Children Kids
Mo fa Family
Dead family Ancestors
Male Female
Inlaw Inlaw
Ne Nephew
Co Couple
S Son
N Niece
St Stepfather
P Parents
H Husband
W Wife
E Engagement
A Aunt
C Cousin
U Uncle
T Twins
W Women
M Men
Ch Children
A Adults
B Baby
F Father
R Brother
G Grandfather
I Infant
W Wedding
G Girl
B Boy
M Marry

a - z oil word seaarch Word Search

Word Search

O i l f i t t e r s
P e t r o l e u m j e l l y
Q u i l t s
R u b b I n g a l c o h o l
S h a m p o o
T o o t h p a s t e
Z i p p e r
Y o g a p a n ts
X y l o p h o n e
W h e e l s
V a p o r i z e r s
U p h o l s t e r y
N y l o n r o p e
A s p r i n
B a l l o o n s
C l o t h i n g
D e o d o r a n t
E y e l i n e r
F o u n d a t i o n
G u m
H a i r s p r a y
I b u p r o f e n
J e t f u e l
K e r o s e n e
L i p s t i c k
M o i s t u r i z e r

Family Members/ Miembros de la Familia Crossword


grandfather el abuelo
grandmother la abuela
grandparents los abuelos
great-grandfather el bisabuelo
great-grandmother la bisabuela
brother-in-law el cuñado
sister-in-law la cuñada
husband; spouse el esposo
wife; spouse la esposa
family la familia
twin el gemelo; la gemela
stepbrother el hermanastro
stepsister la hermanastra
brother el hermano
sister la hermana
stepson el hijastro
stepdaughter la hijastra
son el hijo
daughter la hija
children los hijos
stepmother la madrastra
mother la madre
half-brother el medio hermano
half-sister el media hermana
grandson el nieto
granddaughter la nieta
daughter-in-law la nuera
stepfather el padrastro
father el padre
parents los padres
relatives los parientes
cousin el primo; la prima
nephew el sobrino
niece la sobrina
father-in-law el suegro
mother-in-law la suegra
uncle el tío
aunt la tía
son-in-law el yerno
friend el amigo; la amiga
people la gente
boy el muchacho
girl la muchacha
child el niño; la niña

Spanish Alphabet Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards



9th grade science Crossword


Hi Decomposition
H Electrolysis
Q Synthesis
W Electrolyte
E Compound
R Elements
T Volumeratio
Y Massratio
U Product
I Model
O Combustion
P Endothermic
A Electrode
B Reactant
C Atom
D Molecule
F Exothermic
G Electrod
J Proton
K Neutron
L Electron
M Mixture
N Precipitate

La Familia Crossword


father padre
mother madre
grandfather abuelo
grandmother abuela
uncle tio
aunt tia
cousins primos
grandson nieto
granddaughter nieta
husband esposo
wife esposa
brother hermano
sister hermana
mother-in-law suegra
father-in-law suegro
nephew sobrino
niece sobrina
son hijo
daughter hija
step brother hermanastro
step sister hermanastra

Alphabet matching Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

A a
B b
C c
D d
E e
F f
G g
H h
I i
J j
K k
L i
M m
N n
O o
P p
Q q
R r
S s
T t
U u
V v
W w
X x
Y y
Z z

Family and Possessive Adjectives Crossword


great grandparents Bisabuelos
great grandpa bisabuelo
great grandma bisabuela
grandparents abuelos
grandpa abuelo
grandma abuela
grandchildren nietos
grandson nieto
granddaughter nieta
parents padres
father padre
dad papá
mother madre
mom mamá
step-dad padrastro
step-mom madrastra
children hijos
group of girl children hijas
son hijo
daughter hija
step-son hijastro
step-daughter hijastra
brother hermano
sister hermana
half brother mediohermano
half sister mediohermana
relatives parientes
uncle tío
aunt tía
boy cousin primo
girl cousin prima
nephew sobrino
niece sobrina
husband esposo
wife esposa
husband marido
guy twin gemelo
girl twin gemela
father in law suegro
mother in law suegra
daughter in law nuera
son in law yerno
brother in law cuñado
sister in law cuñada
my mi
yours tu
his,hers,its su
mine (plural) mis
yours (plural) tus
his,hers,its (plural) sus

Evolution & Classification Crossword


gradual change evolution
Survival of the fittest Natural Selection
Developed the idea of natural selection Charles Darwin
emergence of a new species Speciation
two or more populations evolve at the same time co-evolution
two or more species evolve to be different Divergent evolution
different species develop similar traits Convergent evolution
structures originating from the same type of tissue homologous structures
useless structure vestigial structure
strep throat Steptococcus
non-living pathogen harmful effects virus
production of antibodies active immunity
transfer of antibodies passive immunity
naming organisms based on scientific genus ans species binomial nomenclature
placing organisms in groups classification
identify species based on physical characteristics dichotomus key
diagram beginning with an outgroup organism cladogram
eukaryotic PROTIST
diagram beginning with common ancestor C H A V I R U S S L P D E E I S P C C D R I H A O A O R T T T W I I O B I S O M D I V E R G E N T E V O L U T I O N O N U H O M O L O G O U S S T R U C T U R E S M K I E C L A S S S I F I C A T I O N Y L N A T U R A L S E L E C T I O N O B M A V E S T I G I A L S T R U C T U R E C N C T C O N V E R G E N T E V O L U T I O N E L E R P A S S I V E I M M U N I T Y V I T O A C T I V E I M M U N I T Y L L R S U A P H Y L O G E N E T I C T R E E T D V R I O O E O G L P N R U T A T O M I C O O N C C U S Across Down 2 Non-living pathogen that causes harmful many conditions 7 Occurs when two species evolve to be more and more different over time 8 Structures that originate from the same type of tissue but may be used differently in different organisms 9 System of placing organisms in groups based on similarities 10 'Survival of the fittest' organisms that are the best suited for survival are the ones that successfully reproduce and pass on their beneficial characteristics; leads to evolution 12 A structure that may have once had a function in a species but has evolved to be useless over time 14 Occurs when different species develop similar traits for similar functions 15 Transfer of antibodies 16 Production of antibodies 19 A diagram beginning with a common ancestor 1 The man who voyaged to the Galapagos and developed the idea of natural selection, which contributes to evolution 3 The emergence of a new species due to natural selection 4 A multi-step tool used to identify a species based on physical characteristics it may possess 5 Eukaryotic organism (often single-celled); classified as plant-like,animal like or fungus-like 6 System of naming organisms based on their scientific genus and species 11 Prokaryotic, single-celled organisms 13 Occurs when two or more populations evolve at the same time 17 A diagram beginning with an outgroup organism 18 Genus of bacteria 20 The change in a species as a whole over time phylogenic tree

Customer Service Week Crossword Puzzle


Your most important communication tool when you’re on the phone is your _____. voice
Another word for internal customer is _____. coworker
Taking personal responsibility for a customer’s complaint is taking _____ o w n e r s h i p
You sound more relaxed and friendly when you _____ while talking on the phone. s m i l e
You start each call with a friendly ____ g r e e t i n g
Offering a customer additional products or services is cross-selling or _____. u p s e l l i n g
With angry customers it’s important to let them do this, _____. v e n t
A positive one will make your day better. a t t i t u d e
The annual celebration of the importance of customer service is _____. (3 words). CustomerServiceWeek
Customer complaints should be seen as _____ to improve service. opportunit
Delighting your customers means _____ their expectations. exceeding
When speaking with customers you should vary the _____ of your voice. Tone
The people you serve each day. customers
Anticipating problems, heading them off and alerting customers is being _____. proactive
Treat each customer as if they’re the _____ one you’ll deal with that day. only
Customers who have their complaints satisfactorily resolved tell an average of how many people? five
The most important customer service skill is _____. listening

Members of a family Crossword


mother mama
father papa
brother hermano
sister hermana
husband esposo
wife esposa
grandfather abuelo
grandmother abuela
son hijo
daughter hija
grandson nieto
grandaughter nieta
uncle tio
aunt tia
cousin (male) primo
cousin (female) prima
nephew sobrino
niece sobrina
single soltero
mother in law suegra
father in law suegro
brother in law yerno
sister in law cunada
man hombre
woman mujer