The technical term for wax, that occurs in the outer part of the ear.
A unit of measurement indicating loudness, based on a logarithmic scale.
Passageway connecting the middle ear to the nose and throat. This opens to equalize pressure in the middle ear.
A phenomenon where normal sounds are perceived to be abnormally loud, so much so that they are painful to listen to.
The section of the ear that encompasses the cochlea, hair cells and hearing nerve to the brain.
The inner ear, named because of the maze of connection pathways in the bony housing of this part of the ear. The inner ear consists of canals in the bone and fluid filled sacs within the canals.
The center section of the ear encompassing the area past the ear drum through the bones of the ear to the cochlea.
The outer most portion of the ear encompassing the pinna and ear canal.
A sensation of ringing, buzzing, or whooshing occurring without a source creating the sound.
The medical term for eardrum.
Sensation of motion, often described as objects spinning around a person or the person spinning around the room with the room still. This could be a symptom of a vestibular (balance/inner ear) disorder.

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