less than four years of college work. Associate's Degree
A student who does not want to receive credit in a course Audit
undergraduate degree offered by four-year colleges and universities Bachelor's Degree
stock of all the books and other materials Bookstore
provide all types of information Catalog
College Level Examination Program CLEP
an institution of higher education that grants degrees and certificates College
a student who lives off-campus Commuter
attend two educational institutions at the same time Concurrent Enrollment
numbers usually containing 3 or 4 digits Course Numbers
a student must attend a class for one classroom hour Credit Hours
completion of a program of study leading to a degree or certificate. Curriculum
required GPA, prerequisite and elective courses within the specified major, and/or minor areas of study. Degree Requirements
successful completion of a prescribed program of study. Degrees
basic organizational unit in a higher education Department
could be several different things Division
procedure by which students choose classes each semester. Enrollment
Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA

College Knowledge Crossword


What college students must pay to attend class tuition
People who have graduated from college are now that college's ________ alumni
Highest degree you can receive in graduate school phd
Traditionally a four-year degree Bachelors
General financial aid application FAFSA
College student's focus of study major
Reward for completion of a college program Degree
On campus student living buildings dorms
Academic record transcript
A place on campus to buy textbooks Bookstore
Students on Honor Rolls receive good _______ grades
The last exam you take in a course final
A course you must take before being able to take a different course prerequisite
Hands on science classes Labs
Campus staff who can assist you in choosing your coursework and major (2words) advisor
A person/thing that represents a college especially at sporting events mascot
Money for college you don't have to pay back Scholarship
Money borrowed for college you must repay loans
First -year college student freshman
A class you can take that is not required by your major or minor elective
Groups you belong to outside of class, such as sporting teams, clubs and organizations. extracurricular
A temporary job, usually in the field of your major Internship

college Readiness Crossword


provides billions of dollars nationally in the form of grants, loans, and student employment for students to pursue post secondary education Financial Aid Administrator
a collection of different types of financial aid from multiple sources Financial Aid Package
students, parents, and borrowers are required to use an. FSA ID
a set amount of time after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment before you must begin repayment on your loan. Grace Period
one who meets at least one of the following criteria: You are working on a degree beyond a bachelor's, such as a master's or doctorate. You have a child or children, or other legal dependents, who receive more than half their financial support from you. Independent Student
the proportion of a loan that is charged as interest to the borrower, typically expressed as an annual percentage of the loan outstanding. interest
Some money for college is awarded without regard for financial need. Merit Based Aid
is defined as a formal process focus on how a product addresses the needs of a human. Need Analysis
the final price paid for goods or services after subtracting tax and any other costs Net Price
payment in excess of what is due over payment
A quantitative estimate of the parents ability to contribute to the post secondary educational expenses of an independent student parent Contribution
the amount of money borrowed by the student principal
a signed document containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or on demand. promissory note
omeone who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible institution for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate offered by the school. regular student
a federal regulation requiring the U-M Office of Financial Aid to monitor the progress of each student who is receiving financial aid as they move toward completing their degree satisfactory academic progress
The system used in the United States to draft young people into armedservice. Though the United States at present has no draft, young men are required by law to register with the Selective Service when they reach the age of eighteen. selective service registration
a paper or electronic document that gives you some basic information about your eligibility for federal student aid and lists your answers to the questions on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid student aid report
Support financially subsidized
the amount of income used to calculate an individual's or a company's income tax due. taxable income
the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) covers the administration of the United States federal student financial aid programs title IV Programs
The Federal Government pays the interest for Direct Subsidized Loans while the student is in college or while the loan is in deferment unsubsidized
all incommode received that is not reported to the IRS untaxed income
the process of establishing the truth, accuracy, or validity of something. verification

Personal Hygiene Crossword


I do this once a day to remove food in between my teeth. floss
I put clean clothes on every day, especially this! underwear
I never do this into my hands. I use a tissue whenever possible. sneeze
I do this before eating, after using the bathroom, sneezing or playing with pets. wash hands
Keep this neat by styling and brushing. Hair
I clean these often so I don't get wax in them. Ears
Keeping my body __________ is an important part of staying healthy. Clean
Always get your beauty _________. Sleep
Do this to avoid gingivitis, cavities and bad breath. Brushteeth
I trim these weekly. I keep them short and clean. Nails
Doing this every day or two is a must, and always after sports practice or playing outside. Shower
I always use this when I wash my hands and body. Soap
My hair always smells so fresh and clean when I use ______________. Shampoo
I always try to keep fresh ____________ in my purse. Tissues
It's also nice to keep a ______________ in my purse. brush
Before you go to bed don't forget to wash your _________. Face

College Terminology Crossword


What is the school year that usually ends with Fall classes, usually in August or September. AcademicYear
To attend a class without receiving academic credit is an _____. Audit
A _______ provides all types of information parents and students need to know about a school Catalog
The day of graduation. Commencement
The number of hours assigned to a specific class. CreditHour
A program offered by some colleges and universities that allows students to submit their applications early. EarlyAction
A __________ student enrolls in at least a minimum number of credit courses. Full-time
Time set aside by professors or teaching assistants for students to visit their office and ask questions or discuss the course they teach. Office hours
A _______________________ works in campus dormitories and supervises issues/activities related to dorm life. Resident Assistant
The program responsible for the maintenance of all academic records. Registrar
An admissions process in which each application is considered as soon as all the required materials have been received, rather than by a specific deadline. Rolling Admissions
A student who lives in and meets the residency requirements for the state where a public university is located. Resident
A __________ is a course offered to a smaller group of students who are typically more advanced and who meet with a professor to discuss specialized topics. Seminar
An __________________ is a student who is pursuing either a one-, two-, or four-year degree. Undergraduate
A student may do this from a course during the semester, but there are established procedures for doing so. Withdrawal