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U.S. History Chapter 15 Crossword

U.S. History Chapter 15 Crossword

The war between the us and ussr between 1947 and 1991
what Churchill called the land under soviet control
the main us strategy for the cold war, made by truman
the document that stated that the us would provide aid to nations that need help
when the us gave 17 nations $13 million in aid to keep them anti-communist
in opposition the the berlin blockade; us gave aid to berlin
a military alliance between nations against communism formed this organization
would provide benefits and aid to ww2 veterans
Truman's revamp to the new deal
Joseph McCarthy's tactic of spreading fear and making baseless charges
the border between north and south korea
postwar rise in birthrate
accused and found guilty of being a spy against the united states
america fought to keep this from spreading
a period of mass hysteria about the spread of communism

Korean War Crossword

Korean War Crossword

Communist leader in northern China who led the Japanese invasion of China
President of China who fought in the south against the Japanese
A group in South Korea who lost to communism and fled to Taiwan
An island east of China where the nationalists fled
Former name of Taiwan
Imaginary line that divides Korea at 38 degrees north latitude
Korean leader who became president after wwII and led Korea during the Korean War
Democratic people's Republic of Korea
Capital of North Korea
President of the US during the Cold War
Capital of South Korea
Commander of the United Nations and South Korean
Battle in South Korea
A river between China and North Korea
Leader of the US eighth army
A port on the west coast of Korea
North Korean people's army
Location of the second half of the peace treaty negotiations
People's republic of China (communist China)
Republic of Korea (South Korea)

North America Crossword

North America Crossword

The ____ Mountains stretch from Canada across the United States including Colorado
Largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area
Ships can cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean using this canal
Largest country in North America by population
The capital city of this country is San Jose
Puerto ____ is a U.S. territory in the Caribbean Sea
The tallest mountain in North America
Country located between Honduras and Panama
Ocean located to the west
The capital city of this island country is Havana
Body of water stretching from Mexico to Florida
This city is the capital of Greenland
Longest river in North America
The largest city in North America by population is ____ City
The French speaking province of Canada
The Appalachian ____ are located in the eastern United States
Country just south of Mexico
This country is considered the largest island in the world
Largest country in North America by area
The island of Hispaniola includes the Dominican Republic and this country
Most populous city in Canada
Largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area
The Rio ____ forms the border between Texas and Mexico
The capital of Canada
North America is the 3rd largest__________
countries make up the continent of North America
Death Valley, in California, is the ________point on the continent.
North America was named after the explorer_____
About 502 ______people live in North America.
Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was the first European to navigate to North America in______

containment of communist Word Search

containment of communist Word Search
Word Search

General Douglas MacArthur
containment of communism
Great Britain
United States
Soviet Union
Kim II Sung
North Korea
U.N. forces
Vietnam WAr
Cold War
SE Asia

American Revolution Crossword Puzzle

American Revolution Crossword Puzzle

the overthrow of a government but those who are governed
fees for the support of government required to be paid by people and businesses
the quality of being just or fair
freedom of choice
to attack from a place or hiding
a general and progressive increase in prices
troops trained to fight on horseback
American colonists who remained loyal to Britain and opposed the war for independence
American colonists who fought for independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War
An American politician and soldier who served. as the first President of the United States from 1789 to 1797 and was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States
this battle was fought on June 17, 1775, during the Siege of Boston in the early stages of the American Revolutionary War
an armed conflict between Great Britain and thirteen of its North American colonies that after onset of the war was declared independence as the United States
a political protest but the Sons of Liberty in Boston on Dec. 16, 1773. The demonstrators, some disguised as Native Americans, in defiance of the Teach of May 10, 1773, destroyed and entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company. They boarded the ships and threw the chests. of tea into Boston Harbor. The British government responded harshly and the episode escalated into the American Revolution.
a group of British colonies on the east coast of North America founded in the 17th and 18th centuries that declared independence in 1776 and formed the United States.
a British Army officer who rose to become Commander-in-Chief of British forces during the American war of Independence also known as the American Revolutionary War.

Manifest Destiny Crossword Puzzle

Manifest Destiny Crossword Puzzle

A large body of water that stretches from America to Europe.
A treaty was named from this place that's a neighborhood in Mexico City today.
A man that wanted money for the war in Europe.
Many Americans believed that there was gold in the east.
A purchase that created a shorter railroad route.
A state that America purchased from Spain.
The belief that God wanted the United States to win all of North America.
The country that's south from the United States.
People who favored territorial growth.
A purchase that gave America the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains.
The territorial purchase that created the Gold Rush.
Emigrants moved to the North East on this dangerous trail.
A body of water that stretches from America to Asia.
The state that annexed into the United States.
Texas decided to declare independence from Mexico. This is the name of the revolt.

U.S History Unit 2 Review Crossword

U.S History Unit 2 Review Crossword

American oil industry tycoon and philanthropist , started the standard oil company
the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a company
which claim to apply biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology and politics
a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.
Scottish American industrialist who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century.
came to America from areas that had not traditionally supplied settlers to the US.
was an attack by the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel & Iron Company camp guards on a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families
was a nationwide railroad strike in the United States on May 11, 1894. It pitted the American Railway Union (ARU)
, sometimes referred to as the Great Upheaval, began on July 14 in Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States after the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) cut wages for the third time in a year.
was an Irish-born American schoolteacher and dressmaker who became a prominent labor and community organizer.
a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.
was a philosopher and economist famous for his ideas about capitalism and communism. Marx, in conjunction

AP Human Geography Crossword

AP Human Geography Crossword

Portion of a terriotory surrounded by a larger territory. Ex: Lesotho
A sovereign state entirely enclosed by land. Ex: Switzerland
Small neutral country between 2 hostile countries. Ex: North Korea
Organization that consists of a number of parties united in an alliance. Ex: Canada
A boundary that has a naturally occuring barrier between two areas. Ex: rivers
A state whose territory is long and narrow. Ex: Chile
Drawing of a legislative district boundary to benefit a party or group. Ex: Germany election of 2000
A state that poses a roughly circular shape. Ex: Poland
A state that includes several discontinuous pieces of territory. Ex: Indonesia
A state that completely surrounds another. Ex: South Africa
A boundary that follows a regular geometric pattern. Ex: Boundary between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
International organization formed to increase cooperation among member countries. Ex: The US, France, Republic of China
A state that exhibits a narrow, elongated land extension. Ex: Thailand
Part of a country that's separated from the rest of the country and surrounded by foreign country. Ex: Naxcivan
Delegation of authority. Ex: US experienced in the 1990's under Clinton
Economic theory that trade generates wealth. Ex: English Navigation Act of 1651
Politically organized body of people under a single government. Ex: Afghanistan
Ability of a state to govern its territoy free from control of its internal affairs by other states. Ex: Nepal
States with very small land area. Ex: Vatican City
How people use space to communicate ownership of areas. Ex: Car size

United States of America Word Search

United States of America Word Search
Word Search

District Of Columbia
South Carolina
North Carolina
West Virginia
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
North Dakota
New Mexico
New Jersey
New York

continents and oceans Crossword

continents and oceans Crossword

continent to the south of us
president of our country
continent at the South Pole
the largest continent
the continent we live on
ocean to the east of the U. S.
name of our state
continent connected to Asia
continent known for lions
smallest ocean
governor of our state
ocean to the west of the U. S.
North Pole ocean
island continent
the country that we live in
challenge: the name of our school