Patient Satisfaction Survey PressGaney
Goal of 80% or higher Certification
Mental/Emotional support for staff Rise
Healthy/Safe work enviornment Huddle
Family Centered Care PPM
This is guided by our vision statement Strategic Plan
Nursing sensitive quality indicator Clabsi
Council to improve care Unitbased
Nursing Recognition Daisy
Trach teaching project by Christy EBP

2020 Magnet Crossword


What is the name of the recognition that comes from the American Nurses Credentialing Center? magnet
How does Magnet designation help nurses? retention
What does Magnet designation mean for our patients? Quality Outcomes
What type of leadership makes up the Magnet Model? Transformational
Where is the Magnet document located? Careweb
Nurses practice, collaboration, communication, and professionalism is a description of what? Professional Practice Model
What theory is used in our Professional Practice Model (PPM)? Swanons Theory of Caring
What is using best practice in literature in our practice? Evidence Based
What generates new knowledge using systematic methods like data collection and analysis? Research
EBP example of a bundle for foley catheters is what? CAUTI
EBP exmaple of a bundle for a central line is what? CLABSI
What is UKHC's Care Delivery Model? dyad
What is a UKHC employee recognition? Star
How does UKHC support professional development? NPA Program
What is a patient outcome that nurses impact through quality of care? Nurse Sensitive Indicator
What is a Nurse Sensitive Indicator? Falls
What is the nursing database that provides benchmark data to evaluate nursing care? NDNQI
Who is UKHC's Chief Nurse Executive Gwen Moreland
Who is our Assistant Chief Nurse Executive Patty Hughes
Who is our Nursing Director? Nina Barnes
Who is your Patient Care Manager Lauren Gustafson

B-I-N-G-O Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

Press Ganey
Nursing Recognition Council
Nursing Quality Council
Nursing Research Council
Becca Bishop/Linda Siar
Chandler Wheeling/Amy Oyler
Shelly Feazell/Barbara Boggs
Dottie Cook/Kim Manning
Meg Scheaffel


EMT Crossword


The ethnical principle or legal right that a physician or other health professional will hold secret all informathion relating to a patient. confidentually
Moral principles that govern a persons or groups behavior. Ethics
The branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution and possible control of disease. Epidemiology
Just behavior or treatment. Justice
Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. Consent
Program that monitors and measures the quality of clinical care. Quality assurance
National association of emergency medical technicians NAEMT
Usually the first EMS trained provider to arrive on scene First Responder
National council of state EMS training coordinates NCSEMSTC
THe process by which an agency or assosiation grants recognition to an individual who has met its qualifications. Certification

Nurses Week Crossword


CNO Taylor
To create a world of well-being for children Vision
Nursing reclaiming patient care priorities Back two Basics
Founders Berry Sisters
Advances Nursing Professionalism NPEC
Quality & Safety, People, Patient Experience, Delivery, Stewardship True North Pillars
HealthStream ePortfolio
Newsletter Compass
Method to streamline the process Lean
Say something, do something, and report something Great Catch
Thank you to an extraordinary nurse Daisy
Capacity to withstand stress and catastrophe Resillience
Coordinates delivery of educational programs for nursing Clearinghouse
Respectful collaboration and professional partnership Shared Governance
Patient Tower Sutherland
Transition newly licensed nurses to professional pediatric nurses Nurse Residency
Recognizes professional nursing staff for their commitment to nursing care ADVANCE
Nursing Credential Recognition Magnet

Hourly Rounding Crossword


A patients perception of the quality of nursing care largely depends on the nurses ability to meet the patients needs
A major role in how patients perceive the quality of healthcare is based on how the nursing staff respond to call lights
This group conducted the largest study to show that certain nursing staff behaviors reduce call lights and allow nursing staff to respond more efficiently to patient requests. Studor
Rounding that seeks to improve the patient experience through the use of a structured hourly rounding routine. Purposeful
The four P's of purposeful rounding are Pain, Potty, Personal belongings and Position
The reasons to document rounding on the patient EMR are Quality and Accountability
To ensure that patients receive "Very Good" care co-workers round every Hour
Is there anything else I can do for you before I leave? I have the Time
Making sure the patient is comfortable and assessing the risk of pressure ulcers Positioning
Asking patients to describe on a scale of 0 to 10 Pain
Making sure the items a patient needs are within easy reach (call bell, phone, water) Placement
While the patient is in the hospital it is important to explain what you are doing to increase their safety
Write names and phone numbers of caregiver staff on white board each shift
Every time you exit the room tell each patient when you and others will return
When nurses round even hours
When nursing assistants round odd hours
Always remember to round every hour on every patient
Hourly rounding will increase nursing satisfaction and efficiency
Hourly Rounding will reduce patient falls
Hourly rounding will reduce the breakdown of skin

Magnet Matters word scramble

Word Scramble

Kelly Hancock
Tuition Reimbursement
Self evaluation
Shared Governance
evidenced based practice
nursing theorists
transformational leadership
individualized care
structural empowerment
empirical outcomes
magnet recognition
nurse sensitive indicators
patient satisfaction

Nursing Profession Crossword


concern for others altruism
primary nursing role caregiver
investigator researcher
component of the metaparadigm health
type of knowledge practical
promotes safety in practice competency
developed practice standards CARNA
developed Code of Ethics CNA
self care theorist Orem
requires specialized knowledge profession
academic branch discipline
knowledge accessible through senses empirical
legitimacy legislative
a nursing practice standard self regulated
guides nursing practice standards
recipient of care client
perspective paradigm
learning roles socialization
interpersonal influence leader
requires specialized knowledge profession

TL Magnet Site Prep Crossword


________ ________ was implemented resulting in a new practice environment that promotes efficiency and autonomy while increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing LOS Split Flow
The Maternal Child Health Action Plan was developed to decrease adverse __________ outcomes related to nursing management of labor patients neonatal
In an effort to decrease 1:1 observation rates at UMCP, Christiano advocated for the hiring of a ___________ ___________ APN to manage 1:1 observation assignments Behavioral Health
When clinical nurses reported the patient safety concern of _____________________ equipment, new defibrillators were purchased. malfunctioning
One intervention implemented to reduce CLABSI's organizationally was the implementation of a set central line ______________ change day dressing
______-______________ call back's were implemented in peri-operative services to increase patient satisfaction scores post discharge
Following a ___________ attack, leadership responded to staff concerns by adding a security officer to the ED lobby from 4pm through 5am. swatting
Karyn Book responded to unplanned change when a patient with potential __________ virus disease presented to the LD unit by promptly implementing strategies to guide nurses on the LD unit Ebola
The tier 3 per diem program was initiated to help meet the organizations ______________ staffing needs increased
Additional CISCO phones were purchased and ___________ to all areas that use the wireless phone system to address the lack of phones and its impact on communication deployed
The RN Staffing Committee advocated and implemented the Volunteer Secretary Program to allow for nurses and other licensed caregivers to provide ____________ patient care. uninterrupted
To meet community needs, nurse leader Jennifer Hollander successfully guided nurses through the __________ change of receiving a license for intensive care bassinets in the NICU planned
Leadership development is supported through mentoring activities, ___________________ planning programs and performance management processes succession
Clinical nurses on the ACE unit increased patient satisfaction by moving from hourly rounding to ________________ rounding purposeful
Clinical nurses used trended data based on projected births to advocate for _______________ FTE RN positions additional

Nursing week crossword puzzle


They do EKGs in the ED ERT
They assist our patients with ADLs PCA
They are often the first face a visitor sees when entering a nursing unit HUC
They educate and onboard our new staff Preceptor
A goal for 2019 is that 20% of our patients will be ______ by 11am Discharged
An important communication tool with patients and families found in every room Careboards
Our annual plan includes stopping harm and _______ Infections
Our four values are Excellence, Partnership, Compassion, and _______ Integrity
Every year we learn from our staff via the Annual _____ Survey Engagement
One of the best ways to reduce infections Hand hygiene
Regions has 454 _____ Beds
Preventing an error Good catch
Eat healthy and exercise Bewell
Watchful eyes for at risk patients Safety Assistant
Integral part of the Mental Health team that lead a group MHA
Unit subject matter experts DNE
Rhythm watchers Remote telemetry
Regions Be Well program supports employee well-being in 6 areas: financial, social/interpersonal, community, mental/emotional, career and _____ Physical
South 6 has gone 27 months without a _____ CAUTI
Works collaboratively with care teams to provide safe discharge plans for patients Case Manager

OSU East Excellence Word Search

Word Search

Workplace of choice
Service and Reputation
Financial Performance
Evidence Based
Clinical Inquiry
Facilitation of Learning
Response to Diversity
Systems thinking
Caring Practices