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To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle


the narrator of the story's nickname Scout
the narrator's brothers nickname Jem
the narrator's dad's full name Atticus Finch
the boys nickname that came every summer Dill
the man's last name who tried to kill Jem and Scout Ewell
the boys nickname who was locked up in his room Boo
the woman who took the narrator and the narrator's brother to her church Calpurnia
the man's full name who was charged with rapeing a mans daughter Tom Robinson
who accused a man of rapeing her Mayella Ewell
what was the narrator's aunt's first name Alexandra
the old lady's last name who the children didn't fond being around Dubose
the state in which the story takes place in Alabama
the animal the narrator's brother was told never to shot Mockingbird
the author of the story Harper Lee
the county which the story takes place in Maycomb
the last name of the family that lives next door to the narrator Radley
the boy who scares the narrator and their brother on the way to the play Cecil Jacobs
the narrator's teacher who told her to stop reading Miss Caroline
the boy's full name who came to the Finch's house for lunch Walter Cunningham
the lady's last name who's house burned down Maudie
the name of the church that the Finch's go to with their cook First Purchase
the Reverend's last name Sykes
the Judge's last name Taylor
the narrator's grandpa's full name Simon Finch
the narrator's aunt's grandson's first name Francis


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Harry Potter Crossword


What is Harry's Mothers Name? Lilly Evans
What is Harry's Fathers Name? James Potter
Who is the greatest headmaster? Dumbledore
Map that shows all secret passages. MARAUDERSMAP
What is Neville's last name? longbottom
Wizards Bank In London name? gringotts
Wizards Prison Azkaban
The Forbidden Forest blackforest
Frothy, Buttery drink butterbeer
Soul Sucker Creatures dementors
What is Hermione's Parents occupation? dentists
Famous House Elf dobby
What is Snape's Patronus doe
How many Movies were made? Eight
What is Hagrid's huge dogs name? fang
What is Dubledore's Phoenix name? fawkes
Gold Wizard Money galleon
Creature that lives in attics. ghoul
Huge Humanoid is called a what? giant
Who marries Harry? ginny
Small creatures with leathery skin gnomes
Small creatures with swarthy faces, long hands & feet. Goblins
Where dwell the great at heart house. gryffindor
Who makes the famous Rock Cakes? hagrid
The boy who lived. Harry Potter
Who does Ron marry? Hermione
What is the name of the school for witches & wizards? hogwarts
House where no one fits in goes. Hufflepuff
Quidditch player who guards the goalpoats . keeper
The Darkest Wizard voldemort
A term to describe non magical parents. mudblood
Who chops off the head of Nagini? neville
Language of the snakes. parseltounge
Wizards sport quidditch
Luna Lovegood lived in this house. ravenclaw
Quidditch player who tries to catch Snitch. seeker
Harrys Godfather. Sirius Black
House when anyone does anything to achieve their ends. Slytherin
Half Blood Prince is who? Snape
Golden ball with silver wings. snitch
What frees Dobby? socks
Sorts into different houses. sorting hat
Harry's Patronus stag
Mythical white horse creature. unicorn
Vicious tree where Ron & Harry drive into. Whimpingwillow
Rons last name? Weasley
Hermione's last name? Granger
Harry's last name? Potter
Half man, half horse creatures centaurs
Fastest broomstick. firebolt

WW2 crossword puzzle


What was the name of the tank used by the U.S.? Sherman
What was the name of the beach where the most casualties happened during the D-Day invasion? Omaha
Hitler wrote this while imprisoned. Mein Kampf
What was the name of the political party Hitler created? Nazi
Who was the dictator of the soviet union during WW2? Joseph Stalin
What political belief did Stalin want to spread through Europe? Communism
What was the religion targeted by the Nazi party? Jewish
What was the name of Hitler's secret police? Gestapo
This was the name of the German Air Force. Luftwaffe
What was the German name for "lightning war"? Blitzkrieg
What country's troops were rescued at Dunkirk? Britain
where was Hitlers second Blitzkrieg at? London
The Allies attacked the Axis after what country was invaded? Poland
What was Erwin Rommel's nickname? Desert Fox
What was the name of the operation where Germany invaded Russia? Barbarossa
This season turned German forces away from Russia. Winter
What was the name of the massacre where many Chinese people were killed? Nanking
What was the name of the female riveter on U.S. propaganda posters? Rosie
This U.S. aircraft dropped torpedoes into the water to take out japanese ships. Avenger
This battle was a turning point for the U.S. in the Pacififc. Midway
Who led the allies in North Africa? Patton
What was the type of bomb dropped on japan twice? Atom
This light machine gun was usually mounted on U.S. tanks and jeeps. BAR
What was the name of the battle launched by Hitler as a counter attack? Bulge
The big three consisted of Roosevelt,Stalin and who else? Churchill
What was the name of Hitler's favorite battleship? Bismark
Towards the end of the war the The Big Three met where to discuss the future of the Soviet Union. Yalta
Who was the leader of the Nazi party? Hitler
This Japanese occupied island was a key to success in the pacific. Iwo Jima
What was the name of the British Air Force's choice of fighter plane? spitfire
Who was the manufacturer for the the U.S. service pistol,the M1911? Colt
What was the name for Japanese suicide pilots? Kamikaze
Hitler's troops marched through this during the invasion of France. Arc de Triumph
This was the name of the mass genocide of the Jews. Holocaust
Which German deathcamp was known to be the most brutal? Auschwitz
This German death camp was the only camp where all the prisoners escaped. Sobibor
This was the only state that got attacked during WW2. Hawaii
What was the name of the U.S. naval base bombed during WW2? Pearl Harbor
Wher were the trials held for SS officers commited of war crimes? Nuremberg

Shakespeare Crossword


17th-century London theatre for Shakespeare’s acting company Globe
In which play would you find the quote, “A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life”? RomeoandJuliet
Shakespeare play featuring daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia King Lear
Who is the Queen of Fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Titania
From which play does a ghost chillingly call out to the main character: "Remember me"? Hamlet
In which play would you find the quote, "If music be the food of love, play on" Twelfth Night
How many children did Shakespeare have? Three
Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 ____ Sonnets
Name of the town Shakespeare was born Stratford-Upon-Avon
Name of Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway
"Shall I compare thee to a ____'s day" - Sonnet 18 opening line summer
Name of the play with the characters Iago, Desdemona and Cassio Othello
Where in Italy is Romeo and Juliet set in? Verona
What is the global campaign name for British Council's celebration of Shakespeare's 400th anniversary? ShakespeareLives
Which month is Shakespeare Day set in? April

The Giver Crossword


Who is the main character? Jonas
What is Jonas' father's job? Nurturer
What is Jonas' sister's name? Lily
What is Jonas' bestfriend's name? Asher
Jonas has been selected to be the? Reciever of Memory
Jonas gets training from? The Giver
How old is Jonas? twelve
How old is Lily? eight
Who is the author? Lois Lowry
What age do you recieve a bike? nine
What was Jonas' first memory? sledding
What is the name of the baby staying with Jonas? Gabe
What is The Giver's daughter's name? Rosemary
How many children can be in one family unit? two

Age Of Exploration Crossword Puzzle:


In 1592______ sailed the ocean blue. Columbus
Conquered the Inca civilization. Francisco Pizaro
Discovered New York State, Canada and Hudson Bay Henry Hudson
Fierce sailors who raided towns in their free time Vikings
A navigation device which replaced the Astrolabe and the Cross-staff because it could be used on land and sea. Sextant
A faster and more efficient cargo ship invented for better sea tavel. Caravel
Famous Portuguese leader who created a school for navigational sailing. Prince Henry
A system used for mass-producing books and maps. Printing Press
Long stories passed down verbally generation to generation. Saga
Northern part of Europe which includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Scandinavia
Eric The Red's son, viking explorer who discovered Greenland Lief Ericson
A very long and sleek ship used by the vikings. Longship
The Incan emperor that Francisco Pizaro captured and murdered. Atahlupa
Famous conquistador who conquered the Aztecs of Mexico. Hernando Cortes
Number of natives Christopher Columbus took back to Spain to serve as slaves. 500 natives
Columbus's sons name. Ferdinand
Name of the biggest main ship Columbus sailed with on his most famous voyage. Santa Maria
Name the other two ships in the same voyage in number 17. Nina and Pinta
A term used by the vikings to describe the savage natives. Skraelings
What the vikings were called/what they called themselves. Norsemen
A famous explorer who has a game named after him and found a lot of the Silk Road Marco Polo
An enormous trading route from East Asia to Europe. Silk Road



Most important skill in dodgeball CATCHING
Name of the person placed around a trampoline SPOTTER
Surname of famous Scottish tennis player MURRAY
You might use them in the gym to build muscle WEIGHTS
A skill in volleyball VOLLEY
Number of players in a professional basketball game FIVE
Football team who won last year's English Premier League LEICESTER
Surname of Famous Portugese footballer RONALDO
Name of a sport that takes place in a velodrome CYCLING
In netball, what does GA stand for? GOALATTACK
In which sport might you do a lay-up? BASKETBALL
How you start a game of badminton, volleyball and table tennis SERVE
Famous sports brand NIKE
First name of famous female American tennis player SERENA
High Intensity __________ Training INTERVAL
The colour associated with Liverpool FC RED
Surname of the Head of PE CLARENCE
Which sport would you find backstoke and butterfly? SWIMMING
The home of the Scotland rugby team MURRAYFIELD
The colour associated of Lockhart house BLUE
Used in hockey to pass the ball STICK
4 lettered martial art JUDO
Nationality of Usain Bolt JAMAICA
Oldest tennis tournament in the world WIMBLEDON
Number of players in a hockey team ELEVEN
Number of miles in a half marathon THIRTEEN
First name of famous long distance British runner MO
What you win if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race MEDAL
The colour of belt you would wear if you had mastered your martial art BLACK
Machine that allows you to run whilst staying in the same place TREADMILL

Classification and Dichotomous Keys Crossword


Swedish Scientist who developed binomial nomenclature Carolus Linnaeus
Organisms are classified into how many Kingdoms? six
The genus name in the scientific name is always... capitalized
The species name in the scientific name is always... underlined
Broadest Classification Group? Domain
Most specific classification group? Species
Eukarya, Bacteria, Archaea belong in what group? Domain
Animalia belongs in what group? Kingdom
Chordata belongs in what group? Phylum
Mammal belongs in what group? class
What is used for identifying unknown organisms? Dichotomous Key
What step do you always start with when using a Dichotomous Key? Step One
When using a Dichotomous Key, do you work forward or backward? Backward
What was the Dichotomous Key based on? Taxonomy
How long did the system that classified animals by their movement last? two thousand years
How many species have been given a scientific name? two million
What is the third broadest Classification level? Genus
The word "Dichotomous" is described as having __ outcomes. two
The first person to create a classification system for living organisms was... Aristotle
True or false: Classification is the system for identifying organisms. true

Edgar Allan Poe Crossword


What did Poe's mom come to America to be? Actress
What is a Baltimore Lemonade? Alcohol
What did Poes dad die of? Alcoholism
What was the poem that Poe made for his wife that was originally called "To Virginia" Annabell Lee
What couldnt Poe afford for his dying wife Virginia? blanket
When you have consumption was are you drowning in? blood
What did Poe's mom die of? consumption
What was Poe's dads name? DAVID
What was the name of Poe's dad? DAVIDPOE
Who did Poe go to lunch with? Dickins
What does Poe watch his mother do? die
What was Poe's birth name? edgarpoe
What was the name of Poe's Mother? elizabeth
Where did Poe go to school (private school)? england
Who adopted Poe? FRANCISALLAN
What does Poe fall into and goes into a coma? gutter
Poe was the first to write___ stories horror
What did Poes mom play in the play Romeo and Juliet? juliet
Name of Poe's aunt MARIACLEM
Where does Poe want to go to be an editor? newyork
Last name of famous author from the early 1800s poe
What was Dickins pet? raven
Color Poe used to resemble death red
Where does Poe live? richmond
What were red flower was on the handkerchiefs so it would disguise if the women were sick? roses
Most popular poem of Poes theraven
What did Poe use to learn in school? tombstones
What university did Poe attend? virginia
What was the name of his cousin that he fell in love with? virginia
How much money does Poe make on his pieces of writing? zero