Vipers cheerleader nicknamed "Plats"
Going north on Carrick, Next street up from baker
Culprit responsible for your famous gastrointestinal emergency under nanny's supervision
Ultra super nerd who lived on the corner of Carrick right before highland drive (hated me and my friends, cause we were cooler nerds)
_______ Richardson
Was so athletic, he skipped meals
We spent ours cruising this website for viral video laughs (before YouTube existed
They lived next door to the snows
What movie were you and I watching in mom and dads bedroom when fireworks went off and just about stopped jodi's heart
Who haunted my room as a child (8-12)
Who does the quote STEAK STEAK STEAK belong to?
True or false: Marian and her "friend" John had sex in mom and dad's bed when babysitting us
Go wash your clothes
Sakura, Sakura, ya yo eeno so ra waaaa, mee na ya sue ______ rayyyy

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