Bingo Cards

BF or Boyfriend
7 Years
Posts a Shiny
"Almost" 100 IV
"Almost" 0 IV
"That's What She Said"
Mentions not allowed to drive
posts lucky trade
non Pokemon related post
misspells Pokemon name
Gives wrong answer to someone
Mentions diabetes
Mentions growing up in FL
Mentions other health issue
calls someone hunny
tries to give advice
Asks personal information
gives out real name
says something then jkjk
blames phone for her screwup
mentions having iphone 11


Character Traits Crossword Puzzle


being courangeous brave
some who sees the upsides in life faithful
someone who takes charge leader
some who isn't afraid confident
someone charitable giving
someone easy to be with friendly
comforting and easy to be around pleasant
filled with anger anger
wanting something very much eager
showing envy jealous
not giving sufficient attention careless
loud noisy
unsettling in a unpleasant way strange
getting what you want all the time spoiled
eager to know or learn something curious
showing appreciation grateful
being able to work with others cooperative
giving someone support encouraging
showing a desire to succeed ambitious
being competent efficient
immoral or malevolent evil
domineering bossy
quick to understand clever
lacking excitement dull
not much emotion calm
noisy and disorderly rowdy
showing willingness tolerant
unpleasantly rough harsh
showing no mercy cruel
lucky fortunate
humorous to others funny
able to obey, listen obedient
fearing nothing, confident fearless
feeling uncertain doubtful
full of energy energetic
wanting your way demanding

Domestic Violence Crossword Puzzle


A place to call if you are fleeing Domestic Violence SafeHomes
A person who argues or supports a cause or policy Advocate
A place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger. Shelter
A person who presides over court proceedings Judge
The process of moving people from one place to another Transport
A nutritious substance Food
Advice and support that is given to someone to help them deal with problems Counseling
To give assistance to someone Help
The ability to bounce back after something bad happens Resilience
A time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger Crisis

Latitude and Longitude Crossword


number of degrees in the northern hemisphere ninety
0 degrees latitude is the _________ equator
lines that run east and west but measure north and south latitude
Another name for line of latitude parallels
Another name for line of longitude meridians
lines that run from north to south but measure east and west longitude
latitude and longitude together are the ________ of a place coordinates
Using latitude and longitude together gives us an _________ __________on the earth exact location
0 degrees longitude in the _________ ____________ prime meridian
number of degrees in the western hemisphere one hundred eighty
total number of degrees of longitude on the earth three hundred sixty
Total number of degrees of latitude on the earth one hundred eighty
half of the earth hemisphere
latitude and longitude is measured in _________ degrees

Pokemon Word Search

Word Search

lucky egg
pokemon go
egg incubator
ash ketchum
pocket monster

Pharmacy Week Crossword Puzzle 2017


# of PGY1s Nine
Admin office Twenty two sixty
Central pharmacy Twenty two ninety
Automatic dispensing cabinets Pyxis
Carousel Talyst
# of PGY2s Two
TJUH Computer System Epic
Government law involving patient privacy HIPAA
Captures pictures of IV preparations Doseedge
TJUH homepage Intranet
Similar medications that replace brand name drugs Generics
When medications are delivered Hourly
Pharmacist that scans medications Checker
Replying to messages In basket
Class of drugs like naproxen NSAIDS
Warfarin monitoring INR
Replaced pagers Iphones
Pharmacists can adjust times Antibiotics
Scanned prior to medication administration Barcode
Where the patient's name and instructions are printed Label
Verifies medication orders Pharmacists
Fills and delivers medications Technicians
Medications in oncology Chemo
IV preparation technique Aseptic
Medications dispensed for the following day Cart Fills

The Outsiders Crossword Puzzle


The name of the car that Bob and his crew were driving mustang
Who wrote the poem that Ponyboy said to Johnny? (last name) frost
What did Ponyboy and Johnny play when they were at in the church? poker
The author of the novel se hinton
Sodapop's friend steve
The name of Soda's horse (first name) mickey
The place that Ponyboy and Johnny stayed at church
The girl thats helping the greaser Cherry
The name of the Soc that got killed bob
Johnny smoked a ___________ cigarette
Ponyboy was remembering a ________ he read once poem
it seemed funny that the _________ Cherry saw looked exactly like the one I saw. sunset
The object that killed Bob blade
The storyteller (main character) Ponyboy
_______ are the rich kids Socs
__________ are almost like the hoods greasers
What did Soda give to Dally and then Dally gave to Pony? letter
The church was on _______ fire
Bob's friend randy
The Socs and Greasers are gonna have a _________ rumble

Learning about Diabetes Crossword


If someone with diabetes has a low blood sugar, they may need a ________ snack
You can get insulin from ______ or a pump. shots
Kids with diabetes can eat ______ you can eat anything
A fancy word for sugar in your food carbohydrates
People with Type ______ diabetes need insulin to live one
People with diabetes have to test their ______ sugar often blood
Never let your friend with diabetes go anywhere _____ if they feel high or low alone
Kids who have diabetes may ____ a lot drink
If blood sugar is ____, you may feel sweaty, dizzy, or cranky low
If your friend with diabetes looks or acts funny, tell a _______ (2 words) grownup
Low blood sugar can give you a________ headache
People with diabetes need to take ____ to turn food into energy insulin
When kids have diabetes their _______ doesn't work properly pancreas

Words their way Crossword


What you shop for Grocery
Something that the post man gives to you Delivery
Second month in the year Febuary
When someone points you somewhere Directory
100 years Century
Not needed Necessary
A lovely veiw Scenery
Something that's already happened History
Winning Victory
Made up Inventory
A large bedroom for a group of people Dormitory
A class or decision of people Category
A toilet Lavatory
Stuff in your pencil case Stationery
Very still Stationary
Thinking of fake things Imaginary
Being fear less Bravery
Unsolved problem Mystery
Army force Military

Social Media Crossword


A self portrait taken using the reverse camera screen on a smartphone Selfie
Texting is a ______________ __________________ while driving and can lead to death Dangerous distraction
Cyberbullying can be _____________. Know how to stop it before it starts prevented
Using the social media to send or post text or images to hurt or embarrass another person is called ______________. Cyberbullying
This helps give additional safety for kids and teens, allowing them to keep in touch with family and friends Cellphones
Participants in these rooms are not necessarily teens Chat
This has overtaken the frequency of every other form of interaction among teens Texting
Social Media is a wonderful __________ yet you must know how to use it safely. Tool
A cell phones _________ can provide others with your exact physical location GPS
The internet has a great ____________. Watch what you post as you'll have to live with it for a very long time. memory
___________________ __________________ use chat rooms to "meet" someone Sexual predators
Only ____________ someone online who you know in person Friend
Refuse to pass along cyberbullying ____________ Messages
If you encounter someone who is unpleasant or hostile online, ___________ them and report to a trusted adult. Block
Beware of emails trying to _____________ you something Sell
_____________ give your username and password to someone else Never

AVID crossword search


You need to have at least a 2.5 of this in every class GPA
You declare this your first year of college major
You can do this on campus if you live too far away dorm
A group of people sharing a common interest fraternity
Something you can join in college club
Someone you go to in college when you need advice advisor
Someone in charge of a college President
Someone in charge of a college department Dean
The name of a four-year degree bachelors
a type of college graduating honors cumlaude
One of the most important goals in college grades
A type of class you take in high school for college credit advanceplacement
The average time in years to complete an undergraduate degree four
A way to get to school commute