Patient Access - Baraboo Crossword

Patient is here for lab so we do a?
If a patient is here for echogardiogram they are seen in?
We are to offer this to every patient; every time?
What is the document that is signed every time a patient is seen?
Where do you look for ER copay information?
What is the acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
Program available to increase knowledge and pay?
We have a department goal to capture?
Law regulating ER arrival and care?
What is the acronym for personal protective equipment?
Financial Counselors help sign patients up for?
Program to help patients with out of pocket expenses?
What test do I schedule for women over 40 once a year?
In Lake Delton what service do we provide?

Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle

Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle

If a student fails to repay a student loan on time, the student is in ____________.
The acronym for the amount of money a student and his/her family are expected to pay toward college expenses as determined by the FAFSA, also known as the Expected Family Contribution.
One of the standardized tests that students generally take junior year of high school that is used by colleges to evaluate an applicant’s academic skills and abilities.
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education does NOT pay the interest while you are in college.
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while you are in college.
The name of Federal low-interest loans for eligible students to help cover the cost of college or career school (HINT: it starts with the letter "s").
Federal loans that parents of undergraduate students can sometimes use to help pay for their child's college or career school.
Your primary area of study chosen for college.
The name of the campus office that makes the decision about your acceptance to their school.
An area of interest studied at the same time as a major; however, fewer courses are required.
Federal grant program providing need-based grants to low-income students.
Type of college degree given if you complete four years of full-time study.
Type of college degree earned if you complete two years of full-time study.
The acronym for the application that you will fill out your senior year to apply for financial aid.
The person at a college who helps students decide what classes to take, what major to pursue, and that makes sure student have fulfilled all graduation requirements.
The acronym for the report that a student receives after their FAFSA is processed. It is the report that is sent to your college, also known as a Student Aid Report.
The legal document a student loan borrower must sign when he/she receives a loan. This document lists the terms for repayment of the loan, including interest.
This type of college or university is NOT run by the state and is generally smaller and more expensive.
The office at a college that is in charge of your financial aid, bills, and payments (HINT: It starts with the letter “b”).
The total cost to attend college before financial aid, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and other living expenses (Hint: Acronym is “COA”).
A program that allows students to take a part-time campus job as part of their financial aid package.
Colleges/universities that are ran and regulated by the state or federal government.
The general term for money you borrow from the government, a bank or another source that need to be paid back, usually over an agreed period of time.
Generally, a student that is taking more than 12 credit hours of classes is considered to be a _______ student versus part time student.
The period of time following graduation when a student is NOT expected to start paying his/her loans back yet is known as a “______ period.”
What we wish grew on trees!!
A kind of "gift aid" — financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back and that is usually awarded based on financial need.
The name of the official document that your high school guidance counselor will send to your colleges that lists the classes that you have taken and your grades.

Basics of Health Insurance Crossword

Basics of Health Insurance Crossword

An established schedule of fees set for services performed by providers and paid by the patient
protection in return for periodic premium payments that provides reimbursement of expenses resulting from illness or injury
the sum of money paid at the time of medical service; it is a form of coinsurance
provision frequently is found in medical insurance policies whereby the policyholder and the insurance company share the cost of covered losses in a specified ratio
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration known as
states that when an individual is covered under two insurance policies, the insurance plan of the policyholder whose birthday comes first in the calendar year (month and day, not year) becomes the primary insurance.
A term used in managed care for an approved referral
a payment method used by many managed care organizations in which a fixed amount of money is reimbursed to the provider for patients enrolled during a specific period of time, no matter what services were received or how many visits were made.
a letter or statement from Medicare that describes what was paid, denied, or reduced in payment.
Pays expenses involved in the care of the teeth and gums
Protects a person in the event of a certain type of accident, such as an airplane crash
Often includes benefits for medical expenses payable to individuals who are injured in the insured person’s home or during an automobile accident
Covers a continuum of maintenance and health services for chronically ill, disabled, or mentally retarded individuals
Provides payment of a specified amount on the insured’s death
Pays the cost of all or part of the insured person’s hospital room and board and specific hospital services
a review of individual cases by a committee to make sure services are medically necessary and to study how providers use medical care resources
40. An insurance term used when a primary care provider wants to send a patient to a specialist
periodic (monthly, quarterly, or annual) payment of a specific sum of money to an insurance company for which the insurer, in return, agrees to provide certain benefits
person who pays a premium to an insurance company and in whose name the policy is written in exchange for the insurance protection provided by a policy of insurance
a general practice or nonspecialist provider or physician responsible for the care of a patient for some health maintenance organizations

First Aid - CPR Review Crossword

First Aid - CPR Review Crossword

Law that protects people who give care without anything in return
A person is responsive and showing signs of a life-threatening condition but refuses care; what should you do?
The steps to follow in an emergency
How do you know an emergency may be occuring?
Which bodily substance isolation practice includes barrier items like gloves?
How many seconds should your check a person for breathing?
M represents what part when using the SAMPLE acronym
What is the acronym that identifies a life-threatening condition
How do you open an airway?
How do you check for consciousness?
What are the three Cs for treating burns
What skill should you apply to a victim showing no obvious signs of life?
A person just involved in a tramatic situation may begin to display signs of what condition?
A person experiencing a lack of blood flow to the brain is a symptom of what condition?
What acronym should you consider when evaluating for a brain attack?
What condition is a severe alleric reaction known as?

Healthcare Vocabulary Crossword

Healthcare Vocabulary Crossword

A contract with a company where the subscriber pays a regular premium in exchange for a defined set of benefits
Reffered to as family doctor/PCP this person administers routine and preventive care, and makes referrals for specialty services when needed.
A provider who focuses on one area of medicine. Like a cardiologist or neurologist
A contracted, pre-determined dollar amount insurance company requires a patient to pay for a particular medical service. (It requires patients to pay a small amount upfront to deter people from seeking medical care that may not be necessary.)
The contracted rate a health insurance company will pay toward a specific medical service.
A contracted, pre-determined percentage of the allowable charge that a patient is required to pay for a particular medical service (after the deductible is met and before the out-of-pocket maximum is met).
A pre-determined annual amount patient must pay before insurance begins to cover.
Annual maximum amount patient is required to pay for in-network medical services per his/her insurance plan contract (typically, copay + coins + deductible)
The person who is responsible for payment of the monthly premium, or whose employment is the basis for the coverage.
A person entitled to health insurance benefits under the subscriber’s plan.
Insurance Company
A specific package of benefits negotiated between the company and the employer.
Dates during which the insurance plan is active.
Explanation of Benefits is a statement from the insurance company that details payments and adjustments made for services. EOBs go to both the provider and the patient.
/Response from the insurance company that states no payment will be made. (service could be not covered by the insurance plan, or the insurance company may need more information.)
The order in which the claim is sent to insurance companies. If patient has more than one insurance plan, we must determine which insurance should be billed primary, secondary, etc. Primary: the first insurance company designated to pay toward their allowable charges. Secondary: the second insurance company designated to pay toward their allowable charges.
The pathway a patient takes from one provider to another. Referrals may be required by insurance before a patient can be seen by the other provider.
The process whereby a physician must obtain insurance approval before a patient receives certain treatment or drugs (study, test, procedure, surgery.)

Patient Access Word Search

Patient Access Word Search
Word Search


Patient Access Crossword

Patient Access  Crossword

federal health insurance plan primarily for seniors
setting for inpatient care
federal law requiring employer to permit employees to continue their group health insurance coverage after termination
conducting ourselves ethically and within the law of business practice
collection and storage on patient demographic, insurance and clinical data
official count/list of patient population
document verifying patient name
portion of bill that beneficiary must pay once insurance benefits have begun
a practice to reduce anxiety
joint federal and state program to provide medical insurance for the poor
having a short, relatively severe course
not to be disclosed
making an appointment
ambulatory patient
admitted for multi-day stay
healthcare consumer
ABN Advance _______ notice
MSP Medicare ________ payor
EMTALA Emergency Medical Treatment and ______ Act

Medicare Crossword

Medicare Crossword

A federal health insurance program for people over 65, disabled or have End State Renal Disease
Covers inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and some hospice and home health
Covers doctors services, outpatient care, PT/OT and some home health.
Allows private health insurance companies to provide Medicare benefits through HMO's & PPO's
_________________ Plans take the place of original Mediare.
coverage that helps lower prescription drug costs
Beneficiary's Policy number
Beginning _____ 2018, we will see new cards without SSN's
Includes individuals enrolled in Medicare A&B and Medicaid
Dual eligible patients are 65 year old or disabled and ______________
__________ Covers all or part of Medicare co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles for those with dual eligibility
When Medicare does not have primary payment responsibility it is known as Medicare ________ payer.
End Stage Renal Disease
Group Health Plan

Health Insurance Crossword

Health Insurance Crossword

A system of health care in which patients agree to visit only certain doctors and hospitals
The acronym for Health Maintenance Organization.
Also known as a primary care physician.
What is the amount you pay for health care services before your health insurance begins to pay?
A sum paid to cover money that has been spent or lost.
A federal law that is sometimes called the "privacy rule".
What type of claim form is used by a hospital?
Meaning of PPO.
Having inadequate insurance coverage.
The insured pays a share of payment made against a claim.
A federal system of health insurance for those requiring financial assistance.
Federal health insurance program for people 65 years or older.
Dental benefits
A payment owed by the person insured at the time a covered service is rendered, covering part of the cost of the service.
Provides health care and financial protection.
M48.1 is an example of what type of code?
Organization paying for some serious treatments people need.
Subscription medical, less restrictive than HMO.
Focus solely on preventative care.
Government pays for all health cost.
Not covered by insurance.
Premium cost and medical expenses by health care plan.

Revenue Cycle Crossword

Revenue Cycle Crossword

What is the first thing you do when a patient presents to the ED?
What area would you find a patient's DOB?
How many years have we been using Epic?
What do we use to verify insurances?
What does the the Right Patient take a scan of?
Where would you find information about the insurance?
What screen would you find the group number?
What are payments collected called?
What should you offer to patients on every visit?
The insurance is attached to this.
What is the abbreviation for Health Portability and Accountability Act?
What form lasts three year?

Nursing week crossword puzzle

Nursing week crossword puzzle

They do EKGs in the ED
They assist our patients with ADLs
They are often the first face a visitor sees when entering a nursing unit
They educate and onboard our new staff
A goal for 2019 is that 20% of our patients will be ______ by 11am
An important communication tool with patients and families found in every room
Our annual plan includes stopping harm and _______
Our four values are Excellence, Partnership, Compassion, and _______
Every year we learn from our staff via the Annual _____ Survey
One of the best ways to reduce infections
Regions has 454 _____
Preventing an error
Eat healthy and exercise
Watchful eyes for at risk patients
Integral part of the Mental Health team that lead a group
Unit subject matter experts
Rhythm watchers
Regions Be Well program supports employee well-being in 6 areas: financial, social/interpersonal, community, mental/emotional, career and _____
South 6 has gone 27 months without a _____
Works collaboratively with care teams to provide safe discharge plans for patients