the processes or function of planing , organizing, leading and controlling
act or process of creating goals and objectives as well as the strategies to meet them
getting resources arranged in an orderly way to accomplish goals
shows how the firm is structured and who is in charge of whom
organizational chart
in charge of setting goals and planning for the future as well as leading and controlling work of others
top level manager
carries out the decisions of top management
middle manager
responsible for daily operations of a business
operational manager
means providing direction and vision
keeping the company on track and making sure goals are met
organizational structure in which managers on one level are in charge beneath them
line authority
indicated by solid lines , indicated by dotted lines
line and staff authority
beginner level position
entry level job
puts authority in one place with top management
centralized organization
gives authority to a number of different managers
decentralized organization
divides responsibility specific units or departments